After a few hours when Ming woke up, she smiled when she saw Singtan slowly walking back and forth with their baby in his arms.

He had a bright smile on his face which immediately brightened her mood and warmed up her heart. She could say that Singtan was really very happy. Why wouldn't he be? He was a father now after all.

When Singtan saw Ming trying very hard to sit up straight, he quickly placed his little one on the crib and rushed towards her.

Holding her hand, Singtan helped her up and asked," How are you feeling? The doctor said that you've to eat green vegetables and healthy food to recuperate faster."

Ming smiled and said," I am fine Singtan. You worry too much."

Singtan sighed and pulled her into his embrace," I was scared. For a moment I thought that I-"

Cutting him off, Ming said," Is everything not okay now? So don't worry and don't stick to me like that, I haven't taken a bath yet."

Giving her a peck on her cheek, Singtan said," What makes you think that I care? And why wouldn't I stick to you? Now that this little monster is born, I am always going to stick to you. Remember Mrs Li? You've to get back on track after so many months of waiting. " Before inching closer but before he could go anywhere near her lips, a soft cry broke out which made Ming push Singtan away.

" Ahh my baby, I haven't seen him properly yet." Ming said.

Singtan frowned and got down from the bed.

Walking towards the crib, he narrowed his eyes and carefully lifted the baby into his arms and murmured," Wasn't taking my wife away for so many months enough? Little boy won't you let your dad have your mom for a little while now?"

In response, the little boy started crying louder.

Slowly swinging him, Singtan sighed and said," I'll take that as a no." before walking towards Ming.

" Now go to mama." Singtan said before passing the baby to Ming.

Ming's eyes watered after seeing her little one.

Holding him close to her chest, Ming said," Oh my God, he is so tiny."

Placing his hand on her shoulder, Singtan smiled and said," I know right? But isn't he adorable? And you know how cute he looks while sleeping and the way he opens his eyes from time to time, the way he stretches his little hands while sleeping and-"

Singtan stopped when he heard Ming's soft chuckle.

" Didn't you say that boys aren't cute? Boys are naughty and what was that hmm- having a hard time raising them. Now look at you showering praises of your son even when he opens his eyes." Ming said.

Singtan shrugged his shoulders and said," My son isn't like them. He is handsome, obedient and caring just like his father."

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes Yes he is and I want him to just like his father when he grows up."

Kissing the baby's forehead and then his wife's, Singtan said," Thank you so much for this Ming. You gave me everything that I wanted. Both of you are worth more than my life. You both complete me and I promise that I'll always protect you both."

Ming smiled and asked," So has daddy thought of a name?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes I have."

" Ahh look baby dad already has a name for you." Ming said before kissing the little ones small nose.

" Li Zian." Singtan said with a wide smile on his face.

" That is a lovely name." Ming said.

Just then the doctor entered the room.

Singtan quickly got up and let the doctor examine Ming properly.

" Everything seems normal. Mrs Li you have to now breastfeed little Li." The doctor said.

When Ming slowly nodded her head, the doctor said," Meanhwile I'll go and check Dr Anna."

" An? Why? What happened to her? Is she alright?" Ming asked.

The doctor smiled and said," Dr Anna had a premature delivery and gave birth to a baby girl. Little Li and little Zhang share the same birth date."

Ming smiled and said," An gave birth to a baby girl, ahh that is lovely. Where is she? Can I meet her?"

" I am right here Ming." Anna said.

When Mike drew the curtain open, Anna was sitting on the bed with her little one in her arms.

" Have the parents thought about names?" The doctor asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes, Li Zian."

Anna chuckled and said," Zhang Mian."

" Mian, That is a lovely name." Ming said.

" Zian and Mian sound so similar and adorable." The doctor said.

Looking at Ming, Anna let out a chuckle and said," They share the same birthday too."

Ming nodded her head and said," I know."

" Both of you need to breastfeed them." The doctor said.

" Singtan step out for a bit." Ming said.

" You too Mike, step out along with Singtan." Anna said.

Singtan and Mike frowned and said," But-" they stopped when their wife's gave them a fierce look.

Walking towards the door, Mike and Singtan murmured," It's not like I haven't seen it before." while walking outside.



" I had bought many baby things thinking that I'll have a daughter. I'll send everything over today. You don't have to buy anything for little Mian." Singtan said.

Mike grinned and said," I was planning to go baby shopping today but now I guess I don't have to."

" Yes you shouldn't but I have to go for baby shopping for my son." Singtan said.

Mike took a deep breath and said," I am feeling so light today but of course the tough phase starts from now."

" Hmm but we still shouldn't let our guard down. Simon's daughter is missing." Singtan said.

" I heard that Linda disfigured her." Mike said.

" Hmm Robbin is trying to find her and I have asked Zihao to help him too. Let's hope for the best." Singtan said.

" I don't think so she is gonna do anything. Isn't she alone now?" Mike said.

" But still we should take things lightly. We have two little additional lives to protect now." Singtan said.

Pausing for a while, Singtan asked," What about Delila's father?"

" The doctor in charge said that he is still in the initial stage and has a chance of getting cured." Mike said.

" Hmm ask the doctor to give him the best treatment." Singtan said.

Mike nodded his head and said," Okay."