After hearing that Xie Ming was not getting married,Li Singtan felt immense joy in his heart. But when the thought of her being heartbroken struck his mind he froze. He had to make sure that she doesn't do anything stupid. He was very sure that God had given him a second chance to have her and make her his forever. He had to find her.

As Li Singtan boarded his car, he looked at his assistant and asked," Where is she?"

" Sir Miss Xie has just hailed a taxi. Our men are following her."

Li Singtan scrunched his eyebrows and thought 'Taxi? Where is she going now?'

" Sir I got the location. Are we going there?"

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After hearing Han Zihao questions, Li Singtan threw dangerous daggers at him. Seeing Li Singtan's dangerous expression, Han Zihao thought 'Stupid Zihao stupid question obviously we have to follow Ms Xie'

Without looking at his boss Han Zihao gave the chauffeur the address and asked him to start the car.

During the whole journey there was pin drop silence in the car. When the chauffeur and Han Zihao saw the cold expression on Li Singtan's face they were terrified. Han Zihao was silently praying to God ' Why God Why? why can't my boss like a normal boss?  Why does he have to be so cold and dangerous? Huhuhuhu'

"Where is she heading to?" Singtan asked

" Ms Xie is heading towards the cliff" Han Zihao said.

When Li Singtan heard the word 'CLIFF' his world suddenly stopped. He could feel his body turning numb.' Cliff why would she go to a cliff? Is she really going to... no no I cannot let that happen.'

"Drive faster" he yelled at the chauffeur.

After hearing his boss yell, the chauffeur gulpe in nervousness and said," Yes sir." before increasing the speed.

During the whole journey, after every minute Li Singtan shouted at the chauffeur to drive faster. Han Zihao had never seen his boss like that. He was by Li Singtan's side for 3 years and today was the first time he was seeing him in a miserable and helpless state.

Seeing Li Singtan like this, Han Zihao knew that his cold and aloof Boss also had a weakness and that weakness was Ms Xie Ming.

After countless minutes of waiting, the car finally stopped," Sir we have arrived ".

Without glancing at his assistant and chauffeur Li Singtan got out of his car and started walking towards the cliff.

As he was walking he could feel his legs becoming numb and thoughts like 'What If I am late? What if I lose her forever this time? What if I won't be able to save her' started revolving inside his head

Just as he was busy with his thoughts, he saw a familiar back and breathed a sigh of relief.

Just as Li Singtan was thanking God , he saw her standing at the edge of the cliff with her eyes closed.

He understood what she was trying to do. His heart ached for her. He wanted to go and hug her and say that she was not alone, he was there for her.

Quickly walking towards her, he grabbed her waist and asked," Do you really think ending your life is going to help?"

As Xie Ming turned around and looked at him ,Li Singtan could feel butterflies in his stomach. Seeing her stand so close to him made his heart skip a beat. He noticed that her eyes were red and swollen. Then he saw red cheeks and then her lips. Suppressing the urge to kiss her he said," Instead of wasting your life like this why don't you do something productive with it"

"What do you mean?" Hearing her sweet voice he couldn't help but smile.

Pausing for quite sometime, he said ," Marry me."