Li base.

Stephen woke up when someone poured a bucket of cold water all over him.

Coughing and gasping to catch a breath when Stephen woke up, his expression turned pale when he saw a certain someone sitting right in front of him rubbing his chin.

" Sometimes I wonder, why does God make such horrible creatures like you? People like you are just a burden to the society and nothing else." Sebastian said.

Pausing for a while, Sebastian laughed and said," And since you are already dead for the society it is easy for me to kill you."

Pointing towards Stephen's hands, he asked," Are these the hands with which you touched my woman? And" pointing towards his eyes, he continued," Are these the dirty eyes with which you see my woman?"

" Please let me go and I promise I'll never bother Dina." Stephen said. Right now all he wanted to get out of this place. He did not care if he had to beg or rub his nose on the dirty ground. He just wanted to be out of this cold and dark and irie place.

Throwing his head backwards, Sebastian laughed and said," Let you go so that you can rape and molest more woman and spoil their lives?"

Pausing for a while, Sebastian said," You did not even let your little sister go-oh wait you aren't a Beck so you fantasising about Dina is totally normal for you right?"

" Forget about Dina, you did not even let the man who treated you a hundred times better than his own son and daughter go. You kept on scheming against his back and was all ready to throw him out if you hadn't fallen in our tarp." Sebastian said.

" That man was stupid enough to fall into my trap. He was stupid enough to believe me more than his son and daughter. I just used to stupidity and tried to lure him out. So it isn't my fault." Stephen said.

" But still he treated you like his own son though you weren't but instead of being thankful, you tried to stab his back along with your biological father." Sebastian said.

" So? So what if he treated me like his son? It is his fault for doing that. I knew since a really long time that he isn't my father but he was stupid enough to not learn the truth. That stupid man did not even notice that how different I look. I have my father's eyes but he never ever noticed." Stephen shouted.

" Because he loved you Stephen." Sebastian said.

" And I hate him. My mom died because of him. My father cannot walk around freely because Charles Beck forced him to do illegal things in the past and now countless number of people are after his life. Everything happened because of that Charles and I wanted to kill him." Stephen said.

Sebastian smiled and said," Thanks for saying that." Rubbing his hands together, he said," Now let's get started."


Outside the cell.

Standing near the door, Charles Beck was leaning against the wall to support himself. The old man had completely broken down after hearing everything that Stephen had said.

Leo, who was standing beside him mockingly smiled. He felt nothing but disgust for his so called biological father.

" You always placed him before Dina and me. You gave him everything that was supposed to be ours. You abandoned your wife and your kids for him. You were even ready to get me killed for him. Forget about everything else, you did not even believe when Dina cried in front of you saying that Stephen tried to-" Leo stopped mid-way and took a deep breath. He could feel intense emotions building inside him.

Placing his hand on his father's shoulders, Leo said," No matter what you are Father. Though we don't have the father and son bond between us but still it's against my mothers ethics and upbringing if I do anything bad to you. I cannot kill you Father neither can I curse you. I just hope you have realised where you went wrong. Don't bother coming after us because none of us will forgive you." before walking away.

As Charles Beck saw Leo's retreating back, his vision became blurry. Tears started rolling down his cheeks which never stopped.

Sitting on the floor, he kept on crying for a really really long time regretting over everything that he had done. But it was too late for regrets. He had already lost everything that he had.


After driving himself out of the Li clan, Leo straightaway drove towards Rushi entertainments.

Daina was getting ready to leave when her assistant told her that she had a visitor.

After knowing who it was, she thought for a while before letting him in.

" How is your wound?" Leo asked.

Placing her stuff inside her bag, Daina asked," What do you want Mr Beck?"

Leo chuckled and said," Mr Beck sounds so weird when you say it Daina."

" If there is nothing, I'll take my leave." Daina said before walking towards the door.

Just then Leo caught her wrist and pulled her towards himself and said," I am here to talk to you babe."

Gesturing her assistant to leave, Daina mockingly smiled and asked," What? Are you here to tell me how different we are and how we can never be together again?"

Months ago, Daina had gone for a long vacation in the US to freshen her mind and that is the time she met Leonardo Beck through a common friend. They started catching up and unexpectedly clicked quite well.

For the two months that she was in the US, Daina had spent each and every day with him and eventually had fallen for him really very hard. But when she confessed her feelings to Leo, he straightaway denied saying that they were poles apart and nothing could ever happen between them. He also said that he was just flinging her and had someone else in his heart.

This broke Daina's heart into teeny tiny pieces. Without saying anything, she left US the very next day and came back to country S to change for the better. Yes, the unexpected encounter with Leo and his rejection changed Dainas initial unruly character.

Leo shook his head and said," No, I am here to tell you about how compatible we are and how much I miss you."

At that time, Leo had also fallen for this exceptionally beautiful woman he had met unexpectedly.

He loved everything about her and had also fallen for her but Leo knew this wasn't the right time to indulge himself in any kind of romantic relationship because there were many things he had to take care of and he did not want to involve Daina in the mess that he had yet to deal with. But when Daina suddenly confessed her feelings to him, he panicked and said whatever he could think of at that time.

Leo knew Daina was from country S and that is also one of the reasons why he readily agreed on settling down in country S.

Now since everything was over and under his gasp, Leo wanted to make it up to her. He wanted to make her his no matter what. And Leo was determined to do so.

Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she said," Please don't do this Leo, please. I don't want to hurt myself more. Please let me go."

Wiping her tears away, Leo said," I am not letting you Daina, not this time. I am sorry for what I did last time but there were so many things that I had to be taken care of and I didn't want to involve you in that mess so I- I am sorry baby, please forgive me. I'll make it up to you. I'll do everything that you want me to. I am even ready to be your slave but please don't go away from me please." Before inching closer and clashing his lips against hers.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Daina passionately returned his kiss and the two of them kissed each other like there was no tomorrow.

Everything was now over. With Simon, Junjop and everybody gone, Singtan and the rest could breathe a sigh of relief and could lead a stress free and trouble free life.

But was all the trouble really over?