Li mansion.

When Singtan and Ming woke up, Zian was already up and was looking at his parents who were peacefully sleeping.

Cupping her sons face, Ming said," Happy birthday sweet heart."

Ruffling Zian's hair, Singtan said," Happy birthday champ."

The birthday boy smiled and stretched his hands towards his father.

" You want dada to hug you?" Singtan asked before picking him up and placing him on his chest.

Ming smiled when she saw the father and son pair. She was very happy with the way and pace Zian and Singtan were bonding. Though Singtan left for office early in the morning and came back late, the father and son still had this strong bond between them.

Singtan was turning out to become a really good father. No matter how tired he is, he still played with Zechan for an hour or so if Zian is awake by the time he arrived home and later coaxed him to sleep. He stopped working on weekends completely and also took a half day on Fridays and would take Zian along with the other kids out for a picnic or to the amusement park.

Life had become much more peaceful and beautiful after the kids were born.

When Singtan saw Ming smiling at them, he pulled her into his embrace too and said," Let's hug together."

Zian gave his mommy a peck on her cheeks and let out a hearty laugh.

" I'll go and freshen up." Ming said before kissing Zian and getting down from the bed.

Just then Singtan grabbed her hand and asked," Kissies only for Zian? What about his father?"

Ming chuckled and said," Such a baby." before giving him a peck on his lips.

" What baby Mrs Li? Mr Li should always be at the top of your priority list." Singtan said.

Getting down from the bed, Ming said," Yufan will drop Ling and Yumi here. We will be preparing lunch for everyone so it is your responsibility to bathe Yumi and Zian and get them ready for tonight's party okay?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes, ma'am. Do I have to help Zian's mommy bathe too?"

Ming chuckled and said," Well if we have time then why not?" Before walking towards washroom.



" Honey where is Zian?" Mother Li asked.

" He is with Singtan mom." Ming said.

" Is everything ready for tonight's party?" Father Li asked.

" Singtan and Mike and taking care of it dad." Ming said.

Mother Li frowned and said," Don't get too excited for the party Zehan."

Without saying anything, father Li kept on reading his morning newspaper.

Ming chuckled and asked," What happened mom?"

" Ahh your father thinks that he is still young and wants to get high today. He invited all his friends and business partners in the party and now they have this plan to drink until they drop." Mother Li said.

" Ahh that sounds fun." Ming said.

" Fun? Ahh child now stop siding with your dad. Drinking too much is not good for his health and this old man doesn't want to understand that." Mother Li said.

Tossing his newspaper away, Father Li frowned and said," Are you calling me an old

man Meili? Wasn't last night enough to show you that nothing has changed? Neither my strength, capacity or my stamina. I am still fit and fine."

Mother Li's face turned red in embarrassment when she heard her husbands shameless words.

While Ming was having a really hard time controlling herself from laughing out loud, Rose who was having her breakfast burst into laughter," Ahahahahahah."

Ming also could no longer control herself and started laughing too.

Mother Li glared at her husband with bloodshot eyes, giving him a ' YOU ARE DEAD' look.

When Father Li realised how impulsive his words were, he awkwardly cleared his throat and left.

After father Li left, Mother Li scratched her head and said," I'll go take this inside." before picking up a jug.

Ming took the jug from her hand and said," Mother you should rest, you must be so tired. I'll take this."

" Yes mom come come sit and have fruits with me. Fruits will help you revive your energy back." Rose said.

Pausing for a while, Ming asked," So mom I am getting another little brother-in-law soon?"

" Yeah am I getting one too?" Rose asked.

Mother Li widened her eyes in shock and said," Ahh you too how can you all tease your mother like that huh?"

" We don't mind a little brother-in-law. I don't think so Singtan will mind having one too." Ming said.

" Quin won't mind too." Rose said.


Glory Regency.

" Beth we are getting late." Songpa said.

" One second honey." Beth shouted before wearing a pair of earrings.

Walking out of the room, Beth quickly took the tie from his hand and hooked it around his neck.

" You can do this on your own." Beth said before tying the knot.

" I like it when you do it for me." Songpa said.

Wrapping his arms around her, Songpa said," You look beautiful tonight. Can we just stay at home, I hope Zian won't mind."

Adjusting his tie, Beth said," We are getting late, let's leave. Ling had already called me twice asking where I am."

" One kiss?" Songpa asked.

" No."

" Half?"

" No."

"¼ ?"

" You are getting nothing." Beth said before dragging him outside.


Outside Delila's place.

Wearing a light blue suit accompanied by a white shirt and a neatly folded white handkerchief in the front, Zechan was patiently waiting for Delila.

After spending the entire night in each other's embrace their relationship had improved a lot and they decided to start dating each other and take things slow.

Zechan has dropped Delila to her place in the afternoon and they also decided to attend Zian and Mian's birthday banquet together.

When Delila came down, she smiled when she saw Zechan waiting for her.

Zechan straightened his back when he saw Delila who was wearing a light baby pink off-shoulder dress. She had curled her shoulder length hair and had a very light makeup on.

She was looking beautiful.

" Hey." Delila said.

Zechan smiled and said," You look beautiful."

Delila smiled and said," Thanks."

Opening the passenger door did her, Zechan said," Let's leave."

Delila nodded her head and boarded the car.


Montana Hotel.

The birthday banquet was being organised at a banquet hall in Montana Hotel which was also under Li corporation.

Since it was the first birthday of the little ones, the two families decided to celebrate it in an extravagant manner.

All friends, close business partners and few important employees were invited for the birthday banquet.