" Pick me up tomorrow morning." Yurin said.

Jack nodded his head and said," And when should I book the tickets?"

" Tomorrow itself." Yurin said.

" Didn't you just give birth? I think you should stay with the baby for a few days." Jack said.


Jack was a well-known agent from an entertainment company of US. Jack was from country S and happened to an old friend of Yurin.

Yurin met Jack when she Chen Siquan had gone missing and she was living alone in the Chen Mansion.

When Jack told her about the infamous modeling competition that happened once in every five years in the US was around the corner, Yurins interest peaked in and she asked for more details.

Apparently all kinds of models irrespective to their grades and experience could take part in the competition. There were several levels which the participants had to pass and eventually the top 15 contestants would get a chance to walk on the New York fashion week and also a two year contract from Haichen Entertainment which was one of the most famous and well known company.

Yurin had always wanted to become a model and like every rising model, walking in New York fashion week was her dream too.

With Chen Siquan gone, Yurin had no one to rely on so initially she thought of aborting the child and flying to the US with Jack and preparing for the completion which would happen in the next two years. But when the doctor said that she can't abort the child, Jack suggested Yurin to give birth and later fly to the US with him. He also told her that after the competition, she could come back and take her baby with her and settle down in the US to which Yurin readily agreed.

But things changed when a few days later Jack told her that the competition was open only for unmarried models now. Married and single moms could not take part in the competition. Also Haichen Entertainments would offer a two years contract only to unmarried and single models. Also the top 15 models who would sign a contract with Haichen Entertainments could not leave the country unless the company sends them for a trip for the whole two years.

After understanding the terms and condition, Yurin decided to go after her dream than stay with her child and family. She had always wanted to become a model and this was the only opportunity that she had. She wanted to live her dream and achieve everything that she wanted to. As for her child she knew that if not the Xie family, her elder sister would never let the child suffer. Her child would lead a very happy life with the Li's than her. Even without his mother by its side, the child already had a very bright future. The baby would've so many people who would love her and cherish her.

So Yurin decided to leave along with Jack right after giving birth and live her dreams and soar higher in the sky and make herself proud.


" There is no need. There are many people to take care of her." Yurin said tightening her grip around the little one who was soundly sleeping in her arms.

Pausing for a while, Yurin said," If I stay any longer, I cannot leave."

Jack sighed and said," Alright then, I'll be there tomorrow early in the morning." before hanging up the call.


Next day.

When Yufan was getting ready, he picked up the tie and patiently waited for his fiancé help him with it like she usually does.

Yufan raised his eyebrows when she saw Ling standing in a daze.

Tapping her shoulders, Yufan asked," What happened Ling? You seem so lost since yesterday."

Looking at Yufan with teary eyes, Ling buried her face on his chest and started sobbing.

Thinking that she might be feeling bad after seeing Yurins baby, Yufan wrapped his arms around her and said," How many times do I have to tell you not to be sad over that any more? We still have time babe, lots and lots of time. You don't have to worry."

Clutching onto his shirt, Ling sobbed harder. Yufan thought she was sad because they had lost their baby but this time Ling was sad thinking about the infant back in the hospital who had a mother by her hide who was still planning and plotting things. She did not care what Yurin was planning to do but she did not want the little one to suffer.

" Yufan I want to tell you something." Ling said.

" What is it?" Yufan asked.

When Ling told Yufan everything that had happened yesterday, his expression darkened and he did not say anything for a really long time.

" I wanted to tell you about this yesterday but everyone was so happy that I-"

Patting Ling's back, Yufan said," It's fine stop crying. You know I can't see you like this."

" What do we do now Yufan? She is so small, we can't let sister Yurin harm her." Ling said.

" Let's leave." Yufan said.


Li mansion.

Singtan and Ming has just bathed Zian and were busy patting him dry when Ming received a call from father Xie.

" Hello dad how is Yurin and our little princess?" Ming asked.

When Father Xie did not say anything for a really long time, Ming asked," Hello dad? Are you there?"

" Yurin ran away from the hospital along with the baby." Father Xie said.

Ming widened her eyes in shock and asked," What? How? And why?"

" I just checked the CCTV. She rushed out of the hospital on her own and boarded a black colour car." Father Xie said.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Ming massaged her templates and said," Don't worry dad, Singtan and I are coming."

" Hmm, Okay." Father Xie said before hanging up the call.

Ming heart ached for her father. She could hear a tinge of disappointment and hurt in his voice. Ming knew that Father Xie had accepted Yurin once again because he had faith, he had faith in his youngest daughter. He thought she had changed for the better.

Just then Ming received a message from an unknown number which said......