By the time Delila and her colleague finished their work, it was already past 12:30.

" Assistant Han has told me that the company van will be waiting for us outside." Delila said.

" Ehhh Del I don't think you need to take the company van." The colleague said pointing towards a man who was leaning against his against.

Delila pursed her lips when she saw Zechan waiting for her just like he always does.

" Seriously you don't have any feelings for him? How can you not fall for someone so sweet and thoughtful? Isn't it because he is worried about you going home alone so late that he is waiting for you at this time? Ahh such a sweetheart. He is not even your boyfriend yet he is doing so much for you Del imagine what he will do after you both get into an official relationship? Men like him are so difficult to find." Delila's colleague said.

Tucking into Delilas sleeves, her colleague said," If you are really not interested in him, why don't you pass me his number? I can try my luck what if he falls for me."

When Zechan saw Delila and her friend coming towards him, he took a deep breath and started walking towards the driver's seat. He wanted to leave immediately after whatever he had heard but couldn't. How could he leave her alone at night? Though the driver provided by Li Corporation was no doubt one of the Li clan men but Zechan still did not have the heart to leave her alone. What if something happened on the way and he wasn't there to protect her? No matter what Delila felt or did not feel for him, he knew that his feelings were genuine and pure so Zechan decided to let go his manly pride and at least drop her home safely.

" I'll get going now." Delila's colleague said.

" It's quite late and you are alone too. Why don't you come with us?" Delila said.

" Ohh will your friend not mind?" her colleague asked.

Getting into the passenger seat, Delila awkwardly asked," My friend is alone so can you drop her home too?"

With an expressionless face, Zechan slowly nodded his head and unlocked the back door.

Glancing at Zechan from time to time, Delila could feel that something was off about him. Usually he used ask her about her day at work and whether she had eaten anything or not as soon as she got into the car but today neither did he ask anything nor did he look at her.

After dropping her friend outside her apartment, Zechan quietly drove towards Delila's apartment.

" You didn't have to stay so late outside the office. I had asked you leave then why did you stay?" Delila asked.

Zechan mockingly smirked and said," Because I am an idiot." before stepping on the gas and increasing the speed.

" You don't have to take so much trouble next time." Delila said.

Zechan nodded his head and said," Okay, I won't bother you next time. I mean we are just friends who are very different from each other right?"

" You heard?" Delila asked.

Just then Zechan stopped the car and got down.

Tossing her bag at the back seat, Delila got down and said," Zechan-"

Cutting her off, Zechan said," If you tell me whatever you told your friend today about us, I won't bother you anymore."

" What is so wrong about what I said? Isn't that the truth? We are just friends and isn't that a fact?" Delila asked.

Tucking both his hands into his pocket, Zechan asked," For so many months we had been hanging out together, sharing everything, spending so much time together actually meant nothing to you?"

" No." Delila said.

" We've known each other for more than a year now Delila and for the whole time until now, I am nothing but just a friend to you?" Zechan asked.

" Yes." Delila said.

Looking straight into her eyes, Zechan asked." One last question, Have I ever been able to ignite a tiny little feeling or managed to occupy a tiny space in your heart?"

" You are nothing but a friend to me. Look Zechan I am sorry if you got any other idea but nothing can happen between us." Delila said.

Zechan took a deep breath and said," Alright it turns out that I misinterpreted things and had high hopes from our relationship. It's good that you drew a fine line between us Delila. I promise to never bother you again. Since I have feelings for you and you don't so it's best if we stop meeting and hanging out because if we continue like this, I will never be able to control my emotions and I will keep bugging you which I don't want to."

Running his fingers through his hair, Zechan said," Come I'll drop you home." before getting into the car.

The drive was extremely quiet and awkward one. Neither of them said anything. Zechan kept on looking at road while Delila kept running her fingers through the seat belt and steal glances of him.

After ten minutes the car stopped and the door unlocked.

Unbuckling her seatbelt, Delila was about to get down when Zechan caught her wrist and asked," You seriously don't feel anything for me and I mean nothing to you? Am I really just an ordinary friend?"

When Delila did not say anything for a really long time, Zechan let go of her wrist and smiled.

Grabbing her back from the backseat, Zechan said," Have a goodnight."

Without saying anything, Delila got down from the car and rushed inside.

After taking a few deep breaths, Zechan calmed himself down and drove towards his apartment.


Li Corporation.

Next say when Delila arrived at the office, her colleague gasped and asked," Del what happened? Why are your eyes so swollen? Did you cry? Did something happen?"

Delila shook her head and said," I am fine."

Just then Han Zihao arrived and said," Ms Delila, the president wants to see you."

Delila nodded her head and left along with Zihao.


Inside Singtan's office.

" How is work?" Singtan asked.

Delila smiled and said," It's good sir."

" Is something bothering you?" Singtan asked.

Delila shook her head and said," No sir."

Taking out an invitation card from his drawer, Singtan said," It's my son's and Dr Mike's daughters birthday tomorrow and both of us want to come and celebrate it with us. I'll send someone to fetch you and your family tomorrow."

Taking the card, Delila smiled and said," Thank you sir and I'll be there on time."

Singtan smiled and said," We will be happy if you come."