Inside the room.

When the nurse brought the little one inside, Father Xie quickly took her into his arms.

" Aww she is so beautiful." Ming said.

Father Xie's heart bloomed into happiness when he saw the tiny little thing in his arms.

Pulling the little one closer, Father Xie promised to give her all the happiness in the world.

" Can I?" Singtan asked.

Father Xie nodded his head and gave the baby to Singtan.

Holding the little one in his arms, Singtan grinned and said," She is so cute just like our Zian."

Ming chuckled and nodded her head.

" Ming isn't Zian alone at home?" Father Xie asked.

When Ming nodded her head, Father Xie said," You should go home now. Zian is still very small and needs you around every time and we all are here with Yurin so you don't have to worry."

Ming nodded her head and said," Okay father."

Passing the baby to Yufan, Singtan said," Call me if you need something."

After Singtan and Ming left, Yufan placed that baby in the crib and said," I'll go talk to doctor."

" Hmm I'll go with you." Father Xie said before walking out along with Yufan.

Glancing at the baby, Ling's eyes teared up.

Squatting down, she caressed the baby's cheeks and murmured," Hello angel, I am your aunt Ling. Welcome to the world."


Li mansion.

" Thanks mom, I hope he did not trouble you." Ming said before taking Zian from her hand.

" Ahh my grandson is very calm he did not trouble me at all." Mother Li said.

" How is Yurin?" Grandma Li asked.

Ming smiled and said," She had a daughter."

" Ahh that's lovely. Send her my blessings, I'll go to the hospital tomorrow morning to meet her." Mother Li said.

" About the full moon celebration, everything is ready. Ask Mike to be here on time along with Mian and Anna. His mother and grandpa will be here since morning." Grandma Li said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," I'll let him know."

" I have already sent an invitation to the Yangs and Chen's." Mother Li said.

" You people are the incharge . Do whatever you want to." Singtan said before pinching his son's cheeks.

" Hmm, Ming you should go and take some rest." Mother Li said.

Ming nodded her head and left along with Singtan.


Inside the room.

After coaxing Zian to sleep, Ming was to about to enter the washroom to freshen up when Singtan grabbed her waist and hugged her from behind.

Ming chuckled and said," What is wrong with you? You are being too touchy these days."

" How can you complain about me being touchy? It's been months since we-hey ouch." Singtan winced in pain when Ming pinched his waist.

" Don't mention such things in front of Zian." Ming said.

Kissing her nape, Singtan said," Okay."

Leaning against him, Ming sighed and said," I am so happy today. Like everything is perfect. Zian has really brought all the happiness in our life."

Singtan shook his head and said," In my life, Zian's mother has brought all the happiness. My happiness lies with you Ming. I smile everytime you do."

" Chessy." Ming said.

" I'll take you somewhere tomorrow after the celebration." Singtan said.

" What about Zian?" Ming asked.

" He will stay here with Mom and grandma." Singtan said.

" How can we leave him alone Singtan?" Ming asked.

" So you don't wanna go with me? Is your son everything for you now and you don't care about your husband at all?" Singtan asked.

" Why do you always compare yourself with our son? He is small Singtan and you are big." Ming said.

" So? So what is I am big? Just because he is small, that doesn't mean he gets to keep my wife all by himself." Singtan said.

Ming chuckled and said," You act so childish sometimes, I feel like I am raising two babies. Should I start feeding you too my husband?"

Pulling her closer, Singtan said," I don't mind if you feed me like you feed Zian."

Ming's cheeks reddened when she heard that.

Burying his face in her neck, Singtan said," I don't know about you Mrs Li but I miss you a lot and I want to spend some time alone with you. Just you and me. No one to disturb or interrupt us. I want to make love to you all night wifey."

" Okay but we have to come back if Zian starts crying." Ming said.

Singtan grinned and said," Of course but later you can't back out? Okay?"

" Okay." Ming said.

Letting her go, Singtan said," I'll go make preparations." Before rushing outside.



Holding her baby in her arms, Yurin was carefully observing her small face and hands.

She smiled when she saw that the baby had Chen Siquan's lips.

Just then the nurse entered the room and said," Ms Xie you have to breast feed the baby."

Yurin nodded her head and said," I'll do it, you can leave."

The nurse nodded her head and left.

While feeding the baby, Yurin smiled and said," Your father wanted a daughter. If he was here, he would've been very happy."

Pausing for a while, Yurin asked," Baby will you ever forgive your mom and dad?"


After sometime, father Xie entered the room and said," I brought some food for you and your clothes."

Placing the bag on the table, he asked," How is she?"

Yurin smiled and said," She is good."

Sitting beside her, Father Xie patted her head and said," Don't worry about anything. Until your father is alive, this little one will never face any problem and even if I am not there, there is Yufan. He will take care of everything. You also have your sister and brother-in-law. There is nothing to worry about."

Yurin smiled and nodded her head.

" Try to give all your love and affection to your daughter. Love her so much that she never cares to think about her father." Father Xie said.

Pausing for a while, he said," If you want to get back with Chen Siquan, I can call him. I am sure that he will still come and fetch you both from here."

Yuring shook her head and said," No need father, I am happy here."

Father Xie sighed and said," Fine, your phone and other necessities are inside the bag. Call me if you need anything. Your aunt Yulin will stay with you tonight." before walking out of the room.

After father Xie left, Yurin took out her phone from the bag she quickly called Jack.