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 Few months later.

" Did you send out the invitations?" Singtan asked.

Mike nodded his head and said," Everything is done from my side."

Looking at the bunch of kids who were busy playing in the garden, Yutang took a deep breath and said," I cannot believe they will turn one day after tomorrow. I mean doesn't it just seem yesterday when both of you were about to faint when Ming and Anna were about to give birth?"

Singtan rolled his eyes and said," Well, we were about to faint but you really fainted."

" Yes and woke up after Yixi had even finished breast feeding both the kids." Mike said.

" You were worse than us." Singtan said.

Yutang cleared his throat and said," So who all are coming?"

" We have invited some of our close friends and relatives." Mike said.

" Some close business partners." Singtan said.

" Hmm that is nice." Yutang said.

It was Zian and Mian's birthday after two days and everyone mutually decided to celebrate their birthday together. As it was their first birthday, their fathers decided to celebrate it in an extravagant way.

Crawling towards his father, baby Liang touched Yutang's feet and screamed in excitement.

Picking up his son, Yutang placed him on his lap and asked," What's up champ? What happened?"

Burying his face on his father's neck, Liang wrapped his little arms around Yutangs neck.

Patting his sons back, Yutang said," I think he is sleepy."

Caressing Liang's small hands, Singtan asked," What did the doctor say?"

" The doctor said that he is doing fine and is growing stronger day by day." Yutang said.

Yang Liang was weaker and not as active as as Yang Lanying but he was recovering very fast and was growing stronger.

The twins were now eight months old and had started crawling making it difficult for the Yang couple to handle them.

Just then a maid arrived and said," Young master, a gentleman with the surname Chen wants to meet you and is standing outside the mansion."

Singtan nodded his head and said," Send him inside."

The maid nodded her her and left.

" Chen Siquan?" Mike asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," May be he is here to see his daughter."

Yutang frowned and said," I am not going to let him take Yumi away."

" Exactly even I won't allow that." Mike said.

" Nobody will take Yumi anywhere and I don't think so he is here to take Yumi with him." Singtan said before walking towards Ming who was playing with Yumi.


Living area.

When Singtan came out, Chen Siquan was sitting on the couch sipping tea which the maid had served him.

He was wearing a dark blue suit and was looking much better than Singtan had seen last time.

Siquan got up and politely greeted Singtan when he saw him.

Sitting down on the couch, Singtan said," I hope you are here after getting my message"

Siquan nodded his head and said," Yes."

" As I had stated before, I informed you about Yumi because no matter what you are her father and we aren't that cruel that we won't let you meet your daughter." Singtan said.

Siquan nodded his head and said," I know."

Just then Ming entered the living room with Yumi in her arms.

Siquan quickly placed the cup back and got up when he saw the little angel who had his eyes and lips.

His heart bloomed in joy, excitement and happiness. He wanted a daughter and he had one.

" How are you Siquan?" Ming asked.

Siquan smiled and said," I am good."

Sitting down on the couch, Ming placed Yumi in her lap.

" She is Yumi." Ming said before passing her to Siquan.

Taking her into his arms, Siquan carefully placed her on his lap and kept on staring at her.

Yumi also kept on staring at him for quite some time. She then placed her little hands on Siquan's cheeks and said," DA..."

Siquan couldn't help but grin from ear to ear when he heard that.

Ming chuckled and said," It's just been a few days since she started calling her fathers out."

Caressing Yumi's Hans, Siquan said," Hello Princess, I am your father."

The little one chuckled and buried her face on Siquan's neck.

Patting her back loving, Siquan said," Dada loves you a lot."

Just then father Xie entered the mansion along with Yufan. When they heard about Siquan's arrival, they rushed to the Li mansion immediately leaving everything behind.

Sitting down, Father Xie said," I will not let you take her away with you but I will never stop you from visiting her. She is and will forever remain your daughter."

" Not only father even I will not allow you to take her away." Yufan said.

Siquan smiled and said," I am not hear to take her away, I know where to stop and I also know that she has a bright future ahead of her if she stays here with you guys. I would be more than happy if Ming and Singtan raise her than me."

Kissing Yumi's cheeks, Siquan said," Whatever happened I know that somewhere I am at fault too. Even I have done things that I shouldn't have and I really regret for acting recklessly and impulsively. A man like me doesn't deserve to raise a child."

" Siquan don't say that." Ming said.

Siquan smiled and said," You are a wonderful person Ming and I know that you will turn out to be a wonderful mother as well."

Just then Zian came inside holding his uncle Yutangs hand.

" DA....DA." Zian shouted.

Singtan got up and quickly picked up Zian in his arms.

Siquan smiled and asked," Is he you son?"

Ming smiled and said," His name is Li Zian."

Siquan chuckled when he saw three other babies in the room," The mansion must be feeling so lively with so many kids around."

" She is Mian, Mike's daughter and those are Yutangs twins, Liang and Linyang." Ming said.

" Hmm I bought gifts for them too." Siquan said.

Just then a man entered the room with two bags which were packed with toys.

" If you want, you can go and spend some time with the kids in the garden Siquan." Ming said.

Siquan nodded his head and followed the kids to the garden.