" What about Robin and Linda?" Ming asked.

" They will fly there a day before the wedding." Singtan said.

" Why?" Yixi asked.

" Robbin has an important project coming up so he has to settle everything before taking a vacation." Singtan said.

" Please buckle your seat belts sir, we are ready to take off." A flight attendant said.

While buckling her seat belt, Yixi chuckled and said," Ahh remember that trip to the island?"

Ming chuckled and said," Of course how can we forget that trip."

" Ahh, it was so much fun." Anna said.

" We should go out somewhere again. Ahh a romantic vacation." Yixi said.

" With five kids? Wouldn't that be like a family vacation?" Mike said.

" Exactly we should probably take kids to Disneyland." Singtan said.

" Life is tough now." Yutang said.

" Kids can stay with their grandparents for a few days." Ming said.

" Yeah they can." Anna said.

Yutang raised his eyebrows and asked," So you three are saying that you are ready to leave your babies with their grandparents and go on a romantic vacation with your husband?"

" Yes." Ming, Anna and Yixi said unanimously.

" Let's make a plan and have some fun. I am sick of staying at home." Yixi said.

" Alright we three will make a plan but you three are not allowed to back out." Singtan said.

Hooking her arms around his, Ming placed her head on his shoulder and said," We won't."

" Sleepy?" Singtan asked.

" Not really." Ming said.

" Sleep for a while if you want to." Singtan said.

After talking amongst themselves for quite some time, all the three woman dozed off to sleep in her husband's arm.

Singtan kissed Mings forehead and closed his eyes to take some rest.


Yufan and Sebastian along with Songpa and Zechan who had arrived at the destination with them came to the airport to fetch everyone.

" Uncle Songpa." Zian shouted before rushing towards him.

" Brother Zian wait for me." Yumi shouted.

" Zian wait." Mian shouted before running after them.

Squatting down, Songpa picked up Zian and said," Hey champ."

" Uncle Songpa, why didn't you come with us?" Zian asked.

" I came here with your uncle Yufan early because I wanted to help him." Songpa said.

" Uncle Zichan is here too." Zian said.

Zichan took her Zian in his arms and said," Woah our Zian has grown up. It's difficult to carry you now"

Zian chuckled and said," I am a big boy."

Ruffling Zians hair, Yufan said," My big nephew."

" Ahh you kids shouldn't run like that." Ming shouted at them.

" Sorry mama Ming." Yumi said holding her ears.

Ming sighed and said," Next time don't do it okay?"

Yumi and Mian nodded their head.

Just then Sebastian arrived and said," The car is ready."


Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii.

After arriving at the hotel, everyone entered their respective rooms before coming down for dinner.


The kids were sitting on a table and eating their starters while the elders were happily talking amongst themselves.

" Ahh look at you both. You both are glowing." Yixi said.

Ling chuckled and said," Two hours in the parlour sister-in-law, we would be sad if our skin did not glow."

" Exactly we had a wonderful time at the spa." Dina said.

" Even I want to go there." Anna said.

Dina chuckled and said," We have a girls night out tomorrow."

" Yeah we are gonna drink till we drop." Ling said.

Ming smiled and said," I don't even remember when was the last time I got drunk."

" Me too." Anna said.

" Yes so tomorrow is our chance." Dina said.

" Alright let's do it, I am in." Yixi said.

" Me too." Anna said.

When Anna saw Ming looking around, she chuckled and asked," Are you looking for Singtan?"

" Ming gets wild when she gets drunk. You guys have no idea." Yixi said.

" Really?" Dina asked.

" Yes you all don't know but Mr Li and I know especially Mr Li. Ming if you tell Mr Li, he will definitely not allow you to join us." Yixi said.

Ming thought for a while and said," Okay then."

" Alright girls wear something sexy tomorrow night." Dina said.

While the girls were busy discussing about their night out, the men were having a very serious discussion.

Taking a sip from his bear, Mike said," My sex life is so dull."

" Same. It's either a quickie or no sex at all." Yutang said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Life is really very tough."

" And sometimes when the mood is set, Mian comes knocking at the door because she is scared." Mike said.

" God knows when will they grow up and start dating." Yutang said.

" I don't want Mian to date." Mike said.

" Linyang is not allowed to date either it's Liang who can date." Yutang said.

" The kids are still small." Singtan said.

Just then Ming came looking for Singtan," Singtan."

" Yes honey." Singtan said before walking towards her.

Hooking her arms around her neck, Ming said," We are going for girls night out tomorrow so don't make any plans because you have to take care of Zian."

" Night out?" Singtan asked.

When Ming nodded her head, Singtan asked," Will there be alcohol?"

When Ming shook and nodded her head at the same time, Singtan said," There is no way you are allowed to drink without me beside you."

Placing her hand on his chest, Ming said," But darling everyone will be there and I'll be fine."

" But-"

Pouting her lips, Ming said," Please."

Singtan sighed and said," Fine but not more than two bottles."

Giving him a peck on his lips, Ming said," I love you."

" You think that peck is enough?" Singtan said before clashing his lips against hers.


While having dinner, Ling asked," Where is Brother Quin and sister Rose?"

Placing some vegetables on Yumi's place, Mother Li said," Rose has an important event to attend so they will come here the day after tomorrow."

A week after Zian and Mian's first birthday, Rose gave birth to an adorable little boy, Li Nuan. The birth of Li Nuan confirmed the curse of having only boys in the Li Family.