Delila smiled and said," It's good to see you too sir."

" So ready to join?" Singtan asked.

Delila smiled and nodded her head.

" Alright Zihao will show you the way. I hope you all love working here with us." Singtan said.

" Sir, I would sincerely like you thank you for whatever you've done for my family and me. If not for you than we-"

Cutting her off, Singtan said," Since everything is all good now, why talk about the past when you've a wonderful present and future coming up? Just forget about everything and live a blissful life and if you really want to thank me, forget whatever happened with you and move on in life."

Looking at Singtan with teary eyes, Delila smiled and nodded her head.

Patting her head, Singtan said," Li corporations is happy to have such a capable person working with us here. Now stop crying and start working because I am a very strict boss and I don't like it when my employees slack."

Delila chuckled and left along with Zihao.


As soon as Ming entered Li corporation with Zian in her arm it immediately caught everyone's attention.

" Oh my God is the baby in madams hand little Li?" an employee asked.

" Yes, who else can it be?" Another employee said.

" Ahhh though I can just see only his side profile, I am a hundred percent sure that he is super cute and handsome."

" He is the Li Singtans son and also look at our madam she is so beautiful, with their genes combined, their baby will obviously become super cute and handsome."

" Is he our future boss?"

" Obviously he is."

Just then Zihao came rushing towards them and said," Lady boss, let me escort you upstairs."

Ming smiled and nodded her head.

The employees politely greeted their madam but they also did not forget to take a look of the little creature who was smiling in his mother's arms.

Just then Ming received a call from Leo. He had been calling her since morning but since she was busy with Zian and packing lunch for everyone, she could not receive it.

" Mr Assistant can you please hold Zian for a minute?" Ming asked.

Zihao nodded his hand and took Zian in his arms. Since Zihao used to visit the Li mansion quite often, the little one was very well acquainted with him. So as soon as his uncle Han carried him, little Zian let out a happy scream making everyone chuckle in excitement.

After Ming stepped out to take the phone call, everyone surrounded Zihao and started bombarding them with questions.

" Mr Han is this boss' son?" an employee asked.

" You idiot obviously he is." another employee said.

" Ahhh he is so cute."

" Yes yes very cute."

Zihao chuckled and said," His name is Li Zian."

" Ahhh such a lovely name."

" Such a cute little innocent soul but will he also become cold and aloof after he grows up just like boss?"

" Ahh I don't want him to be like that. He is so cute."

Not liking everyone staring at him little one buried his face on his uncle Zihao's neck, Zian said in a very low yet audible voice," DA-"

Everyone gasped in surprise. Did they just witnessed the first word Li Zian had said?

" Oh my God, is this the first word little Li has ever said?"

" I think yes, didn't you hear what happened on the meeting room today? Boss was asking everyone when does a baby start talking."

" Ahhhhh did I hear it correct or did he really say ' DA'?"

" Yes he did, I heard too."

Just then, Zian places his small hands on Zihao's cheeks who was still shocked after what he had heard and said," MA."

Zihao almost fainted when he heard that. Little Li said two words for the first time in the absence of his parents. This was huge and more importantly, he called out his mom and dad on the same day at the same time.

" Ahhhh he said MA too." an employee squealed in excitement.

" Yes yes I heard that too."

" Oh my God he is a genius."



" I have been calling you since morning Ming." Leo said in a very gloomy tone.

" Ahh I am sorry I was so busy taking care of Zian and then making lunch for Singtan that-"

Cutting her off, Leo said," Okay okay now don't give me excuses."

Ming chuckled and said," I am not giving excuses."

Leo smiled and said," I think you heard that I am getting married."

Ming smiled and said," Yes I did hear that and congratulations. I am very happy for you and Daina."

" Only congratulating over the phone doesn't count Mrs Li. I want you to come to the wedding with your entire family and gift us something expensive." Leo said.

" The CEO of such a big empire is crying over a wedding gift, such a pity." Ming said.

Leo rolled his eyes and said," With your husbands high status and wealth, it will be a pity if you don't get us something expensive."

" Alright alright, we will be there on time." Ming said.

" Please do come Mrs Li." Daina said from behind.

Ming chuckled and said," Yes yes I will." before hanging up the call.


When Ming stepped inside once again, she raised her eyebrows when she saw Singtan standing in the middle with Zian in his hand. He had a very gloomy expression on and the employees looked as if they had just encountered a ghost. Their faces looked paler than a white sheet.

" Enn boss it really isn't our fault. We did not force little Li to say anything, he said it on his own." Zihao said.

" Did all of hear it?" Singtan asked.

The employees were so scared that some nodded and shook their head at the same time while others remained motionless.

Few minutes ago when Singtan arrived downstairs, everyone excitedly told him that Zian had just said DA and MA at the same time.

Unlike their expectations neither did Singtan jump in excitement nor did he smile instead he took Zian in his arms and said in a very cold voice," How dare you all hear his first words before I did?"