" You-" Horus widened his eyes in shock when her realised something.

Turning towards Songpa, Horus asked," You-you are that little Lui guy?"

When Songpa gave Horus an evil smirk, Horus felt chills running down his spine. Somehow Horus felt that the Lui gift was much more dangerous and vicious than the young man sitting right in front of him.

" Your greatest mistake was leaving him behind. But I am glad that you did and now he will be the death of you." Singtan said.

Turning towards Songpa, Singtan said," Come here."

Songpa cheekily smiled and rushed towards Singtan.

Patting his head, Singtan said," He is all yours. You can do anything you want to, no restrictions."

" No restrictions at all?" Songpa asked.

Singtan chuckled and said," Yes, no restrictions at all."

Songpa quickly got up and said," I'll go get my tools." Before rushing out of the room.

After Songpa left, Singtan got up and said," It was nice meeting you Mr Horus. I hope you will have a wonderful time with my little brother."

" Wait, where are you going? Let me go." Horus shouted.

Singtan stopped and asked," Okay, I'll think about letting me go if you tell me who that other man was."

" It was Chirus but he is long dead." Horus said.

" Tch Tch too bad that your friend is dead now you have to suffer alone." Singtan said before walking out.

Zihao frowned and said," Stop making noise and wait for our Songpa patiently." Before following Singtan.


Beck Enterprise.

Wearing a grey pencil skirt and white blouse, Dina had her hair tied into a neat bun when she entered the premises of the new Beck Enterprise. She was also wearing a simple moon shaped diamond necklace and earrings which made her look her pretty attractive. Not to forget about the big diamond engagement ring which did not go unnoticed by the shareholders and other board members.

People started whispering amongst themselves wondering who the young woman was. They had never seen her during any banquets and parties that were thrown by the Beck Enterprise in the past. And now when they saw her during a very important board meeting, they could not help but randomly guess her Identity.

When Charles Beck saw her daughter, he raised his eyebrows. He narrowed his eyes when he saw a ring on her finger.

He knew she was that Sebastian Wu but weren't they just dating? Where did this ring come from?

Dina saw her father yet chose to ignore her. Walking towards her mother, Dina gave her a hug.

Hannah's eyes watered when she saw her daughter.

Wiping her tears away, Dina said," Lets cry together after the meeting Okay?"

Hannah chuckled and nodded her head.

When Dina gave Leo a smile, Leo got up and said," Good morning to everyone present here. Firstly I would like to introduce you all my little sister Dina Beck who is also a board member and a shareholder. I would also like to thank you all for coming all the way here to attend this very important meeting."

Pausing for a while, Leo said," I know everyone is sad and is currently grieving over the death of our capable CEO and my brother Mr Stephen Beck. Unfortunate events happened which forced my dear fatherlike big brother to commit suicide inside the jail." Before wiping away his non-existing tears.

Dina rolled her eyes when she saw her brothers so unrealistic acting.

" But we cannot just sit and mourn over his death. We have a big empire to run and also are responsible to feed thousands of employees who are currently working under us. So we all are gathered here to look for someone who can take over my brother position and take Beck Enterprise to new heights." Leo said.

" You all have a tab in front of you and on the screen is displayed the names and pictures of the candidates whom we think is suitable for the position. So please do us a favour by helping us choose." Leo said before clicking on his name.

Charles Beck frowned and intentionally pressed on a random person's name. He never wanted Leo to take over the position and he was still determined not to let him take over until he can.

Leo's lips curled upwards as he said," We will have the results displayed on the screen in a minute."

After sometime, the results were displayed on the screen.

Out of forty board members, 39 voted for Leonardo Beck leaving one.

Dina, Hannah and Leo looked at Charles simultaneously. They knew how that person was.

" Mom is he really our biological dad?" Dina couldn't help but ask.

Hannah sighed and said," I too wonder sometime but yes, he is ."


After the meeting, Charles Beck dashed out of the room.

Dina grabbed her mother's hand and said," Mom let's go Seb is waiting for us in the parking lot."

Hannah smiled and nodded her head.

Meanwhile, Leo punched a number and said," He just left the meeting room."



As Charles Beck was about to board his car, two large bulky men carried him away and shoved him into a black car that was parked not too far away from his.

" Take him to the base." The man said.

The chauffeur nodded his head and left.


Sebastian straightened his back when he saw Dina and his would be mother-in-law coming towards him.

Grabbing Sebastian's arm, Dina said," Mom, this is Sebastian Wu my fiancé and Seb this my mother Hannah Beck."

" It's nice meeting you Mrs Beck." Sebastian said.

" Ahh my daughter found himself a handsome young man. And you should call me mother." Hannah said.


Li base.

Tired of screaming and struggling, Horus was quietly sitting on the cold floor when someone opened the door.

Holding his tool box in his hand, Songpa fixed his necktie before making his way towards his prey.

Keeping the box on the table, Songpa started wearing his gloves saying," I usually don't wear gloves but I have started wearing one because I need to hold my girlfriend's hand everyday and I don't want to transfer germs to her so I have to wear one."

Pausing for a while, Songpa said," And when I have my gloves on my grip is not that strong so when I ball your eyes out, I am afraid that I won't be able to do it in one shot and I have give in another try. I am telling you this in advance because later I don't want you complain about your eyes not being pricked or balled out properly okay?"