Just then Ming received a message from an unknown number which said: IF YOU DON'T WANT THE BABY TO SUFFER, MEET ME AT THE ADDRESS BELOW IN AN HOUR.

When Singtan saw her pale expression, he placed Zian inside her crib and quickly approached her.

" Ming what happened?" Singtan asked.

After telling him everything, Ming showed him the message and said," Singtan we have to save the baby."

Pulling her into his embrace, Singtan said," Hmm don't worry. I will not allow anyone to harm our little angel."

" Why is she doing this Singtan? Why is she like this? That is her baby. How can a mother harm her baby?" Ming said.

" Calm down and trust me okay?" Singtan said.


Xie mansion.

When Singtan and Ming arrived at the Xie mansion everyone was sitting in the living room in a daze.

" Father." Ming said before rushing towards him.

Giving him a hug, Ming said," Don't worry, Singtan is going to fix everything."

" She took the baby with her too." Father Xie said.

Pausing for a while, he continued," I don't want the little one to suffer in her hands."

" I don't think so she really wants to keep the baby." Singtan said before showing father Xie the message.

Taking the phone from his hand, father Xie's expression darkened when he read the content.

Passing the phone to Yufan, Father Xie said," Let's go."

" Father-"

" Singtan I want to go too." Father Xie said.

" I am coming too." Yufan said.

Singtan sighed and said," Okay."

" Let's leave then." Father Xie said before walking out of the mansion.

Clutching onto his sleeves, Ling said," Yufan I want to go with you."

Yufan nodded his head and said," Okay but stay close."


In the outskirts of country S.

When Singtan and the rest arrived at the given address, Yurin was already standing near a black car with the baby in her hand.

Father Xie's expression darkened when he saw her.

Betrayed, hurt and disappointment, this was what father Xie was feeling right now. He had thought that Yurin had learnt her lesson and was really guilty and sad about what she had done in the past and wanted to repent. Father Xie had already given her a chance and had forgiven her but who would've thought Yurin would end up doing the same thing again. Who would've thought that she would betray her family again?

" Why are you doing his Yurin?" Ming asked.

The wind was quite strong and cold and the baby was wrapped in a thin blanket.

Ling's heart ached when she saw that.

Taking out a shawl from the car, Ling said," Sister Yurin, take this and cover the baby otherwise she will catch a cold." But before she could take a step, Yurin said," Stop, don't come near me."

" What do you want?" Singtan asked.

" Hundred million." Yurin said.

Singtan took a deep breath and said," Give me five minutes." Before taking out his phone.

" Singtan wait." Father Xie said.

" Is that the worth of your daughter in front of your eyes? Is that how you see your daughter?" Father Xie asked.

Tightening her grip around the baby, Yurin pursed her lips.

" Don't do this Yurin. Don't do this to your baby. She needs you, she needs her mother. This baby will bring lots of happiness in your life just like Jian did. You've no idea how wonderful motherhood feels. Being a mother makes me feel proud and happy. Don't do this to father and your family. We all love you Yurin. Why are you doing this?" Ming asked.

" I cannot stay elder sister and I cannot keep her as well. I have to go and I need money." Yurin said.

Yufan who was standing without saying a word said," I will give you the money but in return, you have to promise that you'll never return back into our lives."

Yurin nodded her head and said," I promise."

" You will never come back looking for our little angel and will never show yourself in front of her." Yufan said.

" I agree." Yurin said.

Taking out his phone, Yufan called Carl and said," Transfer hundred and fifty million to Ms Xie Yurins account right now." before hanging up the call.

" I need only hundred million." Yurin said.

Yufan smiled and said," My angel is worth much more than that."

After few minutes, Yurins phone buzzed. After reading the message, she said," You can take her."

Yufan was about to step forward when father Xie stopped him saying," Yufan stay right there, I'll go."

Walking towards Yurin, Father Xie stretched his hand and said," Fast."

With teary eyes, Yurin kissed the baby's forehead and murmured," I am sorry darling." Before giving the little one to father Xie.

Ling quickly rushed towards father Xie and gave him the shawl.

Wrapping the baby with the shawl, father Xie patted Yurins head and said," I cannot even curse you because no matter what you are still my daughter but I hope one day you will surely regret what you have done today but it will be too late. I hope one day you'll realise that abandoning this precious little princess was the biggest mistake of your life. I hope one day you'll repent." before turning around and walking towards his car.

After everyone left, Yurin turned around and entered the car.

" Why did you do that? I mean you need money but this-" Jack said.

" I had no other choice." Yurin said before leaning against the seat and closing her eyes.


Li mansion.

As it was little Zian's and Mian's full moon celebration everyone was present in the mansion. All of them knew what had happened and were waiting for their arrival.

When Singtan and the rest arrived at the mansion along with the little one, father Xie and the rest sat on the couch with a very serious expression.

With the baby still in his hand, Father Xie smiled and said," She is so beautiful."

Sitting beside him, Ming chuckled and said," Yes she is."

Getting up, father Xie slowly swayed her and said," She will hold the Xie family name and will never turn out to be like her mother. We will give her so much love and affection that she will never miss her parents. She will make all of us proud when she grows up. My granddaughter, Xie Yumi."

" Yumi, that is a lovely name Chuang." Mother Li said.

Just then little Yumi muffled a soft cry.

Ling rushed towards her and quickly took her into her arms and started coaxing her.

The little one suddenly stopped crying and dozed off to sleep again.

Ling's heart warmed up when she saw her the little one soundly sleeping in her arms.

Placing his hand on Ling's shoulder, Yufan asked," Isn't she lovely?"

Ling chuckled and said," Yes she is."

" But how are we going to feed her?" Yufan asked.

" Bottled Milk is not good for the baby." Yixi said.

" I can feed her when I feed Zian." Ming said.

" But wouldn't that harm Zian's appetite?" Father Xie asked.

Anna smiled and said," Ming and I can do it alternately."

" Yes, let Yumi stay at the mansion until she starts taking solid food." Mother Li said.

Anna nodded her head and said," Even I can stay at the mansion. After Mike is gone, I am alone at the Zhang mansion so if I stay here, it will be nice for me as well as Mian."

" Yes yes we can do that." Ming said.

" I can stay here too and help everyone take care of Yumi." Ling said.

Walking towards Yumi, Ming picked her up and said," Yes we all will take care of her. We will love her so much that she will never miss her parents."