" Our Yumi is very lucky, she doesn't have one but four mothers." Mother Li said.

Taking Yumi in her arms, Yixi chuckled and said," That is true. We all are gonna love her."

" I'll ask someone to get her crib." Father Xie said.

" Alright since everything is over, let's start the celebration." Mother Li said.

" I'll go get Zian." Singtan said before walking towards his room.

" Let me hold my great-granddaughter for a while." Grandpa Go said.

When everyone was busy celebrating, Ming saw father Xie walking outside the mansion.

Passing Zian to Singtan, Ming said," I'll be back in a minute." before following father Xie.



" Dad wait." Ming shouted.

" Why are you here? It's an important day for Zian, you should be with him." Father Xie said.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes it's an important day for Zian and his grandpa should be with him too."

Pausing for a while, Ming asked," Where are you going dad?"

When Father Xie did not say anything for quite some time, Ming grabbed his hand and said," Come let's sit and talk."


Inside the garden.

Sitting under the shade, Ming was holding her father's hand who was feeling very low and dejected.

" Ming do you think I made a mistake while raising her? Do you think I did not teach her well?" Father Xie asked.

He was feeling very defeated and dejected after what had happened. Last time what Yurin did was out of jealousy and hatred for her elder sister. She misinterpreted things and thought that no one cared about her and her father only loved her elder sister.

Father Xie had already forgiven her after what she had done in the past and he genuinely thought that she would never repeat the same mistake again and would live a happy and healthy life but things turned out to be very different.

What Yurin did this time was very grief and shocking. Trading her new born child with money was something that no mother would even think of doing. The only person whom a woman loves more than her own life is her child. A mother does everything to protect her child and is ready to fight with the whole world for her happiness. But what Yurin did was a taboo. No mother would ever do that.

Though father Xie was happy because Yurin did take little Yumi with her because he knew that if Yumi stayed with her mother, she would have grown up to become like Yurin.

" You raised us well father better than any other single dad could. You never let us miss mom. You have us the motherly love that everyone craves for. Don't blame yourself for what happened." Ming said.

Pausing for a while, Ming said," There are a few things that are completely out of our control. No matter how hard we try, we can never fix it. As for Yurin, all I can say is let her be. She did a mistake, we gave her a chance. We accepted her and loved her again. All we could do was give her a chance but it was completely up to her whether she wanted to learn from her mistakes and not repeat them. Whatever Yurin did was her choice and no one is to be blamed for that, not even you. So stop blaming yourself for something that wasn't even something that you could control."

" Elder sister is right father whatever happened has got nothing to do with you." Yufan said before walking towards them.

Squatting down, Yufan grabbed Father Xie's and Ming hand and said," Whatever happened is in the past now so let's not think about it and waste our time. We have so many things to do and with Zian, Mian and Yumi in and around us, we should be smiling and celebrating not sitting here under the shade and talking about a useless person who is good for nothing. Just let her be. Let's not allow her to ruin such a lovely day."

Smacking Yufans forehead, Ming chuckled and said," Look at him, such a small little boy saying such big and wise words."

Yufan frowned and said," Little? Huh I am not a little boy anymore."

Father Xie chuckled and said," You will always remain little for me and even Ming."

Hugging her father, Ming said," What are you sad about huh? You have Yufan, me, Ling, Zian, Yumi and Singtan with you. We will always stay with you father no matter what."

" Exactly, not to forget about Grandpa Go, uncle Chen, aunt Yulin. Everyone is there with us." Yufan said.

Father Xie smiled and said," If your mother would've been alive-"

Cutting him off, Yufan said," Ohh come on Mr Xie stop talking about sad things. It's not good for your heart old man."

Pulling Yufan's ears, father Xie said," Whom are you calling an old man?"

" Ouch ouch I am sorry sorry." Yufan flinched in pain.

Ming chuckled and said," This little thing deserves this."

Hugging Yufan and Ming, Father Xie said," I love you both."

" We love you too dad." Ming said.

" Yes I love both of you." Yufan said.

Just then Sam rushed toward them and said," I want a hug too."

Father Xie laughed and scooped him into his arms," Less little one you will also get a hug."

Sam laughed and said," Grandpa Xie, grandpa told me to call you. The gift ceremony is about to start."

" Alright alright let's go." Father Xie said.


Inside the mansion.

After the ceremony, everyone were enjoying themselves except for two people who were continuously bugging their wife's.

" Ming it's getting late." Singtan said.

Ming sighed and said," Singtan there are so many people here, how can we leave just like that? And I did not even feed Zian yet and Yumi too, give me some time."

" But but-"

Cutting him off, Ming chuckled and said," No need to get impatient, give me thirty minutes." before walking towards the crib.

Singtan puffed his cheeks and sat on the couch with a grumpy face.

Just then Mike sat beside and said," Anna said we cannot go anywhere today so my plan is canceled."

" Well Ming did not cancel the plan but she said she needs thirty minutes." Singtan said.

Mike sighed and said," I don't think she will go either. You should be prepared for the worst my friend."