Quin sighed and said," No Ben, you should not say something like that for you Elder. Your auntie is a big girl and big people don't pee on their pants."

Ben frowned and said," Dad you are not understanding, Auntie needs help. She said to call uncle. Auntie is choking and also peed her pants."

Quin widened his eyes in shock and said," Oh my God brother I think-" He stopped when he saw Singtan sitting up on the bed in a daze.

Quin caught Singtans shoulders and shook it vigorously and said," Big brother I think sister-in-law's water broke. Hurry up, get up we have to take her to the hospital."

When Singtan somewhere heard 'water-broke' he jumped down from the bed and started rushing here and there murmuring," Okay Okay Okay hospital bag? Where is the hospital bag? Baby card? Car keys? Where? Oh my God, this is not my room. What am I doing here? No no I shouldn't be here I should be in my room."

When Quin saw his brother panicking like that, he quickly rushed towards him, caught his shoulders and said," Big brother calm down. Take a deep breath, deep breath."

Singtan nodded his head and took a deep breath.

" Yes yes just like that." Quin said.

When Singtan finally calmed down, Quin said," Sister-in-law needs you the most right now. You cannot panic like this. You should go to your room, retrieve the things while I go and prepare the car Okay?"

Singtan slowly nodded his head and rushed towards his room.


Meanwhile, Downstairs.

After Ben left and when Sam saw his auntie groaning in pain and clutching onto a cushion, he panicked too.

Pressing Ming's hand between his two little chubby ones, Sam started rubbing it and said," Auntie breathe."

When he saw beads of sweat on her forehead, Sam grabbed a tissue paper, got up on the couch and started dabbing Ming's forehead. He then got down and started rubbing her palms again.

Carrying the hospital bag which had everything that they were going to need including the baby welcome cards, Singtan came rushing downstairs, skipping the stairs and almost tripping.

" Ming Ming I am here I am here." Singtan said before grabbing her hand.

Pulling his collar, Ming shouted," Where the hell were you? And this is all your fault ahhhh do something."

" Yes yes I'll take you to the hospital." Singtan said.

Stretching his small hands, Sam said," Uncle, I'll hold the bag for you."

Passing little Sam his bag, Songtan slowly scooped Ming into his arms and rushed outside.

" Uncle you are not wearing any shoes." Sam shouted.

Rushing upstairs, Sam said," I'll get your slippers."

Clutching onto his shirt, Ming groaned and said," It's all your fault."

Singtan gulped in nervousness and said," I'll take you to the hospital. Don't worry."

Sam came downstairs holding his uncles shoes and placed it in front of Singtan.

Singtan quickly wore them and rushed towards the car.

Little Sam picked up the bag and kept on dragging it towards the door with great difficulty.

When Ben came down and saw his brother struggling, he quickly rushed towards him and gave him a hand.

When the two brothers finally managed to drag it outside, they heard their father shout," Sam, Ben come on hop in."

One of the guards helped the little ones with the bag and also helped them to hop inside the car.

" Ahhh Singtan do something." Ming shouted clutching in to his collar tighter almost making him choke.

When Singtan saw her pale and sweaty face, he froze. Not knowing what to do, Singtan could only shout at his brother," Drive faster."

" Okay Okay." Quin said before starting the engine and driving out of the mansion.

Passing his phone to his little boys, Quin said," Find your grandmas number and give her a call."

The two little boys quickly grabbed the phone and gave their grandma a call.


Zhang Mansion.

Mike was feeding Anna when he received a call from mother Li.

" Okay Okay we'll be there as soon as possible." Mike said.

" What happened?" Anna asked.

" Ming's water broke, they are taking her to the hospital." Mike said.

" Ahhh we have to rush." Anna said before getting down from the bed.

" Babe at least finish your food first." Mike said.

Wearing her flip flops, Anna said," There is no time. We have to leave immediately."

" Wait here let me get your coat." Mike said.

Just then Anna felt a slight pain in her lower abdomen which lasted only a second or two.

Seeing the change in her expression, Mike asked," What happened An? Are you okay?"

Anna nodded her head and said," Hmm I am okay. Come let's go."



When Singtan and the rest arrived at the hospital, Ming was laid on a stretcher and rushed towards the labor room.

Just then, Anna, Mike, the whole Li family and Xie family along with Sebastian and Dina arrived at the hospital.

" Ming don't worry keep taking deep breaths okay. Don't panic everything is going to be okay." Anna said before making her way towards the labor room.

" Singtan, you need to sign some papers." Mike said.

Mike frowned when Singtan did not say anything. Walking towards him, Mike shook his shoulders and asked," Singtan?"

Coming out of his stupor, Singtan said," huh?"

" Papers." Mike said.

" Ya ya papers." Singtan said.

Turning towards Ming, Singtan said," I'll be back in a minute Okay." Before following Mike.

Passing him the papers, Mike said," You have to sign this."

" Ya pen? I don't have a pen? Oh my God how could I forget to bring a pen?" Singtan shouted.

Mike widened his eyes in shock and said," Relax Singtan it's just a pen, I have one." Before passing him one.

" Right right, it's just a pen." Singtan said before taking the pen in his hand.

Mike raised his eyebrows when he saw Singtans trembling hands.

Glancing at his messy signature, Mike chuckled and asked," Singtan are you ner-" Mike widened his eyes in shock when he realised that Singtan was already gone.


"Everything is ready." the nurse said.

While Ming was being pushed inside the labor room, she shouted," Where is my husband? Where is Singtan?"

" Honey Singtan has gone to sign the papers." Father Xie said.

" Call him Ahhhh call Singtan." Ming shouted.

" I-I am here I am here." Singtan said before grabbing Ming's hand.