Inside a big luxurious building of country S, a man in his twenties was sitting inside his office with a grieve and gloomy expression.

Wrapped in a custom made suit, He looked exceptionally handsome. His greenish-blue eyes and long eyelashes, his pink kissable lips , his perfectly sized arms and legs and his perfect jawline made him look exceptionally handsome and attractive

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One of the richest man in country S, the cold and aloof CEO of the most renowned multinational company , Li corporation and the most eligible bachelor in the world, Twenty-seven years old Li Singtan was sitting in his office cursing himself for being so cowardly and sly.

Just as he was busy cursing and scolding himself, a knock echoed in the room.

Li Singtan frowned and threw a paper holder towards the door ," I told you people not to disturb me. Are you people courting death? Get the fuck out of here."

Taken aback by the sudden yelling, Han Zihao, Li Singtan's assistant was scared," Sir it is really very important. It is abo....." Before he could finish talking, another object came flying towards him. Luckily because of his fast reflexes, Han Zihao quickly dodged it.

"Are you sick of your life and job?" Li Singtan shouted.

Han Zihao did not know whether to cry or laugh but he knew that if he failed to inform his boss about this he would definitely lose his job or may be even his life.

Gathering all his guts and courage, he said," Sir....." Zihao widened his eyes in shock when he saw Li Singtan picking up his laptop, ready to throw it towards him.

Swallowing the rest of his words and he quickly moved towards the couch to take cover. He then closed his eyes and shouted," Its about Ms Ming."

Hearing her name, Li Singtan's heart skipped a beat," What happened?"

Seeing a change in Li Singtan's face, Han Zihao quickly got up and sighed in relief ," Ms Ming marriage has been cancelled. It turns out that Chen Siquan and Xie Yurin were already married and were playing tricks with Ms Xie Ming."

After hearing this, One part of Li Singtan's heart wanted to strangle Chen Siquan to death for playing tricks with his Xie Ming while the other part of his was secretly thanking him for setting his Ming free for him to court.

"Find Ms Xie Ming's whereabouts and get the car ready." Saying this Li Singtan got up and straightened his suit before walking out of his office.

"Yes sir". As Han Zihao saw his cold and aloof boss walk out of the office.

After Singtan left, he finally relaxed and sat on the couch.

He did not know why his boss was so interested in Xie Ming but the one thing that he was very sure about was that she was a very important person.

His boss had asked him to keep a close eye on Ms Ming and inform him about her very movement.

Last week when Han Zihao told his boss about Ms Ming's wedding, for the whole week each and every single employee of Li corporation, all the subsidiaries both domestic and international had suffered. No one had taken a rest since then. And today his boss had locked himself in the office and asked everyone not to disturb him even if the company collapsed.

As Han Zihao was busy in his thoughts, he heard a fierce shout ,"HAN ZIHAO".

Shocked by the sudden call, Han Zihao got up and started walking out of the office,"Coming sir."