Li mansion.

After arriving at the Li Mansion, father Xie helped Yurin get out the car.

" Careful." Uncle Chen said.

Yurin chuckled and said," I am fine."

" You are clumsy." Grandpa Go said before stepping out.

Mother Li quickly came outside and said," They will be here in ten minutes."

Patting Yurins head, Mother Li said," It's good to see you again child. I have prepared some healthy food for you and Yixi. Make yourself comfortable okay?"

Yurin smiled and nodded head before entering the mansion.


Inside the mansion.

After sometime, Mike and Singtan arrived at the mansion along with their wife's and baby's.

Everyone quickly gathered at the entrance to greet the little ones.

All the family members started fighting amongst each other to carry the little ones.

" I will carry Zian first." Yufan said.

" I'll carry Mian." Ling said.

" Huh, I am his uncle so I'll carry Zian." Quin said.

" I will carry Mian." Dina said.

" Alright everyone, stop fighting. You are scaring them." Mother Li said.

" Anna, Ming bring them inside." Mother Li said.

Ming and Anna nodded their heads and stepped inside along with Singtan and Mike.

The mansion was beautifully decorated with white, pink and blue balloons.

A decorative and shiny ' WELCOME' was written across the hall. One half of the hall was decorated with blue and white balloons while the other half was decorated with white and pink. Two beautifully decorated cribs were kept in the centre.

Placing his hand on Anna's shoulders, Mike said," The Li family gifted that crib to our little princess."

Taking the babies from their wife's hand, Singtan and Mike placed them on their respective cribs.

The family members quickly surrounded them and started admiring their features.

" He looks just like Singtan when he was young." Grandma Li said.

" Ya mom you are right." Father Li said.

While the family members were busy admiring the babies, three old men were walking in the garden holding a wine glass in their hands.


In the garden.

" So you really did throw him in the middle of the sea?" Grandpa Go asked.

" Yes I did." Grandpa Li said.

Grandpa Zhang chuckled and said," I won't be surprised if Junjop comes back all wet to take revenge from you once again."

" That will never happen." Grandpa Li said.

" Hmm but I am happy that everything is over now. At Least we can now spend some quality time with our great grandchildren." Grandpa Zhang said.

" I heard that Quanci made you write love letters for her?" Grandpa Go asked.

Grandpa Li frowned and said," So What? She is my wife so it's my responsibility to give love letters to her."

" But you know Mosen, I actually feel bad for Junjop. Poor soul had written so many love letters for his crush but little did he knew that someone else was taking advantage of his hard work." Grandpa Zhang said.

Grandpa Li frowned and shouted," I never took advantage of anyone and Quanci has always been mine."

" Lingtian never took any name so why are you shouting?" Grandpa Go asked.

Pausing for a while, Grandpa Go continued," It's because you are guilty Mosen."

" I am imagining what would've happened if Junjop and Quanci got married? Junjop had pretty good genes and Quanci is already a goddess. They would've created beautiful offspring together." Grandpa Zhang said.

" Yeah you are right." Grandpa Go said.

Grandpa Li frowned deeper and he said," Shut up."


Inside the mansion.

Everyone were eating and drinking and enjoying themselves.

" We should also celebrate their full moon celebration together." Mother Zhang said.

" I was thinking about that too." Mother Li said.

" Ahh this is gonna be so exciting." Mother Li said.

As the ladies were busy talking amongst themselves, the men were sitting in a corner discussing a very important thing.

" How many days?" Singtan asked.

Mike sighed and said," The doctor said that we have to wait for a month."

" A month?" Singtan asked.

Mike nodded his head and said," Yes a month."

" Seriously having a baby is no piece of cake." Singtan said.

Yutang chuckled and said," Look at you both complaining about your frozen sex life."

Mike smirked and said," Wait for a couple of months more then you will also complain about your frozen sex life."

Looking at his son peacefully sleeping on the crib, Singtan smiled and said," But he is worth it."

Mike chuckled and said," You are right."


Passing a bowl of soup to Yurin, Ming said," Here drink this."

Yurin smiled and said," Thank you elder sister."

Ming sat beside her and asked," How is this little one doing?"

Caressing her stomach, Yurin said," It troubles me sometimes."

Ming chuckled and said," Zian also used to trouble me a lot but now that I can hold him in my arms, touch him and feel him, I feel that it was all worth it. The amount of pain that I had to bear during my delivery was nothing compared to the immense joy and happiness I felt when the doctor placed him on my chest."

Grabbing Yurins hand, Ming said," Motherhood is a really weird yet happy feeling. Though it has just been a few days but I already feel so attached to Zian. I cannot stay away from him even for a minute."

Pausing for a while, Ming said," And I am sure that when you hold your little one, you'll also feel the same joy and happiness that I felt. This baby is going to change your life forever. And you have to cherish your baby and the new chance that God has given you."

Yurin smiled and nodded her head.


After everyone left, Singtan asked someone to shift the crib to their room.

He then guided the mother son pair to their room.


Inside the room.

After coaxing little Zian to sleep, Singtan hugged Xie Ming and said," Lets go, I'll show you our son's room.

" Room? When did you prepare one?" Ming asked.

" When you were at the hospital." Singtan said before grabbing her towards the baby's room.