Li mansion.

" Say Da-da." Singtan said before helping Zian out of his crib.

Walking out of the room, Singtan said," Come on champ say DA-DA."

When Zian did not say anything, Singtan sighed and said," I'll give you extra Li Corporation shares if you say DA-DA right now."

" Pttffff hahahaha brother-in-law are you serious? Are you bribing a seven months old baby with shares? Ahahah damn you are funny." Yufan said before bursting into laughter.

Singtan frowned and asked," Do you want something?"

After taking a few deep breaths, Yufan said," I am here with an update of Simon's daughter Kiara."

Wiping away Zian's drool from his suit and Zian's face, Singtan asked," What is it?"

" She had been seen in Manhattan day before yesterday but when I sent some back up immediately, she was gone." Yufan said.

Singtan frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

" She just vanished from Manhattan. My team tried to look for her everywhere but we could not find her. It's like she mysteriously vanished." Yufan said.

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Singtan said," Keep looking." before walking down with Zian.


Dining room.

" Ahh so you are going to office starting today and here I thought all of us have to starve to death because the men of our families are busy lazing around." Grandma Li said.

" Lazing? So you think I am lazy? I have worked hard and wasted all my youth to establish such a big empire and now I can't even rest and live the rest of my life playing with my great-grandchildren?" Grandpa Li said.

" Even I managed the company until I could and even trained my elder son. Now it's my time to enjoy with my wife and grandkids." Father Li said.

" It's these two brats responsibility to run the family now." Grandpa Li said pointing towards Quin and Singtan who were busy feeding their wife and kids.

" Exactly, if one decides to take maternity and the other wants to stay at home and take care of his wife, we cannot do anything." Father Li said.

Singtan rolled his eyes and said," Isn't everything working fine even though I am staying at home? You people should just sit back and relax."

" They were taking care of their wife's which is also important. Since everything is okay now, isn't Singtan going to office? Why are you people targeting and trying to bully my son early in the morning?" Mother Li said.

Glancing at the watch, Singtan said," I'll get going now. Mom where is Ming?"

" She is inside the kitchen preparing your lunch box." Mother Li said.

Singtan frowned and started walking towards the kitchen.


Inside the kitchen.

Ming was was busy packing lunch for Singtan when he entered the kitchen.

" What are you doing?" Singtan asked.

" Ahh, it's good that you are here. I am preparing lunch for you." Ming said.

Frowning deeper, Singtan said," Weren't you and Zian supposed to come to the office and have lunch with me?"

" Zian is small and I don't think so it's convenient for him to travel so much. Take the lunch box for a few weeks and after that we will come and get lunch for you." Ming said.

Pointing towards the two tiny tiffin boxes, Singtan asked," And why are you decorating them so much? Why do they look prettier than mine?"

Ming sighed and said," These are for Ben and Sam honey."

" You did not decorate my lunch like that." Singtan said.

Closing the tiffin box, Ming chuckled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Giving him a peck on his lips, Ming said," You becoming more and more childish day by day Mr Li. You are a father now, so grow up."

Shoving the tiffin box in his hand, Ming said," Take this and don't forget to eat your lunch on time. I'll go give Sam and Ben their lunch." before walking out of the kitchen.

After Ming left, Singtan waited for a while before shoving the lunch box under the kitchen cabinet and hiding it with a piece of cloth.

The maid who was cleaning the dishes couldn't help but giggle when she saw her young master act all sly and childish.

Straightening his suit, Singtan said," Dont let your madam know about this." Before walking out of the kitchen.



" Singtan drop Ben and Sam to kindergarten on the way." Mother Li said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Okay."

" Ben, Sam go and sit inside the car." Mother Li said.

Picking up their bags, Ben and Sam rushed outside.

With Zian in her arms, Ming started walking towards Singtan and said," Call me after you reach office."

Giving Zian a peck, Singtan said," Don't disturb and trouble your mama okay?"

Stretching his hands towards Singtan, Zian let out a scream demanding his dada to carry him.

Taking him from Ming's hand, Singtan patted Zian's back and said," I'll be back in a few hours or may be early. I just have one important meeting and few important documents to sign so don't worry, dada will see you soon."

Burying his face on Singtans neck, Zian drooled all over Singtans collar and suit.

Passing Zian to Ming, Singtan took out a handkerchief. Wiping the drool away, he said," I'll be going now."

Kissing Ming on her forehead, Singtan left the mansion.


Inside the car.

" What happened?" Singtan asked when he saw Ben and Sam's gloomy expression.

" We don't have to go to kindergarten." Ben said.

" Why?" Singtan asked.

" Because it's boring and we want to have fun today." Sam said.

Staring at them for quite some time, Singtan took out his phone and called Zechan.

" Come to my office along with Songpa right now." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

" Where to sir?" The chauffeur asked.

" Office." Singtan said.


Li Corporation.

" Give me your bags." Singtan said before taking their bags and carrying them in his shoulder.

Holding Ben and Sam's hand, Singtan entered the office.



The employees politely greeted their boss whom they had not seen for so many months. Almost all of them knew that their boss was on maternity leave and was busy taking care of his newborn and his wife.

" Who are these kid?" An employee asked.

" You don't know who they are?" Another employee asked.

When the employee shook his head, the other employee said," They are boss' youngest brothers sons."

" Mr Li Quin's son?"

" Yes and I heard that boss dotes on them and loves them a lot." The employee said.

" Hey have you both seen our new youngest boss?" Other employee asked.

" No we haven't but I really want to see how little Li looks like."

" Ahh I wish that day comes soon."


Inside Singtans office.

" Big boss." Songpa and Zechan greeted Singtan said.

Turning towards Sam and Ben, Singtan asked," Where do you want to go?"

" Arcade." Sam and Ben shouted.

" Take them to the arcade and later take them out of lunch and drop them back here." Singtan said.

Zechan and Songpa nodded their heads and left along with Sam and Ben.


Inside the car.

Starting the engine, Zechan said," Ha so we are now baby sitters too."

" Ahh what are you talking about Zechan? Arcade is cool." Songpa said excitedly.

" Uncle Songpa is right." Sam shouted.

" This is gonna be fun. Come on uncle Zechan let's go." Ben shouted.

" Yes yes yes hehe let's go Zechan." Songpa said.

Zechan sighed and murmured," Looks like I have three babies to sit."