Six months later.

The adoption procedure of Samuel was completed and his name was successfully registered under the Li family register and was renamed as Li Huang.

Yixi gave birth to adorable fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. The babies were quite healthy especially the girl while the baby boy had a weak immunity when he was born, which the doctor said is nothing to worry about. With intense care and nurture, the little boy would be just fine.

The boy was named as Yang Liang while the girl was named as Yang Lanying.

Anna and Mike along with Zian stayed at the Li mansion until little Yumi started eating solids.

Yumi was turning to become more cute and loving day by day. She had become the apple of everyone's eye. Since grandpa Li always wanted a great-granddaughter, he started spending more time with Yumi and Zian.

Ling used to take care of Yumi all the time. She did everything that Yurin should've been doing for her daughter except for the feeding part. Singtan, Yufan, Mike and Yutang also dotted on Yumi and treated her as their own daughter.

They were so into little Yumi that the four men would often fight about who would walk Yumi down the aisle when the time comes.

" I will do it. I am her uncle so it's my-" Yufan said.

Cutting him off, Singtan said," If you are her uncle then who am I? Her aunt? Even I am her uncle, so it's my right to walk her down the aisle."

" You two shut up, I will do it. Haven't you seen how she smiles everytime I carry her? The look she gives me is like ' Walk me down the aisle dada Mike'" Mike said mimicking Yumi's childish voice.

Yutang rolled his eyes and asked," Are you sure that look isn't ' Hey who is that funny doctor is?' look?"

" No way I am doing it." Singtan said.

" No I am." Yufan said.

" Ahh you guys let's not fight and decide mutually." Mike said.

" Okay what should we do?" Yutang said.

Singtan cleared his throat and said," Okay I have an idea."

" Okay okay we will go with Singtans idea then." Mike said.

" Hmm alright so walking her down the aisle means that her wedding should be that man's responsibility. He has to do everything and our Yumi's wedding has to grand. Everything's price will double up by the time she gets married right?" Singtan asked.

When the other three men nodded their heads, Singtan said," So logically, the richest man amongst us gets to walk her down the aisle, fair enough?"

" Ya I think he is correct." Mike said.

" Yes the richest man should do it." Yutang said.

" So who is the richest amongst us?" Singtan asked.

" You." The three of them said in unison.

Taking a sip from his coffee, Singtan said," You see, problem solved. So I will walk her down the aisle."

Thinking for quite sometime, Yufan said," Hey brother-in-law, this is wrong."

" Yeah this is cheating." Mike said.

" Arggghhh Singtan you always do this." Yutang said.

And the four of them started arguing amongst themselves again.

Yixi was busy changing Liang's diaper shouted," Yutang will come here and help me change your daughter's diapers "

" Yes honey coming." Yutang said before rushing towards Yixi.

" And what are you people arguing about? Walking Yumi down the aisle? She hasn't even started crawling yet for Gods sake." Ming said.

" If you have so much free time, why don't you go and keep an eye on the kids and give Ben and Sam some rest." Anna said.

" And Yufan don't you have an important meeting today?" Ming asked.

Yufan nodded his head and left the mansion while the other two men headed upstairs.

After they left, Anna chuckled and said," These men are too much."

" Seriously, they have way too much time to waste." Ming said.

" I'll take them up too." Yutang said before picking up the two babies and walking upstairs.

" So is Yumi moving in the Xie mansion?" Anna asked.

" Well, father wants to take her back but Singtan and grandpa are unwilling to let her go, so there is this Cold War going on." Ming said.

Anna and Yixi chuckled and said," Yumi has become sweet heart."

" Ming what about Yurin? Where is she?" Yixi's asked.

Ming sighed and said," She is the US preparing for some kind of modeling competition and the money that Yufan gave her, she needed them train herself and live off in the US."

Anna took a deep breath and said," I cannot believe she is your own biological sister Ming."

" Exactly, you are so different from her and even Yufan is so different from Yurin." Yixi said.

" Well, it's her life and her decisions and it's good that she left otherwise how would he get this lovely chance to raise our sweetheart Yumi." Ming said.

" So have you and Singtan thought about-"

Ming shook her head and said," Yes we did but dad said no one is allowed to adopt Yumi. She will forever remain in the Xie mansion and will stay under his supervision and care. Ahh he did not even allow Yufan and Ling to adopt her in the future."

" That is nice. If nobody adopts Yumi we all get to be her mama's and dada's." Anna said.



Inside Zian's room.

Zian and Mian had already started crawling and were creating a lot of trouble for their daddy's to look after them.

Sitting on the carpeted floor, the three men were talking amongst themselves.

" Zian still sleeps in your room?" Mike asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes. Ming thinks that he is still small and needs us to be with him."

" Ah is it? But Mian is doing just fine in her room." Mike said.

" Mian is sleeping alone in her room?" Singtan asked.

Mike nodded his head and said," Yes, we started it a week ago."

" Even I'll do the same after these two brats steps into their seventh month." Yutang said.

" You should talk to Ming." Mike said.

Just then Zian came crawling towards his dada in full speed and dashed against Singtans thighs.

" Ah champ did you get hurt?" Singtan asked before picking him up and examining his forehead.

Stretching his hands, little Zian chuckled and buried his face on his father's neck and let out a scream.

Singtan chuckled and said," So what does Zian think? Can he sleep at night in his room?"

When little Zian let out another scream, Singtan chuckled and said," Okay okay we will talk to mommy about this." before patting his sons back lovingly.