Li mansion.

Inside Singtans room.

Little Zian was happily clapping his hands and screaming from time to time while Singtan was busy changing his diapers.

Taking out Zian's clothes, Ming chuckled and said," Seems like your son is very happy today."

Tickling his stomach, Singtan said," My son is always happy."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Ming passed Singtan the clothes and said," Sometimes I wonder whether you are the same Singtan who wanted a daughter." Ming said.

" Who knew I would've such a cute little son who would have my lips and nose." Singtan said.

After changing Zian's clothes, Singtan coaxed him to sleep and placed him on his crib.

Grabbing the towel, Ming said," I'll go take a shower."

Grabbing her waist, Singtan kissed her neck and said," Let's take a shower together and save water."

Ming chuckled and said," Stop acting recklessly Mr Li, with this speed I won't be shocked if I fall pregnant again."

" Don't worry, I am taking extra measures this time." Singtan said before scooping her into his arms and walking towards the washroom.



" Mama." Ben and Sam shouted before rushing towards Rose who had just returned after attending a really big event which lasted for months.

Hugging her two little sweethearts, Rose sighed and said," Ahh I missed you too so bad."

" We missed mama too." Sam and Ben said.

" Alright now Ben, Sam let mama go inside." Quin said before dragging the suitcase inside.

" Ahh darling you are finally here." Mother Li said before giving Rose a hug.

" Yes mom it took a while this time." Rose said.

" It's fine work is also important. But it's nice that you are back now at least you and Quin can spend some time together at home. At least now I don't have to see your husbands gloomy face everyday. Seriously he used to sulk in the corner until he started visiting you secretly." Mother Li said.

Quin widened his eyes in shock and said," Mom I didn't-"

" Do you think you can lie to your mom Li Quin?" Mother Li asked.

Rose chuckled and said," I told him not to come and stay with Sam and Ben but he would never listen to me. He would drop by every alternate day with silly reasons."

Looking at Quin, Mother Li said," I hope those silly reasons of yours will give me another grandchild soon Quin."

When Rose smiled and nodded her head, mother Li's eyes brightened and she was about to ask sometime but when Rose gestured her not to say anything, mother Li just patted her head and said," I'll take Sam and Ben to bed, Quin take Rose upstairs. It was a very long journey so she must be tired."

" Ahh I want to see Zian and Yumi first." Rose said.

" Zian and Yumi are sleeping so you can see them tomorrow." Mother Li said.

" Come on Ben and Sam let's go upstairs." Mother Li said.

After they left, Quin wrapped his arms around Rose's waist and said," Let's go upstairs."


Inside Quins room.

Taking out Rose's nightwear from the wardrobe, Quin asked," Why did you start wearing such loose dresses? And why did you buy them in the first place?"

Rose chuckled and said," Because they are comfortable and I don't want our baby to feel suffocated with those slim fit dresses."

" Yeah that is also true. Those dresses were too tight. I wonder why do you but such tight dresses anyway. You know how difficult it is to remove them? I have to use all my strength. I prefer loose dresses, easy to wear and remove." Quin said before walking inside the washroom.

Taking off her shoes, Rose laughed and murmured," Stupid man."

After a few seconds, Quin rushed out of the washroom almost collapsing against the tv stand.

Kneeling on the ground, Quin grabbed Rose's hand and asked," What did you say?"

" I said that I did not want our baby to feel suffocated." Rose said.

" Baby? Our baby? You are pregnant?" Quin asked.

When Rose nodded her head, Quin screamed in excitement and asked," We are pregnant?"

" Yes Quin we are pregnant." Rose said.

As soon as Quin heard that, he jumped in excitement and shouted," We are pregnant."

Rose chuckled and said," Calm down."

" How can I calm down Rose? I am going to become a father again. How can I calm down?" Quin shouted.

Cupping Quins face, Rose said," It has already been more than four months."

Quin widened his eyes in shock," Four months?16 weeks?"

" 18 weeks." Rose said before taking off her loose dress revealing her small baby bump.

Rose had discovered about her pregnancy about a month ago when she was busy with the event. She had been feeling unwell since a really long time but she initially ignored it but later when things worsened, she decided to visit a doctor and that is the time she came to know about her pregnancy.

She wanted to tell Quin about it then and there but she knew that he would never let her stay there after knowing about her pregnancy and this event was very important for her brand and it needed her personal supervision too. So she decided to stay back and take extra measures. She made sure that the baby would always remain comfortable and safe.

Though Quin was with her every time, she still resisted her strong urge to tell him everything. She decided to tell him about their pregnancy as soon as everything is over. She wanted to see his expression and how he would react after knowing about their pregnancy.

Rose knew that Quin did not want to have another child because he thought that Ben and Sam were more than enough but Rose insisting in having one because she really wanted to have a baby which would belong to both of them and that baby would also be a proof of the unconditional love and affection that they have for each other.

Rose wasn't worried about Quin loving his child more than Ben and Sam because she knew that with Quin character and thinking, that would never happen. She knew that whether Quin or the members of the Li family would never differentiate between the kids.

Kneeling down, Quin kissed her baby bump and jumped in excitement before rushing out of the room screaming," I AM GOING TO BECOME A FATHER AGAIN."