Songpa smiled when he saw Yumi struggling to get down from Singtan embrace.

He grabbed Mian and Zian's hand and started walking towards Singtan and Ming after gesturing Beth to follow him too.

" Big boss, lady boss." Songpa greeted them before taking Yumi into his arms.

" Big sister." Beth said before giving her a hug.

" Ahhh Beth it's so good to see you after so many days." Ming said.

" Where is Zechan?" Singtan asked Songpa.

" I am here big boss." Zechan said before walking towards him along with Delila.

Singtan smiled when they saw them together.

" Boss." Delila greeted Singtan.

Singtan nodded his head and said," I am glad you are here along with Zechan."

Turning towards Ming, Singtan said," She is Delila one of our capable employees."

Wrapping his arms around Delila's waist, Zechan grinned and said," And my girlfriend."

" Ohh hooo bro." Songpa said before punching Zechans arm.

Ming chuckled and said," Well, congratulations both of you and it's lovely meeting you Delila."

" Thank you lady boss." Delila said.

" Congratulations and God bless you both." Singtan said.

" Where is Mike and Yutang Boss?" Zechan asked.

Pointing towards the door, Singtan said," Yutang is here but I don't know about Mike."

Yutang and Yixi entered the hall holding either of their kids in their arms.

Yang Linyang was wearing a peach and white frock with a flower in the left hand side while Yang Liang was wearing a light blue colour quarter pants, a white shirt and a light blue bow tie and tux.

Everyone again gasped and squealed at the sight of the two adorable twinny buns.


After greeting and meeting everyone, it was time to cut the cake.

There were two cakes with a blue and pink frosting respectively which was joined by a rainbow with had a ' HAPPY BIRTHDAY' written on it.

The pink cake had flowers and a baby she-bear on it while the blue one has clouds and stars and has a baby he-bear on it.

" The cake looks lovely." Mother Zhang said.

Zian extended his hand trying to touch the frosting but was stopped by Sam saying," No Zian you have to make a wish first. No touching before that."

Staring at Sam for quite some time, Zian retrieved his hand back and stood beside Mian quietly.

" Where is my son and Anna?" Mother Zhan asked.

" We are here." Mike shouted before entering the hall along with Anna.

When Anna saw everyone staring at them, she glared at Mike saying," It's all your fault."

" I am sorry okay."

" It was supposed to be a quickie Mike but you took your own sweet time." Anna said.

" It's not my fault if you are so beautiful." MIke said.

" How can you be late for your daughters first birthday?" Mother Zhang said.

" Sorry mom." Anna said.

" Alright now let's cut the cake." Singtan said.

Mike and Singtan quickly squatted down picked up the plastic cake knife before holding Mian and Zian's hands respectively.

Yufan picked Yumi up in his arms and stood beside them along with Ling and other family members.

Everyone unanimously started singing the universal birthday song for the two little ones.

After cutting the cake, Zian picked up some frosting from his side of the cake and brought it near Mian's mouth.

Mian licked the frosting and before doing the same.

Everyone's heart softened at the sight of the two kids sharing their part of the cake with each other but soon after that something happened which made everyone widened their eyes in shock.

After exchanging cakes, Mian leaned forward and gave Zian a peck on his lips while Zian soon did the same.

Ben gasped and said," Little brother just kissed little sister Mian."

Ming chuckled and said," It's okay Ben."

" But dada said kissing girls is wrong and a sin." Ben said.

Mother Li smiled and said," No it's not."

Sam excitedly clapped his hands and said," That means I can kiss Rachael at school too."

" Yes I can kiss Shasha." Ben said.

Everyone burst into laughter when they heard that.

Rose helplessly shook her head and said," Your sons are just like you."

Quin grinned and said," You should be proud of them."

After gift giving ceremony, everyone started talking amongst them and enjoying the party.

The men started chatting with other business personals who were wanting to approach them while the ladies also started talking amongst themselves keeping an eye on their kids who were busy playing around them.

" Initially it's tough but later everything is going to be smooth." Ming said.

" Exactly." Anna and Yixi said.

Linda chuckled and said," Hope so." before patting her sons back lovingly.

Robin and Linda had a cute little adorable baby boy, Chen Quan who was now 5 months old.


Mian, Zian, Linyang and Liang were busy playing something while Yumi was standing a little away from them too lazy and bored to walk over.

Just then a little boy who was wearing a blue shirt and white quarter pants came rushing towards her and *BANG* dashed against her.

Both of them feel down on their butt but neither of them cried and kept on staring at each other.

" Ahh young master." The nanny of the boy came rushing towards him.

Singtan who saw Yumi landing on the floor, excused himself and rushed towards her.

Just then a shrill crying broke out in the hall drawing everyone's attention towards the two kids sitting one the floor.

" Yumi." Ling said before rushing towards her.

" What happened?" Ming said before following Ling.

Singtan picked up Yumi, patted her back and started coxing her.

Just then a man neatly dressed in a grey custom-made suit approached them and picked up the boy in his arms.

The nanny lowered her head and said," I am

Sorry master but young master kept on running here and there."

The man nodded his head and said," Its fine."

Looking at his son, the man sighed and said," Zixin you shouldn't run like that."

The boy buried his face on his father's neck and wrapped his arms around his neck.

" I am sorry Mr Li." The man said.

Patting Yumi's back, Singtan smiled and said," It's alright Mr Mo."

" Ahh my son just turned one a couple of months back and he can't stay in one place. With his mum not around, it's quite difficult to handle him sometime." Mr Mo said.

" I can understand." Singtan said.

Taking Yumi from Singtan's arm, Yufan said," Its okay our Yumi is strong."

" Yes our Yumi is a super woman." Mike said.

Tickling Yumi's stomach, Yutang said," Our strong angel."

When Mr Mo saw all the four powerful men coaxing a little girl like that, he couldn't help but ask," I am sorry but I thought Mr Li had a son."

" Mr Mo is right, I have a son." Singtan said.

" Then she-"

Singtan smiled and said," She is my daughter too."

Mr Mo smiled and asked," May I know this beautiful angels name?"

" Xie Yumi." Mike said.

Mr Mo nodded his head and smiled before saying," She is adorable."

" Is she okay?" Ming asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes, she is fine and Ming this is Mr Mo, a very famous face in the business world. He has his business and hotels spread all over the world and has now finally decided to move over to our country and open a few branches here as well. He is also our new business collaborator."

Mr Mo laughed and said," Mr Li is just flattering me in front of sister-in-law but I do have higher hopes from country S than other countries because of you Mr Li."

" Is he alright? Your son?" Ming asked.

" Ahh he is fine. He is a strong boy." Mr Mo said before passing Zixin to the nanny.

" Mr Mo's wife is a very famous director and keeps travelling so it's Mr Mo who takes care of his Son." Singtan said.

" It must be very difficult." Ming said.

" I am habituated now." Mr Mo said.

Ming smiled and said," Why don't you all go and talk business while we take care of the kids here."

" Then I have to trouble Mrs Li for that." Mr Mo said before walking away with Singtan.

Mo Zixin kept on staring at Yumi who was now happily playing with Zian and the rest.

" Young master, here is your candy." The nanny said before shoving it into his hand

Slowly walking towards Yumi, Zixin gave her the candy.

But before Yumi could take it, Zian slapped his hand away and hugged his sister glaring at Zixin making sure that he doesn't come anywhere near his little sister.