Kissing his great-grandson's forehead, Grandpa Li said," My great-grandson is going to grow up and become the most handsome man in the world just like my other two great-grandsons. Huh don't underestimate my families genes. And your great-granddaughter will run behind him."

Grandma Zhang snorted and said," In your dreams Mosen, it will be your grandson who will run behind my granddaughter wagging his tail like a dog."

" That is never going to happen. Li's never run behind woman like that." Grandpa Li said.

" Yeah right because Li's are cowards who don't have the guts to confess their feelings." Grandpa Zhang said.

Just then the two little ones started crying together.

When their dads heard their soft muffled cries, they quickly rushed towards them and took them on their arms.

" If you old men want to fight, do it outside you are disturbing the kids." Grandma Li said.

" Lingtian started it."

" Mosen started it."

Grandpa Li and grandpa Zhang said together.

Grandma Li sighed and said," I think we should go and let the babies and their mommies take some rest."

" But we haven't held the babies yet." Yutang complained.

" Exactly his aunt and uncle are waiting here." Yufan said.

" You all can meet them later. For now let's go and leave them alone." Grandma Li said.

Grumpily and reluctantly, everyone left the room but assured that they would come back after a few hours.


After everyone left, Singtan and Mike looked at each other.

" What do you think?" Mike asked.

Singtan shook his head and said," I don't know."

" Should we or should we not?" Mike said.

" I think if we do it slowly, they won't get hurt." Singtan said.

Mike nodded his head and slowly started moving forward. Taking baby steps, he sat at the edge of the bed and started lightly swinging the little one.

After sometime, Singtan did the same thing. Slowly walking towards the bed, he sat at the edge and kept on staring at his son.

" They are so tiny Mike. So so tiny." Singtan said.

" I know right? She is more tiny than your son." Mike said softly caressing his angels cheeks.

" You wanna hold her for a minute?" Mike asked.

" Hmm I would love to but you have to hold him too and don't you dare move recklessly after that." Singtan said.

After exchanging the babies, they sat down in the same place.

" Singtan his nose is just like yours and his lips too." Mike said.

Singtan chuckled and said," She has your nose too but I think she got her lips from An."

" Aren't they adorable?" Mike asked.

" Yes they are." Singtan said.

Just then the little angel slowly opened her eyes and stretched her hands.

Singtans eyes sparkled when he saw how beautiful her eyes were.

Bending down, he kissed her forehead and said," Hey baby girl, I am your uncle Singtan."

" Ahh look at him Singtan he is opening his eyes." Mike said excitedly.

Just then the doctor entered the room and asked," Are the babies and mommies doing fine?"

Singtan and Mike quickly got up and asked," Are the babies healthy?"

The doctor nodded her her and said," Yes, little Li weighs seven pounds, seven ounces while Little Zhang being a little premature weighs five pounds, eight ounces. But both of them are healthy."

" We have to wait till there mommies wake up so that they can breast feed them for the first time which is very healthy for the baby." The doctor said.

Singtan and Mike nodded their heads.

Placing the babies on their respective cribs, Mike and Singtan sat near their wife's waiting for them to get up.


Xie mansion.

" God, I am so happy for brother-in-law and big sister." Yufan said.

Giving him a weak smile, Ling nodded her head.

Noticing her strange expression, Yufan asked," Babe what happened?" Before making her sit on his lap.

Ling hooked her arms around his neck and sighed," I just- when I saw the babies, I couldn't stop thinking about our baby whom-"

Cutting him off, Yufan said," There is no point being sad over something that happened in the past. We have a long future ahead of us. We can make as many babies as you want in the future."

Ling smiled and nodded her head.

Giving her a peck on her cheeks, Yufan said," And if you want to have one now, I don't mind- hey ouch."

Pulling his hair, Ling chuckled and said," Not now."

Giving her a peck on her lips, Yufan said," Now don't think about what happened in the past anymore, okay?"

Crashing their lips together, Ling slowly nodded her head unbuttoning his shirt.



" Ahh you people why didn't you tell me about this before? I would've gone to the hospital straight away from the airport." Grandpa Go said.

" The baby is fine father. I'll take you there later." Father Xie said.

" Huh I missed my other granddaughters delivery but I am not going to miss Yurins due date. I'll stay in the hospital until my great-grandchild is born." Grandpa Go said.

Yurin smiled and slowly nodded her head whose due date was in four weeks.

Everyone in the mansion had willingly accepted her and Aunt Yulin used to prepare healthy food for her everyday and take care of her other necessities.

Father Xie used to bring everything that she craved and had also started buying few things which his grandchild would need after it was born.

Yufan used to take her to the hospital for regular checkups and Ling used to accompany her often.

In the Xie household, Yurin had got back her place and was living a very healthy and prosperous life. Everyone used to dote on her especially Grandpa Go. Everyone thought she and had changed but was that really the truth? Had Yurin really changed for the better? Or something vicious was going around in that stupid brain of hers?

Everyone thought that the child in her stomach would change her into a whole new person. Motherhood would make her a better person but the big question is, will that ever happen?