" Sam and Ben could've tagged along." Yufan said.

" They wanted to come with Quin and Rose." Singtan said.

" Let's go to the beach and have fun tomorrow." Sebastian said.

" That will be nice." Daina said.

" Yey yey beach." The kids shouted.

" I will bathe and then sun bathe too." Zian said.

" Yes yes you can champ." Singtan said.

Zian then frowned and said," Dada, this time Mommy will take a bath with me."

Yufan raised his eyebrows and asked," What do you mean Zian?"

" Dad and Mom always take a bath together." Zian said.

*Cough* *cough* *cough*

Ming and Singtan almost choked when they heard their son.

" Mom and dad always take a bath together too." Mian said.

" I once saw mom and dad coming out of the washroom together." Linyang said.

Mike, Anna, Yixi and Yutang widened their eyes in shock.

" Today I heard mommies scream and-"

Cutting his son off, Singtan said," Zian, how many times do I have to tell you that no talking when you are eating?"

Cleaning his throat, Mike said," Yes, eat quietly."

Yumi who was sitting quietly suddenly turned towards Zian and said," Brother Zi, it is not bad to take a bath together. Dada Yu told me that it is important for a husband and wife to take a bath together. It's healthy."

Yufan coughed vigorously and said," I did not-alright Yumi keep quiet and eat. If you don't eat those green veggies then no chocolates for a week."

Yumi chuckled and said," Dada Yutang will give me chocolates."

Yutang chuckled and said," Yes, I will."

" No one will give you chocolates if you don't finish those veggies." Father Xie said.

Yumi nodded her head and placed a piece of lettuce inside her mouth.

Leaning towards Yufan, Sebastian chuckled and asked," Dude why would you say that to a kid?"

" She saw us entering the washroom together okay and when she asked me about it later, I had to tell her something." Yifan said

" How can you tell a three and a half year old such a thing?" Ling asked.

" Babe I had no choice. You know how she keeps nagging when someone doesn't answer her questions." Yufan said.

Ling sighed and kept on eating her food.

The atmosphere became very awkward after the little once revealed their parents bathroom secret.

Not being able to contain it anymore, Ming got up and said," I'll use the washroom."

" Ahh Singtan so you want to accompany her?" Mother Li asked.

Singtan coughed and said," No and why would I do that mom?"

" Ohh is it? Actually I thought-never mind. Darling go go and come back soon." Mother Li said.

" Obviously she will come back soon Meili because Singtan is not going with her." Mother Yang said.

Ming's face turned crimson red and she quickly rushed towards the washroom.

After Ming left, mother Zhang asked," Anna do you want to go to the washroom too?"

Anna gulped in nervousness and said," No mom, I am fine."

" You Yixi do you wanna go?" Mother Yang asked.

" No mother." Yixi said with her head still lowered.

The suddenly turned awkward dinner ended soon and the three mother-in-laws didn't stop teasing their daughter-in-laws and their sons.


Inside Ming's room.

" You shouldn't say such things in front of other okay?" Singtan said.

Zian and Yumi nodded their heads and said," Yes dada."

" This is the last time. If this happens again, dada will stop bringing toys for you both." Singtan said.

When the two kids obediently nodded heads, Singtan smiled and said," Now give me a kiss."

Zian and Yumi kissed Singtan cheeks and quickly cuddled inside the covers.

After making sure that the kids are comfortable, Singtan dimmed the lights before walking towards the balcony where Ming was talking to someone over the phone.



" You are coming for the wedding right?" Ming asked.

Siquan nodded his head and said," Yes I am."

" I am happy that you accepted the invitation." Ming said.

" I am happy that you people invited me." Siquan said.

Pausing for a while, Siquan asked," How are the kids?"

" They are all good and they miss their uncle Siquan." Ming said.

Siquan let out a laugh and said," Tell them that I will visit them soon with lots and lots of toys."

Siquan used to visit Yumi and the rest of the kids twice or thrice every month. The kids liked him and used to play with him all day.

" Okay I will." Ming said.

" Ming I called you to say that I met Yurin in New York a couple of days ago." Siquan said.

Ming sighed and said," Hmm."

" She was with some other man but I still asked her whether she wants to get back and start a new life again but she said that she doesn't want to." Siquan said.

Ming knew each and everything about Yurin. Though she did not win the competition but she ended up being a mistress of the CEO of Haicheng entertainment and was enjoying the life of a mistress.

" Siquan I think it's time for you to move on in life. Don't live in the past anymore. I was lucky that I found Singtan and I am sure that you will also find someone." Ming said.

Just then Singtan hugged her from behind and said," The kids are asleep."

Ming smiled and said," One second."

When Siquan heard Singtan's voice, he said," Its getting late, you should take some


" Hmm try to fly here early so that you can spend some time with Yumi." Ming said.

" I will." Siquan said before hanging up the call.

Passing the phone to Singtan, Ming said," It's was Siquan."

Kissing her nape, Singtan said," I know."

When Singtan stepped into the balcony, his mood worsened when he realised his wife was talking to Chen Siquan.

Though Singtan did not mind Siquan visiting their place every now and then but how could he not be jealous of his wife's ex lover? Who wouldn't be jealous of their wife's ex-lover?

But when he heard Ming say ' I was lucky that I found Singtan' all his gloominess vanished and he quickly hugged her.