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 Five weeks later.

Ming was about to take out her clothes from the wardrobe when Singtan stopped her.

" No no don't do that." Singtan said before opening the wardrobe and taking out her dress which she was suppose to wear in the wedding.

Placing the dress on the bed, Singtan said," Come, I'll help you bathe."

Ming sighed and nodded her head.

Ever since Singtan took a maternity leave from his office, he had been nagging and clinging onto her 24*7. As her due date was nearing, the man was becoming extra careful and too strict regarding everything. But under Singtans constant care, Ming had gained lots of weight. The frequent leg cramps that she used to get had reduced a lot because Singtan used to massage her feet twice a day for an hour everyday. Singtan used to do everything for her. He used to feed her, help her bathe, take her for walks in the garden whenever she wanted to breathe in some fresh air and all Ming had to do was eat and rest for the entire day.

Sitting inside the bathtub, Ming asked," At what time do we have to reach there?"

Slowly massaging her scalp, Singtan said," Robbin wanted us to come early like others but Mike and I told him that it's not possible since it's inconvenient for you and Anna. So we will go there a few minutes before the ceremony starts."

" Hmm are Mike and Anna coming with us too?" Ming asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes they are."

Leaning against him, Ming smiled and said," I seriously cannot believe that after one week, we will be able to see this little one."

Caressing her stomach, Singtan said," Hmmm, I hope it will behave after it is born."'and leave my wife alone' Singtan said in his mind.

" Raising a child is a very big responsibility and we have to play that part really very well." Ming said.

" Yes, I know. But we have grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, father and so many other people to help us out so it's not gonna be that hard." Singtan said.

" I hope so." Ming said.


After everything was sorted, Robbin and Linda decided to get married.

They were holding a simple ceremony with some close friends and family.

Since Linda had no one from her side, the Li family decided to be on her side and father Li would walk her down the aisle.

They wanted to have a destination wedding but later changed the idea because Ming and Anna were not allowed to fly.

The whole Chen, Xie and the Li family were busy making preparations for the wedding since many days.

Robbin chose Yutang and Yufan as his best men while Linda chose Ling and Dina as her maid of honor.


Inside the car.

Singtan Ming and Anna were sitting in the back seat while Mike was sitting in the passenger seat.

Ming and Anna were wearing maternity gowns while Mike was wearing a dark blue suit and Singtan was wearing a grey suit.

Anna. who had just stepped into her ninth month of pregnancy, grabbed Ming's hand and said," Oh my God Ming you due date is just a week away Ahh I am so excited for you."

Ming chuckled and said," So am I."

" You don't have to worry about anything. I have already arranged everything and the doctor who will be in charge of your delivery is very nice and experienced so you don't have to worry and I will also be there with you for the whole time." Anna said.

" Thank you so much An." Ming said.


Wedding Hall.

Inside the dressing room.

Linda was wearing a beautiful floral white gown which had frills in the lower ends. She had her hair tied into a beautiful bun and had very light makeup on.

" Ahh you beautiful sister Linda." Ling said.

" Ya brother Robbin is going faint today." Dina said.

Linda chuckled and said," Thank you."

Just then father Li knocked at the door and asked," Can I come in?"

" Yes you can." Ling said.

After stepping into the room, Father Li smiled and said," You are looking beautiful darling."

" Thank you so much uncle." Linda said.

Taking out a box from his pocket, Father Li said," Here, this is for you and I want you to wear it today." before giving it to Linda.

Opening the box, Linda gasped and said," This is a beautiful uncle but you didn't have to-"

Cutting her off, Father Li said," I always wanted to have a daughter but God gave me two stupid sons. I have always wanted to walk down the aisle hand in hand with my daughter. Just when I thought I would never be able to fulfil my wish, you came in. Trust me honey, I am more nervous than you are. So take his as a token of love from your father. I am like you father, aren't I?"

Linda's eyes welled up and she have Father Li a hug," Thank you so much."

Patting her head, Father Li said," Now now don't cry, you'll spoil your makeup."

" Come sister Linda, we will help you wear this." Dina said.

After wearing the pendant and earrings that Father Li has gifted her, Linda and father Li walked out of the dressing room, hand in hand.



The band started playing a very light music when the best man and maid of honour walked inside. Yufan and Ling entered together while Dina accompanied Yutang.

The music changed into a soothing one when Linda and father Li started walking down the aisle.

Robbin, who was dressed in all white suit smiled when he saw his love walking towards him with a beautiful smile on her face.

Placing Linda's hand on Robbins hand, Father Li said," Break her heart and I'll break your bones."

Linda chuckled and gave father Li a hug before standing beside Robbin.

As the couple were taking their wedding vows, Singtan intertwined their hands together and asked," Ming don't you feel angry with me for not giving you a proper wedding like this?"

Ming smiled and said," You've already given me more than a proper wedding Singtan and we are already having a child together so there is no need for anything."

" But still, having a big and nice wedding is every woman's dream." Singtan said.

" It's fine." Ming said.

" Nothing is fine but I'll fix it." Singtan said before wrapping his arms around her.

After taking the vows, Robbing lifted Linda's veil and pressed their lips together.

" You are looking so beautiful." Robbin said.

Placing her hand on his neck, Linda chuckled and said," And you are looking very handsome."

" Thank you for coming into my life and making it wonderful." Robbin said.

Pressing their foreheads together, Linda said," Someone is going to come and it will make it more beautiful."

Pausing for a while, Linda looked into Robbins eyes and said," I am pregnant, we are going to have a baby."

" What?" Robbin shouted.

" Shhh don't shout." Linda chuckled and said.

" Oh my God Linda, I love you." Robbin said before giving her a tight hug.

Kneeling down, Robbin kissed her flat tummy and said," I love you both."