" We did not want to hear it sir but we accidentally did." An employee said who did not understand whether he should cry or laugh.

When Ming felt something was off, she quickly rushed  towards them and asked," What happened?"

When Zian saw his mother, he pointed towards her and said," MA..."

Ming squealed in excitement," Ohhh my baby, did he just call me?"

Clutching onto Singtan's shirt, Ming jumped in excitement and said," Singtan did you hear that? Ahhh Zian said MA."

The already gloomy expression turned more gloomy when Singtan heard Zian. He wanted Zian to call him out first.

" En lady boss, little master already called his father out first few minutes ago." Zihao said.

" Mr Assistant, what proof do you have?" Ming said.

Singtan frowned and said," Zian already called me out first."

Taking Zian in his arms, Ming asked," Were you there when he called you out?"

Singtan frowned deeper and shook his head.

" Did you hear him call you out?" Ming asked.

When Singtan shook his head, Ming asked," And did you hear him call out his mom right now?"

Singtan sighed and nodded his head.

" Ahh my baby called me out first." Ming said before planting soft kisses all over Zian's face.

" Ahh I brought lunch for you honey. Come let's go and eat lunch together." Ming said before walking towards the elevator.

After Ming left, the employees quickly said," Sir we heard, little Li called out you first and then madam."

" Yes boss no matter what happened, little Li called you out first." Another employee said.

" No bonus for all of you this month." Singtan said before walking towards the elevator.


Inside his office.

" MA.....MA.....MA." Little Zian kept on calling his mother out completely ignoring his father who was gloomily shoving food inside his mouth.

Ming chuckled and said," Don't be sad Singtan, he will definitely call you out too."

Getting up, Ming sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

" You don't have to be sad, he will definitely call you out sometime." Ming said.

" Do you think I don't spend more time with him? Or is it because he doesn't love me?" Singtan asked.

Knocking his forehead, Ming said," Are you crazy? Obviously our son loves you a lot and why wouldn't he? You are wonderful father Singtan." before kissing his templates.

" DA....."

Singtan and Ming widened their eyes in shock.

" DA..."

Ming chuckled and said," See, I told you that you are a wonderful father and Zian loves you and even I do."

Quickly getting up, Singtan kneeled down in front of his son and said," Come on champ say DA-DA."

Stretching his arms towards him, Zian said," DA..."

Singtan's heart bloomed in excitement and happiness. A single word from his sons mouth managed to stir so many emotions inside his mind that his eyes started watering.

Scooping him into his arms, Singtan lovingly kissed him all over his face.


Outside Li Corporation.

" That was so cool, I did not know that uncle Songpa could play so well. You are a pro in everything." Sam said excitedly while entering the building.

Songpa grinned and said," You both did great too."

" You have to teach us Uncle Songpa and we want to go there again." Ben said.

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes yes we should, hey Zechan you-"

Songpa raised his eyebrows when he Zechan standing there in a daze staring at a particular someone who was walking out of the building.

She was wearing a formal outfit and looked exceptionally smart and beautiful.

Tapping Zechans shoulder, Songpa inched closer and said," Only staring is not going to help you know, you have to do something like, asking her out."

" Do you think she is interested in me?" Zechan asked.

Songpa thought for a while and said," Well, you are clumsy and you do have faults but you are handsome and have a pretty good face and hair so if I were a girl, maybe I would be interested in you."

" Should I talk to her?" Zechan asked.

Songpa rolled his eyes and said," I'll go take Ben and Sam inside and I want you to make a move. Now since she is working, I think it's best if you make a move because this building doesn't lack handsome men and just look at her, who wouldn't approach such a beautiful woman? But of course my Beth is much more beautiful than her but still. It's now or never friend."

Patting his shoulder, Songpa said," All the best before walking inside along with Ben and Sam."


After they left, Zechan took a deep breath before approaching her.

" Hey Delila." Zechan said.

When Delila heard a familiar voice, she immediately recognised it and asked," Oh hey, what are you doing here?"

" Ahh I was here to drop the other two Li little masters. So you joined today?" Zechan asked.

Delila nodded her head and said," Yes I did."

" That is nice." Zechan said.

Delila smiled and said," Thanks to you too."

Zechan chuckled and said," Me? Why me? It's you who did the hard work. You should

Thank yourself."

" But still all these months, you were there with me." Delila said.

For the six to seven months she was in the hospital, Zechan accompanied her everyday and every time. He took her for walks, played games with her, chatted with her about random things, motivated her and encouraged her.

Later when she moved home, her father and brother told her how he also took care of her family. Delila felt very touched and thankful towards him.

After she moved home, Zechan did not stop visiting but would often drop by with dinner or with her favourite pastry and other things.

" Would you like you go out for dinner with me? I mean just you and me." Zechan asked.

Delila smiled and said," Ya why not."

" Okay then I'll pick you up in an hour from your place." Zechan said.

Delila nodded her head and said," Okay, I'll get going now."

" Let me drop you home." Zechan said.

" It's fine, I'll just take a cab." Delila said.

" Please, I insist." Zechan said.

" Okay then." Delila said before walking towards Zechans car along with him.