"Dada why isn't uncle Singtan here yet." Little Mian asked.

Mike couldn't help but frown. Mian was his daughter but she seemed to be more close to Singtan than him and used to ask about him whenever Singtan wasn't around.

" Mian come here." Mike said before picking her up and placing her on his lap.

" What happened dada?" Mian asked.

" Do you like uncle Singtan more than dada?" Mike asked.

Mian shook her head and said," No, I love dada the most."

Satisfied with her answer, Mike gave her a peck on her cheeks and said," Good girl. Uncle Singtan is on the way."

" Why do you behave like this at times?" Anna asked.

" Like what?" Mike asked.

" Like a baby. You are jealous of Singtan because Mian keeps looking for him. Don't you think I know?" Anna said.

When Mian heard her parents conversation, she said," Uncle Singtan is the best."

Mike frowned and asked," But you just said that you love dada the most?"

Mian nodded her head and said," Yes I do but uncle Singtan is still the bestest"

" Hey Mian." Linyang shouted before rushing towards her

" Linyang." Mian shouted before wiggling down from Mikes lap.

" Linyang slow down honey." Yixi said.

" I'll go after her mommy and make sure she doesn't fall." Liang said before rushing towards his reckless sister.

" Now you are running as well." Yixi said.

Wrapping his arms around Yixi, Yutang said," You worry too much babe, the kids are gonna be fine." before walking towards Anna and Mike.

" Where is Singtan and Ming?" Yutang asked.

" On the way." Mike said.

" Where are the others?" Yutang asked.

" Ahhh the elders are going crazy. They cannot stop discussing about the wedding and Yufan and Ling giving them great-grandchildren so we just sneaked out and sat here." MIke said.

" Where is Yumi?" Yixi asked.

" Singtan and Ming will pick her up from the Xie mansion on the way." Mike said.

" Huh? Weren't Ling and Yufan getting Yumi here?" Yixi asked.

" There was a sudden change in their plan. Ling and Yufan will be flying over with Dina and Seb. In fact they were supposed to fly over yesterday night so I guess they are already there now." Mike said.

It was a destination wedding of Ling and Yufan and Dina and Sebastian. The two couple decided to get married together at the same alter, same place and time.

The decision to get married and having a destination wedding was so sudden that the Becks, Yangs and Xie's got really busy with the preparations.

Since it was a destination wedding, very few people were invited which included some of their business partners and some of Yufan's and Sebastian's close friends from the US.

" Linyang, Mian." Yumi shouted before running towards them but before she could even take a step, Zian wrapped his arms around her neck and said," Don't run like that Yu, you'll fall."

" Brother Zi, I am okay." Yumi said.

" Last time Mian and you had fallen down and had hurt your knees? Remember?" Zian asked.

Yumi nodded her head and said," Okay, I'll listen to you brother Zian." before slowly walking towards Mian and the rest along with Zian.

" You know Mr Li, you son is just like you, cute and caring." Ming said.

Singtan smiled and said," He is going to be a great brother."

All the five kids were growing up faster and together. Since Mike and Anna had to rush to work, they used to drop Mian at the Li mansion before leaving so that she could spend her day playing with Zian and Yumi and won't feel lonely at home and because Yixi wanted all the five kids to grow up together and become friends just like them, she used to send them to the mansion as well. So the five kids were very close to each other even though Linyang and Liang were a five months younger to them.

Zian and Liang were growing up to become very responsible brothers and would protect and stop their sisters from doing anything wrong.

" What took you so long?" Yutang asked.

" Traffic." Singtan said.

" We should leave now." Mike said before getting up.

Turning towards the kids, Yixi said," Come on kids let's leave."

The destination of the wedding was at The Big Island, Hawaii. Dina and Ling had chosen this place. It was a beach-side wedding just like the two couple wanted.


Inside the plane.

After placing the kids on their respective seats, Mike and Singtan buckled their seat belts and said," Its a 9 hour flight so you all better don't make any noise okay? Your grand and great-grandparents need to rest okay?"

The five of them unanimously nodded their heads.

" You all can play as much as you all want after we land and reach the hotel okay?" Mike said.

" Then we just sit here for 9 hours?" Zian said who was already bored.

Passing him his phone, Singtan said," Play games."

" Yes, okay games." Mike said before giving Mian his phone.

Taking out Ming's phone from her bag, Singtan gave it to Yumi had said," I have already downloaded her favourite game here."

" Dada Singtan is the best." Yumi said.

" Wait what? Dada Singtan is the best?" Mike asked.

" Yes uncle Singtang is the best." Mian said.

" Uncle Singtan is bested." Linyang said.

Mike frowned deeper and he said," Did you do some kind of magic on the kids? Why are you always their best?"

" That is a talent Dr Mike." Singtan said.

When Liyang saw Mike's gloomy expressing he gestured him to bend over. He then gave Mike a peck on his cheeks and said," Don't worry uncle Mike, you are my bestest."

Mike chuckled and ruffled his hair and said," Thank you champ."

Just then Yutang arrived and gave his twins a phone each and said," Not more than two hours because it's not good for your eyes."

" Okay dada." The two of them said.

When the five of them got busy, the three men sighed and started walking towards their seat.