Two weeks later.

Groaning and figiting on the bed, Ming threw a pillow on Singtans face who was sleeping soundly beside her.

Singtan gasped and quickly got down from the bed and murmured," Okay okay I got it. Bag, car keys, wallet, Ben and Sam's welcome baby card and-"

" Singtan." Ming shouted.

" Ohh ya and of course you. Come come let's go." Singtan said before stretching his hands towards her.

Smacking his hand away, Ming shouted," My water is still intact, I am okay and nothing is happening."

Singtan breathed and sigh of relief and said," Ohh thank God I thought your water broke."

" I cannot sleep and there you are snoring like an eighty year old fat man." Ming shouted.

Stretching her hand towards him, Ming said," I have never felt this uncomfortable in my entire life."

Helping her up, Singtan said," It's fine, the doctor said it's quite normal if you are late by a week or so."

Ming frowned and shouted," What do you know? You are not the one who is carrying a human being so don't fucking comment."

Singtan gulped in nervousness and chose not to say anything.

Ming was running a week late and had suddenly become very short tempered and started getting  irritated with everything.

" Now help me, I need to pee." Ming said.

After coming out of the washroom, Singtan helped her settle down on the bed and said," I'll get you some ginger tea, you will feel better."

Sudden Ming grabbed his hand and wrapped her arms around his waist and said," I am sorry, I shouldn't have shouted like that but I feel so helpless and get irritated very fast these days. God, please don't hate me."

Squatting down, Singtan said," Silly how can I hate you? And you don't have to apologize.I totally understand how you are feeling right now."

" Do you think we did something wrong? Or I did something wrong? It's already been a week and the baby is still not showing any sign of coming out." Ming said.

Caressing her stomach, Singtan said," May be you have created such a lovely atmosphere in there that the baby doesn't want to come out of you."

Pausing for a while, Singtan asked," Do you want to try that position again?"

Ming shook her head and said," No, you won't be able to sleep that way and even your back will hurt."

" It's fine, I have slept enough." Singtan said before climbing on the bed.

Sitting up straight, Singtan said," Come."

Moving towards him, Ming sat in between his legs and leaned against his chest.

Singtan intertwined their hands their hands together and asked," Better?"

When Singtan did not get any answer, he tilted his head to see what had happened.

He smiled when he saw her soundly sleeping against his chest. Singtan knew she hadn't slept properly did many days. Though this position was not comfortable for him and gave him a back ache, he didn't mind as long as his Ming was at ease.


By the time Ming woke up, it was almost past afternoon the next day.

Ming's heart ached when she saw the difficult position in which Singtan was sleeping.

Nudging his arm, Ming woke him up and said," Singtan sleep properly."

Singtan gasped and woke up and asked," What happened? Your water broke?"

Ming shook her head and said," No it didn't, I just wanted you to sleep properly."

Singtan took a deep breath and said," It's fine, did you sleep well?"

" I feel much better now." Ming said.

" Come I'll help you freshen up." Singtan said before getting down from the bed.


In the evening, Ming was sitting in the living room eating fruits along with Ben and Samuel that mother Li was peeling for them.

" Did you take your meds darling?" Mother Li asked.

" Singtan gave me those a little while ago." Ming said.

" Meili let's leave." Father Li said.

Placing the fruits on the plate, Mother Li said," Finish them all. Sam, Ben make sure your aunty finishes everything okay?"

The two boys nodded their heads and said," Okay Grandma."

" We will be back in an hour Okay?" Mother Li said.

" Are Grandpa and Grandma going too?" Ming asked.

" Yes, It's just a small charity function. We will be back soon." Grandma Li said.

" Alright, enjoy and don't worry about me." Ming said.

" Take care darling." Mother Li said before leaving the mansion.



" Ya ya right there." Singtan said groaning in pain.

Massaging the pain relief ointment on his brother's back, Quin chuckled and asked," Did sister-in-law throw something on your back?"

" No, I just slept in a very uncomfortable position last night." Singtan said.

" Hmmm, you should take care of all these things now. Since you are growing old your bones-"

Cutting him off, Singtan asked," Wait what? Who is growing old? Me? Huh you have two five year old sons and I am growing old. Nice joke."

" Well truth is hard to accept." Quin said.

" Keep shut and apply the ointment properly. I don't want your sister-in-law know about this." Singtan said.

Quin nodded his head and said," Yes Boss."



" Ben, Sam don't you have any homework?" Ming asked.

When both of them nodded their heads, Ming said," Okay so go and get your books, let me help you both."

Sam and Ben quickly rushed towards their room and brought their bags out.

Taking out their drawing book, they showed Ming their homework.

Just then Ming felt something dripping down her legs and also felt a strong contraction which made her scream in pain.

Sam and Ben panicked when Ming held her back and started breathing heavily.

" Auntie what happened?" Sam asked.

When Ben saw water on the floor dripping down Ming's legs, he said," I think aunty peed her pants and is now choking."

" No stupid aunty cannot breath properly." Sam said.

" Call...your.. uncle.. aaahh." Ming somehow managed to say. She had never experienced such a terrible pain in her entire life.

" Ben run and call uncle and dad." Sam said.

Ben nodded his head and quickly rushed upstairs.



Banging at the door, Ben shouted," Uncle, dad open."

When Quin opened the door, Ben rushed inside and said," Uncle, aunty peed on her pants and is now breathing heavily."