Inside a hotel room.

Brushing Zian's hair, Singtan smiled and said," Hey you go champ."

Turning towards Yumi, Singtan helped her neatly clip her hair and said," Ahhh you look so beautiful."

Just then Mike entered the room along with Mian.

Passing Mian to Singtan, Mike said," Take care of her."

" Where are you going?" Singtan asked.

" It's an emergency friend, try and understand." Mike said before passing Mian's clothes to Singtan and rushing out of the room.

Singtan helplessly shook his head and took Mian inside.

Placing her in the bed, Singtan helped Mian's change into her birthday clothes saying," Your dad is so bad, he left you here and is enjoying right now but it's fine you can stay here with Zian, Yumi and your uncle Singtan and have fun here."

He then neatly combed Mian's hair and said," There is you, our Mian is ready."

Taking out her cute shoes, Singtan asked," Will you become my daughter-in-law after you grow up?"

" Singtan you are allowed to say such things in front of the kids" Ming said before walking out of the other room.

She wearing a dark grey colour evening deep V-neck gown which had netted three-quarter sleeves. Her hair was tied into a neat bun flaunting her smooth neck and perfect collar bones.

" I am just asking her." Singtan said.

Ming rolled her eyes and said," Help me with the zipper."

When Singtan grinned and nodded his head, Ming pointed towards him and said," Only Zipper and nothing else. We are already late Singtan."

" A quickie before we leave won't harm." Singtan said.

" With three small kids in the room? A big No." Ming said.

" They won't even know." Singtan said.

" Not now." Ming said.

With a very gloomy expression, Singtan helped her zip the dress and said," You bully me too much these days."

After wearing the sunflower pendant and earrings which Singtan had gifted her, Ming said," Come let's leave, guests have already arrived." Before carrying Yumi in her arms.

Holding Mian and Zian's hand, Singtan walked out of the room.


Banquet hall.

The atmosphere was very lively, people were happily drinking and talking amongst themselves.

It was very rare for the Li family to hold any kind of function but when they did, everyone tried very hard to curry favour from them and todays banquet was very important because not only the Li's but also the Zhang's, Yangs, Xie's and Chen's would be present.

The Xie and Chen enterprise had flourished alot and had made their way to the top where no one would want to touch or provoke them. And to top that up, the collaborations between all the three companies made everyone fear them.

Some people who wanted to try their luck in the medicinal field and Showbizz were here to curry favour from the Mike, who had taken over his mother's place a few months ago and Li Quin.

They had also brought expensive gifts for the little ones who were the star of the banquet. Everyone was aware of how much the families doted on the little ones. So they wanted to try their best to impress and make the little ones happy.


When Singtan and Ming entered the hall along with Yumi, Zian and Mian everyone gasped at how lovely and cute the little ones were.

Zian was wearing a grey small check print quarter pants and a white shirt along with a half sleeves tux and a cute little red bow that was making him look super cute and adorable.

Mian was wearing a vintage baby pink colour netted frock which had a bow in the middle. She was wearing a very beautiful pair of shoes and had her hair neatly combed and clipped.

Yumi was wearing a blood red colour frock which had two layers of netted frills and a bow in the left hand side. She was wearing a beautiful pair of black shoes and her hair was neatly combed and clipped.

The people kept on gasping and some squeals were also heard when they saw the little ones.

" AHH that boy is definitely little Li." a woman said.

" Yes but which of the two adorable girls is Zhan Mian?" Another woman asked.

" It's the one wearing that baby pink frock." the woman said.

" The who is the other one?"

The woman shook her head and said," I don't know."

" Hmm but I think she is someone very important. Look how Mr and Mrs Li is so caring towards her." The woman said pointing towards Singtan who had just taken Yumi from Ming's hand and was pinching her cheeks.

Looking around Ming sighed and said," You invited so many people and it's so crowded now. What if the kids are not comfortable with that?"

" They need to get used to all of this Ming otherwise they will have a hard time later." Singtan said letting go the little ones hand.

" Big boss." Songpa said who had just arrived along with Beth.

Zian and Mian excitedly clapped their hands and rushed towards Songpa.

Songpa quickly approached them fearing that they would fall down and hurt themselves.

He then squatted down and hugged the little ones and said," Happy birthday my cuties."

Hugging Songpa's neck, Zian and Mian let out a chuckle. Songpa used to visit and accompany the little ones quite often along with Zechan. He used to help everyone take care of them when their parents had important things to do. So the little ones were very comfortable and shared a special kind of bond with him.

When Beth saw Songpa gently caressing and handling the kids, she smiled. If they ever had a baby together, Songpa would definitely turn out to become a very caring and loving father. The thought about having a baby with Songpa made her smile and she started looking forward to the day when they would have one. Though she knew that they still had a long way to go and having a child now wasn't a really nice idea, she couldn't help but think about how things would change after they had one.