After spending quite some time with Yumi and the other kids, Siquan left the Li mansion with a smile on his face.

He knew that his daughter was in safe and better hands and under their care, Yumi would grow up to become a wonderful human being and would never end up becoming like her parents.

Siquan was more than happy because they did not stop or restrict him from meeting his daughter and wanted nothing else.

Before Siquan left, Ming said," It's Zian's and Mian's birthday the day after tomorrow. If you want, you can stay and celebrate the day with us."

Siquan smiled and said," I am glad that you asked but I have to leave."

Ming smiled and said," Alright then, have a safe journey."


After coaxing Zian to sleep, Singtan hugged Ming from behind and buried his face on her neck.

Ming sighed and asked," What happened Singtan?"

Tightening his grip around her waist, Singtan said," I don't like it when you talk with Chen Siquan so sweetly."

Ming chuckled and said," So Mr Li is jealous."

" I don't like the way he looks at you." Singtan said.

Leaning against him, Ming said," We already have a kid together Singtan so what are you scared about?"

" What if you leave me and-"

Turning over, Ming hooked her arms around his neck and said," Leave you? Really Singtan you think I'll leave you?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes, I have such a beautiful wife so I have my insecurities too."

Inching closer, Ming brushed her lips against his and said," Why don't we go to our room so that I can show you that I am just yours to love and touch and there is no other soul who can touch me and love me like you do."

Scooping her into his arms, Singtan at first made sure that Zian was comfortable before walking out of the room.

He still did not like Chen Siquan and the way he looked at Ming. His look and actions towards his wife were so evidently full of love and tenderness that he had to suppress his urge to kick him out of the mansion. Though he knew nothing would ever happen between them and Ming was forever his and only his to love and cherish, he still couldn't help but feel jealous. So what if they had a child together? Singtan couldn't just rely on his child for Ming not to leave him. He also had to make sure to keep his wife all charmed by his sexy spells so that she never ever thinks about leaving him despite having a child.


Outside Li corporation.

It was quite late but the employees of Li Corporation were working overtime for an important project.

Leaning against his car, Zechan was waiting for Delila to finish her work. He was there to pick her up as it was quite late and not safe for her to travel alone.

It had been months since they were hanging out with each other. Zechan was very sure about his feelings for her and he knew that he had fallen for her completely.

When Delila was recuperating at the hospital for months, there wasn't a single day when Zechan did not visit her. He used to get flowers and chocolates for her everyday and they used to chat for several hours before he left for work.

Even after that, it had been five months since she joined Li Corporation and there wasn't a single day when he didn't come to drop and pick her up after office.

They had started spending more time with each other and Zechan could feel a bond and attraction between them. He was sure that Delila felt the same for him too and he was just waiting for the right time to tell about his feelings and ask her about hers too.

Glancing at the watch when Zechan realised that it was almost eleven, he took out his phone and called her.


Delila was busy making a presentation along with her colleague when she received a call from Zechan.

Staring at the screen for quite some time, she reluctantly received the call.

" When will your work finish? I am waiting for you outside." Zechan said.

Keep quiet for quite some time, Delila said," It's gonna take sometime. You don't have to wait, you can go home and the company van will drop us home."

" It's fine, I'll be waiting for you outside." Zechan said.

" You don't have to because I may take an hour or so. I think you should go." Delila I said before keeping the phone aside.

" Was that the handsome guy who drops and picks you up everyday?" Her colleague asked.

When Delila slowly nodded her head, the colleague curiously asked." Is be your boyfriend?"

Delila shook her head and said," No he is not."

" Oh, do you like him them?" The colleague asked.

Delila shook her head and said," No I don't."

" Hey why not? I mean he is so cute and handsome now don't tell me that you feel nothing for him?" The colleague asked.

" There is nothing going on between us and we are just friends and nothing can ever happen between us because we are different." Delila said.

The colleague helplessly shook her head and said," You are weird. If I had someone so handsome in my life, I would've pounced upon him and never let him go."

" Let's finish this and go home." Delila said.


Leaning against the car with his phone still fixed in his ears, Zechan mockingly smiled at himself when he heard what Delila had said about him to her colleague.

Pressing the callend button, Zechan placed the phone inside his pocket and got into the car.

Without him making an initiative, Delila already drew a fine line between them. 'Just friends' that is what he was for Delila.

Zechan could feel so many emotions building up inside him. He couldn't really tell how he was feeling. Without wasting a single second, he started his car ready to leave the place.