Everyone came out of their rooms when they heard Quin shout his lungs out," I AM GOING TO BECOME A FATHER AGAIN."

" Grandpa, Grandma I am going to become a father again." Quin said.

" Mom dad you are going to become grandparents again." Quin said.

" Big brother, sister-in-law you are going to become uncle and aunt again." Quin shouted.

Singtan chuckled and patted his brother's shoulder and said," Calm down Quin what if you get an anxiety attack before the baby is born."

" Ahh I'll go meet Rose." Ming said before rushing towards Quins room.

" Congratulations Brother Quin." Ling said before giving him a hug.

" Yesssss we are gonna get another baby brother or sister." Ben and Sam exclaimed before running around.

" So many babies coming together, I guess it's a baby year for our families." Yufan said.

Yes, with so many babies around, the Li mansion had become more lively and energetic.

" This is so lovely, I'll go bring sweets for everyone." Grandma Li said.

" Let's go and congratulations sister Rose." Ling said before dragging Yufan along with her.

" Come let's go." Singtan said Quin.

After everyone left, Father Li hugged mother Li from behind and said," Congratulations grandma."

" Congratulations grandpa." Mother Li said.

" Hmmm, don't you think we are too young to be called grandparents?" Father Li asked.

Mother Li chuckled and said," What are you talking about old man? You are already so old and your stamina is also not that good now. So you are worth being called a grandpa."

Scooping mother Li onto his arms, Father Li started walking towards their room.

" Youu what are you doing? Let me down what if the kids see us?" Mother Li said.

" Didn't you say that I am old and my stamina is not that good? So isn't it my right to prove that I am not old yet and my stamina is as good as ever? And what are you afraid of? If not for my top-notch stamina and our unconditional love they would've never been born so there is no need to feel shy." Father Li said kicking the door shut.


Few weeks later.

" So you think he will be okay?"

" He will be fine, our son is strong."

" What if he feels scared? What if he needs us at night?"

" We are just next door."

" Should I open the window? What if he feels suffocated?"

Tucking Zian into his baby blanket, Ming frowned and said," Aren't you the one who decorated this room so that Zian could sleep here? So why are you worried now? He will manage okay? Don't worry Singtan."

" But still I-"

Cutting him off, Ming said," And weren't you the one who insisted on letting him sleep alone in his room? Now what happened? Why are you feeling so nervous?"

Tucking into his sleeves, Ming said," He will be okay, come let's go."

Kissing his son's forehead, Singtan reluctantly left the baby's room.

After thinking and discussing a few things, Ming and Singtan decided to let Zian sleep in his room. As there room was just beside his, they could easily rush inside if anything happened.


Inside their room.

" Robbin and Linda had a baby boy." Singtan said.

" Ahhh that is lovely. Pass me the phone, let me call uncle Chen and Yichan to congratulate them." Ming said.

" It's late now, congratulate tomorrow." Singtan said.

Slipping into the blanket, Ming asked," When are you planning to join office again? You've already taken a really long maternity leave Mr Li."

Pulling her closer, Singtan asked," Are you brushing me off Mrs Li?"

Ming chuckled and said," Of course not but you have lots of responsibilities Mr Li and you can't overload Mr Assistant with your work like that. I can see that mr Assistant has lost so much weight. It's probably because he is working extra hard since you are not there."

Singtan sighed and said," I was planning to join office from tomorrow."

" You should and don't worry about Zian and me. We will be fine and we can visit you in your office every now and then so that daddy doesn't miss us." Ming said.

Singtan sighed and said," Okay fine."

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," By the way, Leo is getting married to Daina Rushi this weekend. He has sent an invitation to all of us. You wanna go?"

" Ahhh Daina and Leo? When did this happen?" Ming was shocked. Though now Ming respected and was in a very good term with Daina, she still thought that Leo and Daina getting married was a bit shocking.

" Yeah and they are head over heels for each other." Singtan said.

" Hmm that's nice. I am happy for them." Ming said.

" You wanna go?" Singtan asked.

" Of course, I would love to." Ming said. Leo was a very good friend of hers and she was now in very good terms with Daina as well, so what wouldn't she go?

Rubbing her back, Singtan said," Take some rest now."

Snuggling closer, Ming slowly closed her eyes and dozed off to sleep.


Guest room.

Slowly placing her on the crib, Yufan said," Sleep well my angel."

Wrapping her arms around Yufan's waist, Ling said," She is adorable."

" Hmm I know." Yufan said.

" Honey why don't you talk to dad? Why don't we adopt her and become her legal parents after a few years?" Ling asked.

Ling had become so close and attached to Yumi that she couldn't stay without her even for a second. She so badly wanted Yufan and her to adopt Yumi and become her legal parents but since father Xie said he will not let anyone adopt Yumi, Ling felt a bit sad.

" Father has his own reasons so let's not go against it but what difference will it make? We will be staying at the same house and she will be growing right in front of our eyes. We will automatically become her parents for life. And not only us, Yumi has so many dada's and mama's right? So let's watch her grow and shine together." Yufan said.

Ling smiled and nodded her head before giving the little a small peck on her lips.