Inside the meeting room.

After explaining the presentation, the head of the executive department asked," So boss what do you think about this?"

Tapping his fingers on the table, Singtan asked," Do you have a child?"

The employee widened his eyes in shock and asked," What sir?"

" I said do you have a child?" Singtan said.

Totally taken aback by the sudden weird and irrelevant question, the employee cleared his throat and said," Ehh, yes sir I have a son."

" How old is he?" Singtan asked.

" Three years sir." The employee said.

" When did he start speaking and when was the first time he called you DAD?" Singtan asked.

The employee sighed and said," Sir, he said mama first when he has just stepped into his 9th month."

Singtan frowned and asked," Why mama first?"

Another employee took a deep breath and said," My daughter also said mama first."

" Well I think because they spend more time with their moms so they call them out first." Another employee said.

Singtan pursed his lips and asked," So my son will not say DADA first?"

" May be sir. There is a huge chance for little Li to call out madam first." an employee said.

Singtan helplessly shook his head and said," This is not good."

" Sir, I think you should spend more time with little Li." another employee said.

Suddenly the real purpose of the meeting was shoved aside and everyone started talking about their little ones and their experience in raising a kid. Each and every dad started giving Singtan different kinds advice and guidelines.


Li mansion.

Ming frowned when she saw the lunch box beneath the cabinet perfectly covered with a kitchen cloth.

" Did Singtan hide this here?" Ming asked.

The maid lowered her head and said," I don't know young madam."

" What happened?" Mother Li asked.

Ming sighed and said," Singtan purposely left his lunch box behind."

Mother Li chuckled and said," My sons have started acting so childish these days."

" I don't want him to eat junk. I'll go and give him his lunch." Ming said.

" That is what he wants honey. Now why don't you take Zian with you as well. Three of you can have lunch together." Mother Li said.

Ming nodded her head and said," I'll go give him a good scolding over the phone first." before walking out of the kitchen.


Meeting room.

When Zihao received a call from Ming, Singtan and the rest of the employees were busy discussing about the maternity leave that Singtan had taken.

When Singtan told them that he was planning to introduce Male maternity leaves in the office soon, the employees really like the idea and thought it was a really nice and good thing.

" Ehh good afternoon lady boss." Zihao said.

" Mr Assistant is Singtan there with you? He is not receiving my call." Ming said.

" Boss is in a meeting which is very important and his phone in the office. Let me pass my phone to him." Zihao said.

Passing the phone to Singtan, Zihao said," Ehh boss, it's lady boss."

Taking the phone from Zihao, Singtan said," Ming-"

" Why did you hide your lunch?" Ming asked.

" I did not hide it, someone must've mistakenly kept it there." Singtan said in a very serious voice.

Ming rolled her eyes and said," Stop lying, I know you did that."

Singtan shook his head and said," No I didn't but if you think that I did that, it's fine. You don't have to come along with Zian to the office with my lunch. I'll just have some junk from the cafeteria. I know it's not healthy and I can also have a stomach ache and also some other serious problem after eating junk but it's fine."

The employees along with Zihao couldn't believe what they were hearing. Was this really their cold and aloof boss?

Ming frowned and said," No need to eat junk, I'll get lunch for you."

" I'll be waiting for you then." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

Passing the phone to Zihao, Singtan said," Let's hold another meeting next week and I want you all to work on your flaws by then." before walking out of the meeting room.


Li mansion.

" Help me pack lunch for your young master please." Ming said.

The maid nodded her head and said," I'll get it ready young madam."

" Darling go and get ready, I'll get it done." Mother Li said.

Ming nodded her head and went upstairs.

Helping Zian change his clothes, Ming said," Your father is missing Zian and mama so much, is Zian missing his DADA too?"

When the little one smiled and let out a laugh, Ming chuckled and said," Yes, Zian is missing Dada and Mom is missing Dada too."


Inside Singtan's office.

" Boss Ms Delila is here." Zihao said.

" Send her inside." Singtan said.

After letting Delila recuperate properly, when Singtan offered her a job in the marketing department the field where she excells in, at first Delila hesitated and refused to take his offer because Singtan had already done more than enough for her as well as her family. Singtan had given them a place to stay in country S and her father was also recovering and the doctor had said that he had a high chance of survival because the cancer was still in the initial stage. Singtan had helped her brother get admission in one of the finest schools of country S.

Delila thought that accepting a job offer from him would be like taking advantage of his kindness but when Singtan told her that he wasn't offering her a job out of kindness but because she was very capable and deserving and he would love you have someone like her working in his company, Delila reluctantly agreed.

When Singtan saw Delila, he smiled and said," Its good to see you here."

Delila's health had improved a lot after recuperating at the hospital for several months. She had also gained some weight and now looked much more energetic, lively and beautiful.