In a very calm expression, Yurin asked," How much did you hear?"

Ling let out a mocking chuckled and asked," Does it matter? No right? What matters is, why are you doing this?"

Slowly getting up, Yurin said," Place the food on the table and leave."

" Don't do this sister Yurin, don't break everyone's heart again." Ling said.

" You aren't family yet Ling so don't interfere." Yurin said.

Ling frowned and said," Just because you think I am not family that will not stop me from telling everyone the truth. This is wrong and I will not let you hurt the people whom I love and care about." before turning around.

Just then, Yurin tried to grab Ling's hand but she tripped.

" Ahhhhh." Yurin shouted before falling on the ground.

When Ling heard a loud *BANG*, she turned around and saw Yurin lying on the ground, groaning in pain.

" Sister Yurin." Ling panicked and quickly rushed towards her.

When she saw Yurins pale expression, Ling said," I'll call father and Yufan." Before rushing out of the room.



" Yufan, Dad." Ling shouted running down the stairs.

Yufan, who has just arrived quickly grabbed Ling's waist and said," Babe you shouldn't run like that on the stairs."

" Yufan fast sister Yurin accidentally tripped down and is now in pain." Ling said.

" Yurin tripped?" Father Li said before rushing upstairs followed by uncle Chen.

Grabbing Ling's hand, Yufan said," Come let's go."

Wiping her tears away, Ling said," Yufan I did not push her."

Yufan widened his eyes in shock and said," Hey hey why are you saying that? No one is going to blame you for this okay? Are you crazy Ling? Don't talk nonsense." before rushing upstairs.


Inside the room.

" Yufan we have to take her to the hospital." Father Xie said in a very anxious voice.

Yufan nodded his head and quickly scooped Yurin into his arms and started rushes outside.

" I'll inform everyone." Uncle Chen said.

" Ling and I will follow Yufan then." Father Xie said before rushing outside.


Li mansion.

" Say DA-DA." Singtan said while helping Zian change his diapers.

When Zian did not say anything, Singtan said," Come on champ, say DA-DA."

Stretching his hands and legs, Zian closed his eyes and dozed off to sleep completely ignoring his father.

Folding Zian's clothes, Ming chuckled and said," He is just a month old Singtan how can you even expect him to call you DA-DA?"

" Mian called Mike DA." Singtan said.

" And you believe him? Seriously? How small is your brain?" Ming asked.

Just then Singtans phone buzzed.

Caressing Zian's little hands, Singtan picked up the call and said," Yes uncle Chen."

Singtan's expression darkened and he said," Hmm okay we will be right there." Before hanging up the call.

" What happened?" Ming asked.

Picking up Zian, Singtan said," Yurin slipped and is rushed to the hospital."

Ming panicked and asked," What? How?"

" Don't worry okay? We will leave Zian with mother and then I'll take you to the hospital. Don't panic." Singtan said before walking out of the room along with Zian.



Pacing back and forth outside the labor room, father Xie was getting anxious and nervous.

Only he knew how worried he was for Ming but he was more nervous about Yurin.

Ming had her husband and in-laws supporting her but Yurin had no one. All she had was the Xie family.

Father Xie knew that raising a child alone without a father would be very tough for his youngest daughter but he was ready to support her in every possible way he could. He would give all the love and happiness that his grandchild deserves and he would never let his grandchild lack the fatherly love that every child craves for.

Yufan, uncle Chen, Aunt Yulin and grandpa Go were equally nervous.

When Ling saw everyone's anxious and worried faces, she pursed her lips.

She knew that this wasn't a proper time and environment to tell everyone what had happened inside the room so she decided to tell them about that later when everything was normal.

Just then Ming and Singtan arrived at the hospital.

" Dad." Ming said.

Father Xie felt a bit relaxed when he saw his elder daughter and son-in-law.

" Ming, Yulin-"

" Don't worry father, everything is going to be okay." Singtan said.

" Yes dad, we all are here. Nothing is going to happen to the baby as well as our Yurin." Ming said.

" Who is the family of the patient? We need someone to sign the papers." a hospital staff asked.

When Ming gave Singtan a look, he nodded his head and said," I'll take care of this." before walking away with the hospital staff.

After few minutes, a nurse came out of the labor room and said," Congratulations, it's a baby girl."

A smile bloomed in everyone's face when they heard that.

" How is my daughter?" Father Xie asked.

" She is also safe and it was a normal delivery. The patient said that she doesn't want to do C-section and because the position of the baby and few other things were normal, the doctor decided to go for a normal one." The nurse said.

" When can we meet her?" Ming asked.

" We will shift her in the room after sometime." The nurse said before walking inside.

Ming gave father Xie a hug and said," Dad you have both granddaughter and grandson now."

Father Xie smiled and said," Yes, thanks to you two."

When Singtan arrived, Ming grabbed his hand and said," It's a girl honey."

' GIRL' Singtans expression softened when he heard that. Though he loved his son a lot but he still couldn't get over his obsession with girls.

Placing his hand on Ling's shoulder, Yufan smiled and said," We have a niece too."

Looking at all the happy expressions, Ling's heart ached for everyone. Though she did not know what exactly Yurin was planning to do but Ling knew that it was gonna hurt everyone.

Everyone were looking so happy that Ling did not have the heart to tell them the truth as well.

" Babe what happened?" Yufan asked.

Giving him a weak smile, Ling shook her head.