Two and a half years later.

Li mansion.

" Zian, Singtan get up and start getting ready." Ming shouted.

Lying on the bed, the father and son duo had their face covered under the blanket and had no intention of getting up.

Taking out their clothes from the closet, Ming placed it on the couch and shouted," I'll give you both ten minutes to get down from the bed and rush towards the washroom otherwise I'll leave both of you and stay at the Xie mansion forever."

" I am up." Singtan said before getting down from the bed.

" Me too." Little Zian said before jumping on his father's back.

" Both of you washroom now." Ming said.

Piggybacking Zian, Singtan entered the washroom.

" We already getting late and-"

Cutting her off, Singtan said," Ming it's our private plane, you don't have to worry about getting late."

" Ahh but how can we keep others waiting for us? Everyone has already left for the airport and we are still because you father and son are very lazy. If I am late for my brother's wedding, I swear I'll kill both of you." Ming shouted.


Inside the washroom.

Placing Zian on the slab, Singtan gave him his baby brush which had his banana flavoured toothpaste on it already.

" Dada would mommy really leave us if we kept sleeping?" Zian asked.

Singtan shook his head and said," No she wouldn't champ but we can't take the risk. What if she really leaves us? What are we gonna do?"

Getting up on the slab, Zina pulled his batman printed pjs up and said," Then we will kidnap mommy and bring her back."

Singtan chuckled and said," Yes we will and we won't let ever let her go back. Okay now quickly brush your teeth before your momma starts shouting again."

After brushing their teeth, Singtan and Zian took a quick shower and quickly rushed out of the washroom.



" Dada I can get dressed on my own." Zian said before wiggling our is his arms.

Zian then grabbed his clothes and rushed towards his room.

" Don't run, be careful." Singtan shouted.

" I have already asked on one of the maids to help him change." Ming said before picking up her towel and rushing towards the washroom.

Just then Singtan grabbed her hand and asked," Are you purposely trying to seduce me Mrs Li?"

" What did I do?" Ming  asked.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Singtan said," That is the problem Mrs Li when you don't do anything, I get seduced."

Ming chuckled and said," Is that so."

" Uh Huh and now your 'Forever seduced by you' husband wants to quickie before we leave." Singtan said.

" We are already late Singtan." Ming said.

" I promise it will be super quick." Singtan said.

Ming rolled her eyes and said," You quick? If you can finish of super quick then the earth is flat as well."

" It's either here or in the airplane washroom. You decide." Singtan said.

" Okay but you have to be quick." Ming said before walking towards the washroom.

Singtan grinned and followed her behind.


Inside the washroom.

As soon they entered the washroom, Singtan shut the door with a loud *BANG* before pinning her against the wall.

Taking off his bathrobe and her nightwear, Singtan kissed her passionately before rubbing his already hard member against her hot and wet core.

Picking her up, Singtan wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed himself inside her making Ming gasp and moan in pleasure.

They were married for almost five years now and Singtan still couldn't get enough of her body and still loved the feeling of being inside her and the way she moaned and screamed his name every time he thrusted deep inside her.

While Singtan was busy thrusting deep inside her and Ming was busy moaning and screaming his name, a knock broke out in the washroom.

" Mommy are you okay?" Zian asked.

Covering her mouth with her hand Ming tried to push Singtan away wanting him to stop before their three and a half year old would figure out what his father and mother were doing inside the washroom.

" Mom is okay ch-mmmm." Singtan said.

Singtan stopped when Ming placed her hand on his mouth.

" Dada? What are you doing inside?" Zian asked.

" Shit." Singtan cursed himself.

" Ehhh I am helping mama bathe too just like I helped you." Singtan said.

" But you took a bath with me just now." Zian said.

" Zi why don't you go and call your uncle Songpa and ask him where he is while I quickly help your mom out. My Phone is inside the study room." Singtan said.

" Is mommy fine?" Zian asked.

" Mommy is alright son." Singtan said.

" Hmm alright." Zian said.

After Zian left, Ming smacked Singtan's shoulders and said," Who told you speak? Ahh, what will my little baby think of us now?"

Giving her a peck on her lips, Singtan said," He doesn't know anything."

Pulling out, Singtan said," Let's start again."

And before Ming could say anything, he pushed himself inside her making her scream in pleasure.


When Singtan and Ming came out of the washroom after satisfying each other's cravings, they saw Zian sitting on the couch playing his favourite game on Singtan's phone.

" Champ did you call your uncle Songpa?" Singtan asked.

Zian shook his head and said," No, I called uncle Mike."

" Why?" Singtan asked.

" I forgot the numbers again." Zian said. Singtan had saved a few important numbers in the speed dial settings and had taught Zian and Yumi that pressing which number would automatically call whom.

Singtan sighed and said," Come I'll help you remember again."

When Zian saw Ming patting her hair dry, he asked," Did Dada help momma scrub her body and massage her scalp with shampoo just like he helps me?"

While Ming coughed vigorously, Singtan chuckled and said," Yes champ, I helped your mom with everything."

Glaring at her husband, Ming took a deep breath before quickly getting ready.

Singtan chuckled and continued teaching Zian about the speed dial numbers.