Li mansion.

" Alright let's go." Singtan's and before picking up Yumi in his arms.

" It's all your fault." Ming said before helping Zian wear his shoes.

Singtan sighed and said," I am sorry, there was this important meeting so-"

" Stop talking and get car ready Singtan. It's your son's birthday tomorrow and he doesn't have any clothes to wear and even Yumi. What is she gonna wear in her brother's birthday party tomorrow?" Ming shouted.

" It's all your fault. When I told you that Ling and I will take them you said that you want to

go so I asked Ling to accompany Anna and now it almost 7 and our kids still don't have clothes to wear." Ming said.

" Sorry sorry let's leave." Singtan said before walking out of the room with both the kids in his arms.



" Aunty, Uncle." Sam and Ben came running towards them.

Ming squatted down and said," Go and get ready fast, Aunty and uncle will take you out for shopping for tomorrow."

Ben and Sam nodded their heads and quickly rushed towards their room.

" Sister-in-law won't it be too troublesome for you to take them too?" Rose asked who was sitting on the couch eating some fruits. Since her due date was in a few days, it was very difficult for her to move around.

Ming smiled and said," It's fine, Singtan will take care of them."

" I'll go get the car ready." Singtan said before walking out of the mansion.


Shopping mall.

Ming was busy choosing a pretty dress for Yumi while Singtan was helping Ben and Sam.

" Hey Hun what did you think about this?" Ming asked showing him a light blue dress.

Singtan nodded his head and said," It's nice babe but why don't you try finding something in baby pink? Our Yumi looks even more beautiful in baby pink."

" Okay let me see." Ming said.

The group of two adults and four adorable kids immediately caught everyone's attention.

" Hey isn't that Li Singtan?" a woman said.

" Oh my God, I think he is." Another woman said.

" Is that there child? They had a daughter?"

" No, they had a Son."

" Then who is she?"

" Well, I don't know but isn't she adorable?"

" Ahh I can take pictures of them and sell it to a paparazzi?"

" Pttfff ya and then Mr Li will beat the plump out of you."

As everyone we're busy discussing about how cute and adorable little kids were, a woman who was wearing a cap and black goggles kept on staring at Ming and Yumi.

" Does my princess like this? Dada says you look beautiful in baby pink but mama thinks you look beautiful in everything." Ming said before kissing Yumi's cheeks.

" If you miss her so much why not take her with you." A man asked who was standing beside the woman.

Taking off her goggles, Yurin said," She is too small and it will be too troublesome to take care of her now. I just wanted to see whether the Li family adopted her or not but it seems like they did."

" So what if they did? I mean if the Li family really did adopt your baby wouldn't it be more difficult to claim her later on?" Jack asked.

Yurin smiled and said," You don't understand Jack." before wearing her glasses and walking out of the shop.

Just then men dressed in black suits stopped them and said," If you don't want to us to harm you or touch you, follow us to the parking lot in silence."

" Who are you?" Yurin asked.

" Don't make things difficult for us Ms." a man said.

Yurin pursed her lips and decided to follow them.

Clutching onto her sleeves, Jack said," Oh my God Yurin who are they? Are they going to kill us? Ahh I don't wanna die like this."


Parking lot.

It had been fifteen minutes since they had detained Yurin and Jack.

" Will you guys tell me who are you people?" Yurin asked.

" What is the rush? Do have a flight to catch Ms Xie?" Singtan asked.

" Mr Li." Yurin murmured.

The guards quickly brought a chair for their boss.

Sitting down, Singtan crossed his legs and asked," Shocked? Or you thought that I would never know that you are here? Did you think that you could follow us here, spy on us and then just leave?"

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," The moment you boarded the plane to country S, I got the information."

" You have people following me?" Yurin asked.

Singtan helplessly shook his head and said," So what did you think that you could just threaten us, take the money and just leave?"

When Yurin did not say anything, Singtan asked," Why did you come back Yurin? And don't give that ' I was missing my baby' shit."

Pausing for a while, Singtan asked," Do you need more money?"

" What if I say that I want my baby back?" Yurin asked.

Singtan smiled and asked," And what makes you think that I'll or anyone will let you take her back?"

Getting up Singtan said," The day you abandoned your daughter when she needed you the most, she is no longer a your baby and the day all of us unanimously decided to raise her and give her all the love that she deserves, Yumi is ours to love and cherish. So you better stay far and far away from her. And next time if you try to follow us or create any kind of trouble, don't blame me for being ruthless and brutal with you. I did not say a word neither did I blame or punish you for hurting my wife because if not for you stupid trick, Ming would've never agreed to marry me. But this time, if you try to harm my daughter or play any kind of stupid tricks, don't blame me for uses some ruthless methods to tame you."

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," You also know that Father would've never stopped you from pursuing modeling. He would have supported you in fact everyone would have encouraged you and even you know that. I don't know why you took such a useless step but for the last time, do not try to come near Yumi otherwise...." Before turning around.

" Escort Ms Xie and her friend to the airport." Singtan said before walking inside.


Outside Li corporation.

When Delila came out of the building, she sighed when she did not see Zechan anywhere. She was so used to Zechan being around her that her heart ached when she did not see him.

Delila did have feelings for Zechan. She had started feeling for him when she was at the hospital but she never dared to express her deep and strong feelings that she had for him.

Whatever had happened to her in the past still frightened her and made her shiver. No matter how much she tried, she could never overcome that lingering feeling which still haunted her at times.

After the incident, she had become very conscious about her body and felt that she wasn't good enough for anyone, especially Zechan.

She knew that her blunt words had hurt him a lot but little did he know that those words were a hundred times more hurtful for her to say.

Delila still remembered Zechan's expression when she told him that he meant nothing to her. She knew that those hurtful words were necessary because she did not want to keep Zechan hanging. She knew that Zechan would willingly wait for her and would readily agree to give her the time she needs but Delila did not want him to waste his time.

God knows how many years she would need to overcome her fears and consciousness.

After looking around for quite some time, hoping that she might she him, Delila took a deep breath and hailed a cab.


Not too far away from her, Zechan was sitting inside his car looking at her.

When he saw her looking around, his heart beat increased when he thought that she might be looking for him or maybe she was missing him too, like he was.

" Dude why don't you just talk to her?" Songpa said.

Zechan sighed and said," It's not that easy."

" Why not? Just ask her what the problem is." Songpa said.

" Problem? We don't have a problem because she doesn't like me okay?" Zechan said.

Songpa shrugged his shoulders and asked," Are you sure she doesn't have any problem? I mean how sure are you that she isn't restraining herself after whatever had happened with her?"