After coaxing both mother and son pair to sleep, Singtan took out his phone and called Han Zihao.

" Boss." Zihao said.

" Come to the hospital." Singtan said.

Zihao nodded his head and said," Yes Boss."


After sometime, Zihao arrived at the hospital with some gifts for his little boss.

Passing them to his lady boss, Zihao said," Congratulations lady boss. All of us are really very happy."

Ming smiled and said," Thank you Mr assistant. Do you want to hold him?"

Zihaos eyes brightened and he asked excitedly," Can I?"

Ming chuckled and slowly nodded her head.

Passing the baby to Zihao, Ming said," You already know how to do this I guess."

Zihao smiled and nodded his head and asked," He is-"

" Li Zian." Ming said.

Looking at the baby, Zihao smiled and murmured," Hello little Zian, I am your uncle Han."

Just then Singtan entered the room and said," Be careful."

" En Boss I think little Zian has your nose and lips." Zihao said.

Singtan grinned and said," Everyone is saying that."

" Are you both going somewhere?" Ming asked taking the baby back from Zihao.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes. Come Zihao let's leave."

Zihao nodded his head and said," Okay Boss let me just pass this to our other lady boss." Before walking towards Anna.

After giving little Mian her gift, Zihao and Singtan left the hospital.


Baby store.

Singtan decided to shop from the same baby store again because Ming had said that everything that he had bought last time were good and the material was very super soft.

When Singtan entered the room, the manger quickly came rushing towards them and said," Welcome Mr Li."

When Singtan slightly nodded his head, the manager asked," Mr Li is there a problem in the things that we sent from here? Or did you forget to buy something?"

" I had a son." Singtan said without any change in his expression.

The word ' Son' was enough for the manager to understand what the matter was. Last time, Singtan had bought everything for a baby girl and now since he had a boy, he wanted to buy everything all over again.

" En Mr Li expect for the clothes that you bought last time, all the other things can be used for a baby boy as well. Like the bathtub, the towel, the...."

Cutting the manager off, Singtan said," The colours of those things are too girly. I don't want my son to become girly too."

Manager *_*

Zihao *_*

'What kind of logic is that? They are just babies why would colours even matter to them?' The manager thought.

" Ehh Boss it really doesn't matter." Zihao said in a very low voice.

" Zihao do you want your future boss to become girly?" Singtan asked.

Zihao immediately vigorously shook his head.

The store manager quickly composed himself and said," Okay Mr Li, I can help you change those items. You can choose the colours that you want and later, I'll send over someone to pick those up from your place."

" No need, I will buy new ones. I don't want to exchange." Singtan said.

When Zihao gave him a confused look, Singtan said," I am giving them to little Mian."

" Okay Mr Li so you want the same things again but in different colour right?" The manager asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes but I'll choose everything." Before walking towards the soft toys section.

Scanning his eyes all over the shelf, Singtan picked up the soft toys which were giving him boyish vibes.

He chose a buzz lightyear toy, minions, stuffed fluffy elephant, piglet and lion, stuffed caterpillar, dog, panda and a few other things. While choosing other things, Singtan kept in mind to choose boyish colours which were not too loud.

Though he had bought boys clothes the other time, Singtan still thought that it was less so he bought few more.

After making sure he bought everything, Singtan made the payment and asked Zihao to take everything to the Li Mansion. He also asked him to get the other items delivered to Mike's place.


Few days later.

Ming and Anna were getting discharged today and there was also a small family and friends celebration in the Li mansion.

The Zhang's, Li's and Xie's were busy making preparations and everyone was having a hard time finding a suitable gift for the little ones.

Father Xie quickly sent the crib which he had custom made for his grandchild to the Li mansion early in the morning.

Everyone was super excited to play and carry the little babies around. The arrival of the babies surely brought immense happiness and joy with them.


Li Mansion.

Ling rolled her eyes and said," No way pink has to be there."

" Exactly, it's not just Zian but even Mian will be here so we need to have pink." Dina said.

" What is pink? God why are you girls so obsessed with it?" Sebastian asked before stretching a blue balloon.

Snatching the balloon from his hand, Dina said," Pink is our code colour."

" Exactly we have to let little Mian know about our code colour." Ling said before picking up a pink balloon.

" There is no way Zian is seeing pink." Yufan said.

Moving forward, Ling narrowed her eyes and said." Do you even realise that I can make you walk around wearing a pink pant, shirt and a cute pink bunny hair band Yufan?"

" Yeah and I can make you walk around only wearing a pink underwear." Dina said before flicking Sebastian's head.

The two men cleared their throats and said," Uhh..hmm...I think we can adjust pink somewhere."

Just then Songpa and Beth arrived and said," We are here to help."

" Ahh Beth finally you are here come let's start the decoration." Ling said before picking up a pink balloon.

" So What is the plan? How are we doing it?" Beth asked.

" Hmm we gonna use pink and blue balloons." Dina said.

" Only pink and blue?" Songpa asked.

" Songpa don't argue over pink. RED ALERT! Do not argue over pink." Sebastian whispered.

Ignoring Sebastian, Songpa asked," Why don't we use white balloons as well?"

Pausing for a while, Songpa said," Well we can decorate one side with blue and white while the other side with pink and white. That way it will look nice and Little Zian ans Mian will like it too."

"Awwww." The three girls sequeled shocking the other three completely.

" Aahhh Songpa you are a genius." Ling said.

" Seriously you are so cute and the best at least better than these two fools." Dina said.

Giving Songpa a peck on his cheeks, Beth said," My baby is the best."

Yufan and Sebastian's frowned when they heard their woman happily praising some other man right in front of their eyes and nose.

" Huh even I could've suggested that." Yufan murmured.

" Same." Sebastian said.

" You two stop talking and start pumping." Dina said.



After the doctor finished running a few tests on the ladies, she said," Everything is normal but they both have to take care of themselves. They should not do any kind of heavy work and rest as much as possible. Eating healthy food is very important."

Singtan and Mike nodded their heads and taking a mental note of everything that the doctor was saying.

After the paediatrician finished checking the babies and assured that everything was okay, Mike and Singtan took their wife's and baby's home.