Passing her a glass of water, Zechan said," It's getting late so let me drop you home."

Glancing outside the window, Delila said," It's raining so heavily how can you drive back alone in this weather? I'll just get a cab."

Zechan shook his head and said," There is no way I am letting you go alone at this time."

Pausing for a while, Zechan said," Why don't you just stay here? I mean it's quite late now and you won't get a cab and you don't want me to drop you too so..."

Delila took a deep breath and said," I'll call and inform my dad then." before walking out of the room.

After Delila left, Zechan quickly changed the sheets and pillow covers and took out a new blanket for her and tossed his used blanket aside.

When Delila entered the room, Zechan gave her his clothes and said," They are dry cleaned."

Taking his boxers and t-shirt, Delila said," Thanks."

" I'll go make something for you. Hmm what do you wanna eat?" Zechan asked.

" You know how to cook?" Delila asked.

" Of course I do. Your boyfriend is a talented man." Zechan said.

Delila chuckled and said," And who said you are my boyfriend?"

Zechan frowned and asked," I am not?"

Walking towards the washroom, Delila said," I want to have noodles."

Zechan helplessly shook his head and left.


Li Mansion.

Looking at his son who was sleeping in his arms, Singtan smiled and said," I cannot believe he is turning one tomorrow."

Ming chuckled and said," I know right? It just seems like yesterday when I told you that I was pregnant."

" In no time our little one will grow up and take over Li corporation so that his father can spend the rest of his life peacefully with his mum." Singtan said.

" How do you know that he will take over Li

Corporation? What if he doesn't want to?" Ming asked.

" Never mind if he doesn't want to, we still have Sam, Ben, Quins would be child and Yumi." Singtan said.

" We can have one more kid in the future." Ming said.

Singtan shook his head and said," I don't want to have one. I don't want you to bear that pain and go through everything again."

Kissing Zian, Singtan said," This brat is enough."

" Let's think about this later." Ming said before taking Zian from his lap and walking towards the bed.

" Is he sleeping here tonight?" Singtan asked.

" I want him to be with us when he wakes up tomorrow morning so that we can be the first ones to wish him." Ming said.


Glory Regency.

" How difficult it is Songpa?" Beth asked.

" Yah yeah I know it's not difficult, I am trying right?" Songpa said trying to tie a ribbon bow on Zian's gift.

Beth chuckled and pulled Songpa's cheeks saying," Why are you so cute? Awww I can never get enough of you."

Songpa grinned and said," Isn't that good? That means you will never leave me and run away with someone else."

Beth frowned and said," Why would I run away with someone else? You think I will run away with someone else?"

Songpa vigorously shook his head and said," No No when did I say that?"

Beth frowned deeper as she said," You just said that."

Placing Zian's gift aside, Songpa quickly pinned her down and said," I love you." before giving her a peck on her lips.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Beth rolled her eyes and said," You just said that."

" I was just kidding babe and even if you run away, I'll bring you back." Songpa said before helping Beth remove her clothes.


After their vigorous activity, Beth placed her head on Songpa's chest and asked," Honey how is Julia?"

" She is fine. The health centre people were saying that she is behaving." Songpa said.

" That is good to hear." Beth said.

" Do you want to visit her?" Songpa asked.

Beth shook her head and said," No I don't want to."

" Hmm it's best if you don't because I still don't like her." Songpa said.

" Brother Peter is visiting her right?" Beth asked.

When Songpa nodded her head, Beth closed her eyes and said," That is enough then."

Kissing her forehead, Songpa said," Sleep now."


Zechans place.

After eating a bowl of freshly made noodles, Zechan and Delila entered the bedroom.

" The other room is not the best condition so you can sleep here. I have already changed the sheets and this is a new blanket." Zechan said.

" Where will you sleep?" Delila asked.

" I can sleep on the couch." Zechan said before picking up his blanket.

" You can sleep here too. I mean the bed is so big so-"

Zechan nodded his head and said," Okay."

" Goodnight." Delila said before sliding inside her blanket.


Tossing and turning in bed, Zechan was having a really hard time falling asleep.

" Del." Zechan said.

" Hmm." Delila said.

Just then Zechan moved closure and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Delila's froze and her body turned stiff. Though she had accepted their relationship, she wasn't ready for anything.

When Zechan felt her body turning cold and stiff, he smiled and said," Don't worry, I'll never do anything without your permission and we will take things further only when you want to and ask me to. As I told you Del, I am willing to wait for you, so take as much as time you want. There is no rush." before loosening his grip and turning around.

Turning towards him, Delila smiled before kicking her blanket off and sliding inside Zechans blanket.

She then wrapped her arms around his waist and said," Hugging is allowed."

When Zechan heard that, he quickly turned around and pulled her into his embrace.

He then took a deep breath and let out a satisfying sigh before kissing her forehead and closing his eyes.

Without saying anything, both of them dozed off to sleep in each other's embrace ready to face and fight against everything that happens in the future.