" The kids scared me today." Ming said.

Singtan chuckled and said," It's fine."

" It was embarrassing Mr Li." Ming said.

" Everyone knows that we do it. Isn't it how Zian was born? Why to feel shy then?" Singtan said.

Ming sighed and said," You are so shameless."

" We are husband and wife darling, there is nothing to feel shy of. We have the certificate to do wherever and whenever we want to. Trust me when I say that I can take you right here right now in this balcony and no one is going to say a word" Singtan said.

Smacking his hand, Ming said," Stop being shameless when the kids are sleeping right there."

Grabbing Ming's hand, Singtan said," Let's go."

"Where?" Ming asked.

" Washroom." Singtan said.


Next day, everyone got ready to spend some lovely time at the beach.

The kids were super excited and had their swimming costumes already on and were running around in the hotel lobby already.

" Dada lets go fast." Zian said before pulling Singtan.

Singtan chuckled and quickly picked him in his arms and said," Wait for your momma and others champ."

" Dada Singtan pick me up too." Yumi said.

Singtan lowered and picked Yumi up.

" Wow uncle Singtan is so strong." Mian said who was in Mike's embrace.

" Uncle Singtan is always the best for you." Mike said.

" Yes because uncle Singtan is the bestest." Mian said.

" My dada is strong too." Linyang said.

When Mian saw her uncle Singtan and uncle Yutang strongly holding two-two kids in their arms, she pouted her lips and looked at her dad.

" What? If there was one more kid, I would've picked that kid up too." Mike said.

Just then Mo Zixin came running towards them shouting," Zian, Yumi, Mian, Linyang, Liang I am here."

" Zixin." Yumi said before wiggling out of Singtan's arms.

" Slowly." Singtan said before placing them down.

Just then Yumi ran and gave Zixin a hug," You are here, I missed you so much."

Zixin face turned red but then he slowly hugged Yumi back and said," I missed you too."

The nanny chuckled and said," Young Master talks about you all the time Ms Yumi."

After the kids met at Zian and Mian's first birthday they became very good friends. Since Mr Mo was always busy at work, he used to sometimes leave Zixin at the mansion so that he could play with the kids.

Just then Zian pulled Yumi and said," Yumi you shouldn't hug other boys like that. It is wrong."

Yumi pouted her lips and asked," But even brother Zian hugs Mian like that."

Zian fronwed deeper. He then raised his tiny fingers and said," Its different. Mian and I were born on the same date so we are allowed to hug."

" What kind of logic is that?" Zixin asked.

" My sister, my logic what is your problem?" Zian said.

" I don't have any problem because I missed you too Zi." Zixin said before giving him a hug.

Zian hugged him back and said," Yes yes I missed you too."

" Even you are hugging Zixin." Yumi said.

" Yes but you are not allowed to hug him." Zian said.

" Okay I'll listen to brother Zian." Yumi said.

Singtan smiled when he heard the kiddish conversation.

Walking towards them, Singtan ruffled Zixins hair and asked the nanny," Mr Mo?"

" Mr Mo had a very important event to attend and will be here with the madam in two days. Mr Mo has sent young master so that he could have some fun with his friends." The nanny said.

" Let's go Zix we are going to the beach." Liang said.

" Yes and we'll build a big same sand castle." Linyang said.

Zixin nodded his head and said," Okay, let's go."

Just then the others arrived too and they all headed towards the beach.


In the beach.

" No going inside the water without any elder beside you." Ming shouted when she saw the kids running towards the water.

" I'll check on them." Zechan said before dragging Delila with him.

" Come I'll take you for romantic beach walk." Father Li said.

Mother Li chuckled and said," Ya let's take everyone with us. Come Chuang, Seini, Yulin lets go."

Father Li frowned and said," How is this going to be romantic now?"

" We are old for romantic beach walks now." Mother Li.

" Yes, let's go and leave the kids alone." Mother Yang said.

After the elders left, Singtan scooped Ming into his arms and said," Let's go."

Hooking her arms around his neck, Ming asked," Where?"

" Inside the water." Singtan said.

Just then everyone picked their partners up and started following Singtan.

After entering the water, Singtan placed Ming down and said," You look beautiful."

Ming chuckled and clashed her lips against his.

Slightly parting her lips, Ming allowed his tongue to intertwine with hers. Grabbing her waist, Singtan deepened the kiss.

" Dada, mommy." Zian shouted before entering the water and rushing towards them along with Yumi.

Singtan and Ming let each other go when they saw their kids running towards them.

Singtan raised his hand and started splashing water on the kids soaking their kids.

Zian and Yumi shouted and started splashing water at Singtan with their small hands.

" Mama Ming help." Yumi shouted.

Ming then started splashing water at Singtan along with the kids.

Soon everyone started splashing water at Singtan and the other kids.

Soon the loud cute laughs and chuckles echoed throughout the beach which made them the centre of attraction.

After playing in the water for quite some time, they helped the kids build a sand castle before heading towards the hotel.


Hotel lobby.

" So see you all at night ladies." Dina and Ling said.

Songpa frowned and asked."Night?"

" We are having a girls night out tonight." Ling said.

Turning towards Beth when Songpa raised his eyebrows, Beth gave him a peck on his cheeks and said," I love you."

Songpa sighed and said," Fine."

" Don't forget to wear something sexy all of you." Dina said before stepping into the elevator.

" Okay." everyone said.

Singtan frowned and asked," Did I hear sexy?"

" Yes you did brother Singtan. Now I will take my leave as well." Ling said.

" Wait why sexy?" Mike asked.

" Exactly." Yutang said.

Ignoring their husbands, Ming, Anna and Yixi started discussing about the dress they were going to wear.