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 Singtan breathed a sigh of relief. Ming was okay and that was the only thing he wanted.

Crashing on the couch, Singtan started taking deep breaths to calm himself down. He was scared to death. Never in his entire life had he felt so anxious and nervous.

Patting his brothers shoulder, Quin chuckled and said," Seriousky it looks like big brother delivered a child and not sister-in-law."

Yutang laughed and said," That's right. I mean just look at him."

Singtans super messy hair, crumbled clothes, his pale and sweaty face was making him look no better than a woman who had just given birth.

Ignoring their teasing, Singtan took out a handkerchief and started wiping his sweat when he saw a certain someone standing like a statue not very far away from him.

Placing his hand on Mike's shoulder, Singtan asked," Mike? Are you okay?"

Mike vigorously shook his head and said," No no nothings right. W-we weren't ready for this. We did not get the hospital bag, the reports, the-the we have nothing. And the baby wasn't supposed to come before two weeks then how? What do I do now? Anna was not ready, I am not ready and and-"

" Alright Mike calm down, take a few deep breaths and don't worry, everything is going to be okay." Singtan said.

" Says the man who himself was going to faint a few minutes ago." Yutang said.

Just then Anna was pushed out of the labor room.

Mother Li who had gone to inform the Zhang family about Anna's condition came back and saw the boys talking amongst themselves, she frowned and shouted," Why are you all happily talking amongst yourself? Singtan go and see how your wife is doing and Mike you should be with Anna right now. Yutang look at Yixi, her face looks so pale and she is looking so tired and Quin do you have any idea where your sons are?"

After getting a good dose of scolding from Mother Li, the men quickly scattered here and there.

" Ahhh Mike." Anna shouted.

Mike quickly rushed towards her and caught her hand," It's alright babe I am here."

Clutching onto Mike's shirt, Anna groaned in pain," The baby it wasn't...Aahhh."

" We have to take Dr Anna to the other labor room." The nurse said.

Anna was then pushed into the nearby labor room and Mike entered the room along with her.


When Yutang saw Yixi sitting on the bench in a daze, he quickly rushed towards her and asked," Yixi what happened? Are you fine? Should I call the doctor?"

" That that I cannot." Yixi murmured.

" What do you mean?" Yutang asked.

" What Ming and Anna are doing, I cannot." Yixi said.

Clutching onto Yutang's collar, Yixi shouted," It's just one baby and they are shouting and screaming, Yutang I have two babies. What will happen when I-"

Yutang cupped her face and said," Okay Okay just calm down, calm down. Nothing is going to happen, it's gonna be alright."

" Alright? What do you know? You don't have to push a baby out of you." Yixi shouted.


When Ming was pushed out of the room, she was still unconscious.

Singtan quickly rushed towards his wife and said," Ming."

" She is still tired but Mrs Li will wake up after sometime." The nurse said.

Singtan nodded his head and followed them.


Inside the labor room.

" Okay Dr Anna you have to start pushing know." The doctor said.

" Ahhhh this...is...all....your...fault." Anna shouted.

Mike, who was on the verge was crying nodded his head and said," Yes yes we are never doing this again."

" Dr Anna don't stop pushing." The doctor said.

After pushing for quite some time, Anna let go Mikes shirt and breathed heavily.

After few seconds, a soft cry broke out which melted Mike's heart.

Wrapping the baby in a towel, the doctor said," Congratulations Dr Mike, it's a baby girl." Before placing the little angel in his arms.

Mike could feel a lump stuck in his throat when he saw his little angel. He could feel his eyes burning when the doctor placed the baby in his arms.

Turning towards Anna, Mike smiled and murmured," Thank you." and a tear trickled down his cheeks.

Anna eyes watered too when she saw the father and daughter pair.

" We have to check her vitals and also put her inside the incubator for sometime." The doctor said.


Ming and Anna were kept in the same room which was bigger than the rest of the rooms in the hospital and also had a curtain partition in it because they did not want everyone to rush from one room to another to see them and the new little ones.

Anna and Ming were still asleep when the nurses brought the two babies inside the room.

The Li, Xie, Zhang and the Yang family members were excitedly who were excitedly waiting for the babies quickly got up in excitement.

Little Li was wrapped up in a small blue blanket while Little Zhang was wrapped up in a pink one.

Walking towards the babies, Mother Li and mother Zhang quickly took their grandkids from the nurses hand.

" Ahhh they are so adorable." Mother Li said lovingly looking at her grandson. She felt immense joy and happiness in her heart. She knew that this little one would bring a lots and lots of happiness in the whole Li family.

" Ahh mom even we want to hold the baby." Quin said who very excited to hold his nephew.

" Yes even we want to hold our little brother." Sam and Ben said.

" Huh step aside all of you, first the head of the family will hold his great-grandchild." Grandpa Li said.

" No one will hold the baby before the father." Grandma Li said.

Mother Li nodded her head and started walking towards Singtan.

" Here son, hold your son." Mother Li said before teaching Singtan how to do that.

After placing the baby in Singtans arms, Mother Li took a step back.

When Singtan saw the squishy little thing in his arms, he felt overwhelmed, happy and scared at the same time. He panicked even more when the little one snuggled closer.

Singtans heart bloomed in happiness when his little son broke out a small smile.

" Ahh looks like the little one recognised his father." The nurse said.

Singtan felt nothing but proud of his little son. He had always wanted a daughter and was against the idea of having a son but right now nothing mattered.

The more he stared at the little thing, the more emotional he felt. His eyes started welling up and a tear trickled down his cheek.

Bending down, Singtan lightly kissed little Li's forehead and murmured," Welcome son."

" Brother Singtan are you crying?" Sebastian asked.

" Oh my God, Mr Li is crying." Yixi said.

" Okay Okay stop all this and start passing the babies to us." Grandpa Li said.

Mother Li took the baby from Singtan hand and started walking towards grandpa Li.

Taking the baby in his hand, Grandpa Li grinned in happiness and excitement.

Kissing his great-grandchild's forehead, Grandpa Li said," You cheeky brat welcome to the family and I hope when you grow up, you will give me great-great granddaughter."

Everyone burst into laughter when they heard that.

" What? Our Li family is cursed with only boys. We need to have girls too. Our households needs more girls." Grandpa Li said.

Lightly touching grandpa Li's shoulder, Grandpa Zhang said," Ahhh are you talking about a cute little girl like my great-grandchild." before showing off the little angel in his arms.

Grandpa Li's eyes softened when he saw the little baby girl.