" Mom will you help me take care of Zian for sometime?" Ming asked.

Mother Li smiled and said," Yes, of course, why not."

" Singtan wants to take me somewhere so I have to accompany him." Ming said.

" Ahh don't worry about Zian. We both will be fine. You just enjoying your time with Singtan. It's been so many months since you both have spent some quality time together. Go go and enjoy yourselves." Mother Li said.

Ming chuckled and nodded her head.


Looking around, Ming chuckled when she saw a particular someone sitting in a corner with a very gloomy expression.

Walking towards him, Ming said," Singtan lets-"

Cutting her off, Singtan said," Okay okay I get it. Zian small, so many people at home, cannot leave, let's cancel the plan. Fine fine go ahead and stay with your son. He is more important and you love him more than your husband anyway."

Ming raised her eyebrows and said," Okay if that is what you want. I had asked mother to take care of Zian but since you don't wanna go, I'll go and-"

" No no stop stop." Singtan said.

Grabbing her hand, he asked," You already told mom to take care of Zian?"

When Ming nodded her head, Singtan asked," So you are going with me?"

Ming chuckled and said," Yes I am."

Singtan grinned and said," Let's go then." before pulling her towards the door.

Ming chuckled and said," Singtan we have to greet father too."

" No time." Singtan said.


Inside the car.

Helping Ming buckle the seat belt, Singtan said," Dont worry, our Zian will be just fine."

Intertwining their hands together, Ming said," I am not thinking or worrying about Zian. Isn't it just about you and me tonight?"

Kissing the back of her hand, Singtan smiled and said," Yes, just you and me."

" Where are we going?" Ming asked.

Turning the engine on, Singtan smiled and said," You'll see."


When the car stopped in front of a very familiar mansion, Ming smiled and said," I almost forgot about this place."

Helping her unbuckle her seat belt, Singtan chuckled and said," Let's go." Before stepping out of the car.

Grabbing Ming's waist, Singtan kissed her forehead and said," I wanted to bring you here again since a really long time."

Looking at mansion where Singtan had brought her after they got married, Ming felt overwhelmed and happy.

When she first stepped foot into this mansion, she had no feelings for Singtan. At that time, this marriage was nothing for her but now, Singtan was her everything and she couldn't imagine her life without him.

Hugging her from behind, Singtan asked," What are you thinking about Mrs Li?"

Ming chuckled and said," I cannot believe how different things are now. Back then, I never thought that I would fall in love with you and would fall for you so deep and hard Singtan."

Kissing her nape, Singtan said," I have always been in love with you Mrs Li. You've always been the only woman in my life."

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," Come let's go inside."

Intertwining their hands together, Singtan and Ming entered the mansion.


Inside the mansion.

After stepping inside the mansion, Ming smiled when she saw the familiar surrounding. Nothing had changed since the last time she had left the mansion.

After locking the main door properly, Singtan asked," Do you like it here?"

Ming nodded her head and said," This place is special to me Singtan."

Sitting on the couch, Singtan pulled her towards him and made her sit on his lap.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Singtan asked," Do you want to move over?"

Ming shook her head and said," No, it's best if we stay at the mansion. I don't want Zian to grow up alone in this mansion. I want him to experience all kinds of love and happiness and why should we stay away from our family right?"

" It's completely your call Ming. I'll always do as you say." Singtan said.

Hooking her arms around his neck, Ming asked," So Mr Li, will you tell me what your real intention is for bringing me here all of a sudden?"

Singtan chuckled and said," If you haven't realised Mrs Li, we were actually supposed to celebrate our first night here at the mansion but we didn't, so as a compensation we will celebrate our first anniversary here." before taking out a small box from his pocket.

Passing the box to Ming, Singtan said," Happy anniversary darling."

Ming gasped and said," Oh my God, I completely forgot about- I did not even prepare anything for you."

Singtan chuckled and said," Well, you don't have to prepare anything darling because you already have something that I am so badly craving for."

Inching closer, Singtan sucked her earlobe and said," Your body."

" Isn't that already yours?" Ming asked.

Pulling her zipper down, Singtan said," We have a long way to go tonight Mrs Li."

Pushing him away. Ming said," Let me open my gift first Singtan."

" You can do it later." Singtan said.

Ming chuckled and said," No wait, I want to see it."

Singtan frowned and said," I shouldn't have given you the gift first."

" Why are you being so impatient Mr Li? Don't we have a very long way to go tonight?" Ming asked while opening her gift.

Running her fingers through the necklace, Ming said," This is beautiful."

" You like it?" Singtan asked.

" I love it." Ming said.

Singtan had gifted her a pair of beautiful sunflower shaped diamond earrings and pendant.

" Flip that pendant over." Singtan said.

Flipping the pendant over, Ming smiled when she saw their names engraved at the back with a small heart in between.

" Thank you so much Singtan, this is beautiful." Ming said.

" Not as beautiful as you." Singtan said before crashing their lips together.

Taking the box from hand, Singtan placed it on the side table and started pulling the zipper down.

Without breaking the kiss, Singtan got up and wrapped her legs around his waist before pinning her against the wall.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Ming pulled him closer and deepened the kiss.