Inside the room.

" Singtan its a girls night out." Ming said.

Wearing a t-shirt, Singtan said," So what? I can wear a wig and become a woman if that is what I have to do to accompany you."

Ming frowned and asked," Why would do that? Don't you trust me?"

Singtang vigorously shook his head and said," No, no it's not like that. I trust you babe."

" Then why do you insist on following me?" Ming asked faking a sad and disappointed expression.

Singtan sighed and said," How can I be at peace if you wear something like this and go out at night without your husband? And where the hell is your wedding ring?"

" Oh It's on the sink." Ming said.

Rushing towards the washroom, Singtan shouted," You will be my death today Mrs Li."

After getting the ring, he quickly slid it inside her finger and said," Don't take it off and if anybody tries to flirt with you what will you say?"

" I am married." Ming said.

" And?" Singtan asked.

" My husband is handsome." Ming said.

Satisfied with her answer, Singtan nodded his head and said," Good now wear this." Before passing her a weird-looking shrug which would definitely not match with the sexy black slim fit dress she was wearing.

Ming frowned and said," I am not wearing this."

" You can go out wearing this and you are looking so sexy and alluring. I don't want men to jump at you." Singtan said.

" Why would anyone jump at me?" Ming asked.

" but-"

" But what? Now do you want to stick a paper on my back saying that I have a husband?" Ming shouted.

" Ahh that is nice idea wait let me get a paper and a pen." Singtan said before looking for a paper.

Ignoring him, Ming grabbed her bag and left the room.

" Ming wait." Singtan shouted before rushing after her.



" No Anna not this." Mike said.

Looking at her dress, Anna frowned and said," There is nothing wrong in this dress."

" If you don't stop ranting, you are sleeping on the couch for a whole month after we go back." Anna said.

" Yes and you don't go up right now, I'll take the kids and shift to An mansion for a whole year." Yixi said.

" You girls can't go alone. At least take one of us with you." Songpa said.

" Yes exactly take one of us." Yufan said clearly not happy with what his would be wife was wearing.

" I am not taking you." Everyone said unanimously.

Just then Daina came down along with Leo who clearly looked not bothered with the dress Daina was wearing.

Kissing Daina's forehead, Leo said," Have fun babe."

Daina smiled and nodded her.

" Ahh look at him and learn from Leo. He isn't nagging his wife like an old man." Yixi said.


Inside the elevator.

" Ming." Singtan said.

Ignoring her husband, Ming kept on searching for something inside her purse.

Just then Singtan pressed the stop button and pulled her towards him before lifting her up

Wrapping his legs around his waist, Singtan pinned her against the elevator wall and clashed their lips together.

Hooking her arms around his neck, Ming moaned when Singtan bit her lip and intertwined his tongue with hers.

Letting her lips go, Singtan moved downwards and attacked her neck. He was nibbling, sucking, biting and licking it with his tongue making her all giddy and frenzy.

Singtan finally let her go when he was satisfied with his creation.

He then fixed her clothes and said," Now you look good."

Turning the front camera on when Ming saw the bright red mark, she helplessly shook her head and said," You are like a baby. Even Zian acts a bit more mature than you."

Giving her a peck on her lips, Singtan grinned and said," I love you."



" We are taking Zechan with us." Dina said.

Ming nodded her head and said," Okay."

The men quickly dragged Zechan to a corner and started threatening him and telling him about the do's and the Don'ts.

When Yutang saw Leo grinning at them, he asked," Why are you so chill?"

Leo chuckled and said," Ahh I just gave her one of the best making out session we have ever had and I don't think so she will stop thinking about me until tomorrow morning so I am chill. But still take care of her."

After Zechan assured them that he will handle everything well, the men finally let them go.


Outside the hotel.

" Hey ladies the club is this way." Zechan said pointing towards the hotels club.

Dina and Ling chuckled and said," Who is going there?"

Zechan frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

" We are going somewhere else." Delila said.

" But-"

Ignoring Zechan, everyone hopped inside the car.

" Hey wait for me." Zechan said before getting inside the passenger seat but little did Zechan know that this would be the worst night of his entire life.


High junction club.

" Wooahhhh. Let the party begin girls." Dina shouted before walking towards the bar.

" Shots everyone?" Dina asked.

" I'll have a beer." Ming said.

" Beer is like juice elder sister and we are here to get drunk." Ling said.

" Well, Singtan said that I can have only two bottles so-"

" Two bottles is what?" Dina asked.

" He did not mention that." Ming said.

Daina grinned and said," So it can be two bottles of anything right?"

" Daina is right." Yixi said.

" So two bottles of vodka." Dina said.

" Two bottles? Have you all lost it." Zechan said.

Turning towards Delila, Zechan said," Babe-"

" Do you want me to throw you out as well?" Delila asked.

Zechan shook his head and said," No."

" Then be good and sit there." Delila said before picking up a glass of shots and gulping it down.

" Ahh my throat is burning." Beth said.

" Babe you will get used to it." Dina said before passing her one more glass.

Zechan kept on counting how many shots they were ordering but soon stopped because they were ordering too much.

" Do you people have some special drink here?" Dina asked.

The bartender nodded his head and said," Yes we do have a cocktail. It's called the Chilli Martini but-"

Cutting him off, Dian said," We will have that. Eight glasses please."

" But-"

" Fast." Ling shouted.

" Just give them whatever they want." Another bartender said.

" But-"

" They have a bodyguard with them so what are you worried about?"

" We want chilli martini." Dina shouted.

" Yes." All is them shouted. They were already individually fifteen shots down and were fully drunk.

Zechan widened his eyes in shock and asked," What the fuck is chilli martini? Wait don't drink that let me check what it has." Before looking at the drinks menu.

When Zechan was busy looking for it, the girls had one big glass of chili Martini in their hands and were ready to gulp in some in a go.

When Zechan finally found it, he widened his eyes in shock and said," Wait don't drink that it has aphrodisiac subs-" but he stopped when he saw the girls gulping the drink down.

" Oh no No stop." Zechan shouted but it was too late. They had already emptied their respective glass and were currently laughing amongst themselves.