Zechan was never and would never be bothered by whatever had happened with Delila in the past. When he used to accompany her in the hospital, he always told her to forget everything and move on in life. Since she was saved by Singtan and the rest, she should start a fresh life and cherish each and every moment leaving her traumatic past behind.

According to Zechan, if Delila was really restricting and stopping herself from loving him despite having feelings for him, it was wrong and totally unfair for him and her as well.

When Zechan had did not have any problem and wanted to give her all the love and respect she deserves, why should Delila deliberately stop him from doing that? Why would she do that to herself too? Why purposely make yourself suffer when you know you can live a better life and a happy life? Isn't that just like wasting the second chance she got?

Zechan knew that Delila was a strong and independent woman who was solely taking care of her family and firmly believed that she would never think or feel lowly of herself after whatever had happened but things turned out to be completely different.

Pushing him away, Delila said," Don't say anything Zechan and stay away from me. I don't want you to get involved with me. I-I" before bursting into tears.

Tucking his hands into his pocket, Zechan kept on staring at her waiting for her to open her heart out.

Grabbing her hair, Delila said," H-he has touched me everywhere. I feel disgusted when I look at my body. I am not pure. I-I feel used and disgusted whenever I look at myself. How can you love someone like me? How can you say that you don't care? How can you not be bothered by everything that had happened? How Zechan? How can you say that it is not important? How can you willingly accept me just like that? How?" Delila shouted.

Zechans eyes reddened when he saw her breaking down like that. His eyes turned moist. He couldn't see her breaking down like that. His Delila was supposed to be a strong woman and he wasn't used to seeing her like this, so vulnerable and weak.

Grabbing her shoulder, Zechan wiped her tears away and said," So what if someone else has touched your body? You think that I should despise you just because-"

Pausing for a while, Zechan said," He has only touched your body and that is not why I love you Delila. I don't love you because you are just a woman that I need to satisfy my needs. My love for you is miles away from all the physical needs that I have. We being one and sharing intimacy is a secondary thing. I haven't fallen in love with your body but your heart and soul and trust me Del your heart and soul is as pure as an angel descending from heaven."

Cupping her face, Zechan said," That bastard managed to touch your body but not your heart and soul right? He took advantage of you but he couldn't take away the strong will power and determination to prove yourself once again right? He took advantage of you because he thought that you were a weak woman who could do nothing. He thought that you would never be able to fight against him. He wanted to destroy you Delila. Do you want to prove him right? Do you want to think of you as a weak and fragile woman? He is dead and got a painful death that he deserves. Do you want him to think that even though he doesn't exist anymore, he still has a huge impact in your life? Do you want him to win?"

Grabbing his collar, Delila shouted," Why are you so good to me? How can you not think lowly of me Zechan why?"

Caressing her cheeks with his thumb, Zechan said," You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met Delila and you are much more than the physical bond that a man and a woman share to me. You are my angel and you own all my heart. And whether you like it or not, I'll always love you and I'll wait for you even if I have to waste my whole youth waiting for you."

Pulling her tear stained cheeks, Zechan smiled and said," And who said you are dirty? Which part of you is dirty? Whenever I am near you, you smell so good that my heart skips several beats and now that I am touching you, your skin feels so soft and I wanna pull and touch them all day."

Pouncing into his embrace, Delila said," You are crazy but still I love you." before bursting into tears.

How could she still restrain herself after whatever he had just said? Everything he had said felt so good and heart touching. His honest and motivating words forced Delila to shove her insecurities away and do what her heart wants her to and what are heart wanted was to be with Zechan. Whatever he said made her fall in love with him once again.

Wrapping his arms around her, Zechan smiled and said," I love you more Delila and I am so happy." Before lifting her up and spinning around.

Just then the whole night sky flashed and a strong thunder broke followed by heavy droplets of rain.

" You see even the clouds are happy for me." Zechan said.

Wiping her tears, Zechan said," This is the first and last time I want to see tears in your eyes. I don't want you see you cry until they are happy tears."

Delila smiled and nodded her head.

Rubbing her back, Zechan asked," Do you want some water?"

When Delila nodded her head, Zechan said," You can go wash your face. You can use the washroom in my room." Pointing towards his room, he continued," That one."

Delila nodded her head and entered the room while Zechan entered the kitchen to fetch a glass of water for her with a sweet smile on their face.