Horus widened his eyes in shock when he heard Songpa's words. Why would someone complain about his eyes not being balled or pricked properly?

Everything that Songpa was doing was giving Horus a really creepy feeling and he knew that things were going to be tough for him.

Opening his tool box, Songpa took out a sharp pencil kind of a thing which was made up of iron and said," You see this? This is one of my favourite babies with the help of which I am going to prick your eyes and later" taking out a tool which had a flat surface, he continued," ball your pricked eyes out with this. But don't worry because that will happen much later because first there are many things that I need to do."

" Don't do this please let me go. I will compensate you for what I did to your family back then. I will do whatever you want but please don't do this." Horus said.

Songpa let out a mocking smirk and asked," Compensate? How? Can you bring them back to life? Can you? No right?"

Inching closer, Songpa picked up a blade and placed it on Horus' neck and said," You slitted their neck right? And and" dragging the blade all the way to his forehead making sure to dig the blade inside his skin while doing that, Songpa continued," You shot her here right?"

Horus flinched in pain when the sharp blade pierced his skin.

Songpa tilted his head and said," But don't worry, I won't give you such an easy death because you don't deserve it."

Cheekily smiling, Songpa picked up his favourite plier and said," Now let's start with the basic once."

Gesturing the men to hold Horus in one place, Songpa caught his right hand and said," Ahhh what pretty nails." Before pulling out the his thumb nail.

" Ahhhhhhh." Horus screamed in pain. He has never felt so much pain in his entire life.

" Tch Tch I wish you had longer me nails, now I have to first cut your flesh with the blade and then pull them out but don't worry, I know what to do it." Songpa said before pulling out his pinky nail.

Horus screamed and shouted with all his might, he begged and begged Songpa to let him go but Songpa did not stop. And why would he? He had destroyed a seven years old future and his life without showing any mercy. And now how could he expect Songpa to show mercy on him?

Songpa was lucky that he found Singtan but what if he didn't? Would Songpa be still alive if God wouldn't have blessed him?

The unexpected encounter with his Big brother saved Songpa's life and also encouraged and helped him to leave all the bad memories behind and cherish the new once.

Though Songpa was fine and psychologically stable now but he would never let go of the man who caused everything.

Songpa could never forget how mercilessly his family members were killed by the man sitting in front of him. And since his big brother had taken so much trouble looking for Horus so that Songpa would get his revenge, how could he not do justice to his big brother's hard work and efforts?

After pricking out all the ten fingers and toe nails, Songpa placed Horus' hand on a table and then chopped off his fingers.

Horus screamed and shouted in pain. Even the guards who were holding him couldn't help but shiver in fear when they saw the whole scenario.

As Horus' blood splashed all over Songpa's face, he felt immense pleasure and his heart felt super light. His eyes turned red and tears started rolling down his cheeks.

After chopping off everything, Songpa pricked both of his eyes and balled them out.

" Let Go." Songpa said to the guards and as soon as they did that, Horus collapsed on the ground.

Placing his tools back, Songpa walked out of the room.


After sometime when Zihao entered the room because Singtan had asked him to clear the mess and take care of the body after Songpa was done, he widened his eyes in shock when he saw the miserable condition of the body.

The body had no fingers and toes. Horus' tongue, ears and nose was lying on the ground covered in blood and his eyes were rolling on the ground like a ping pong ball.

Zihao couldn't help but shiver in irie. Songpa was big psychopath and just like before, Zihao swore to never mess with him.


After taking a bath, Songpa entered Singtans office.

Singtan smiled when he saw Songpa and asked," Happy? Satisfied? And if you are not, I still have a couple of people waiting inside the cell who need to be taken care of."

With tears in his eyes, Songpa hugged Singtan and said," Thank you, thank you so much big brother."

Patting Songpa's head, Singtan said," Silly, you don't have to thank me."

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," Now I want you do one thing."

" What big brother?" Songpa asked.

Singtan smiled and said," I want you to live a happy life with Beth and stop lingering around your past. Everything is over now. I know you were trying to find Horus since a really long time. Now since you got your revenge and vented out all your anger and frustration on him, I want you to concentrate on your present and future."

Songpa nodded his head and said," Okay big brother."

" A girl has left everything and his following your back. She is ready to give up everything and stay with you. So it's your duty to give her the best and much more than she deserves. Remember something Songpa, a woman completes a man. Without a loving and caring woman by his side, a man's life becomes worthless. You are lucky that you found Beth so cherish and keep her happy. Both of you have your big sisters and my blessings." Singtan said.

Songpa smiled and nodded his head.

" And whenever you want to marry her, you come and tell me okay?" Singtan said.

Songpa vigorously nodded his head and gave Singtan another tight hug.