Singtan sighed and said," Take that knife out first, you know Songpa doesn't like when someone touches his toys before him."

Zihao nodded his head and quickly pulled the knife out of Horus' feet which made him scream and groan in pain.

Earlier when Zihao and the other men were escorting Horus inside the cell, Horus kept on struggling and kicked Zihao really very hard down there. Luckily his tools were intact but Zihao couldn't stop himself from stabbing the man on his right foot.

Grabbing a chair, Singtan sat in front of Horus and said," Finally after so many years of waiting we finally meet Mr Horus."

Horus frowned that the devilish yer handsome man sitting in front of him.

" Who are you?" Horus asked.

Singtan chuckled and said," Well, I am someone who has been looking for you since a really long time."

Horus frowned deeper when he heard that. There were many people who were looking for him and were after his life because he had offended them in one way or the other when he was working for the Beck clan but surprisingly, he did not remember offending the young man sitting in front of him.

" I don't remember offending you. Forget about offending I don't even remember meeting you." Horus said.

Singtan smiled and said," Mr Gobez Really has a very nice memory."

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," Yes indeed you did not meet in the past and this is the first time we are meeting but there is someone whom you did."

" What do you mean?" Horus asked.

" Zihao, send Songpa in." Singtan said.

After sometime, Songpa entered the cell along with Zihao.

Songpa narrowed his eyes when he saw a very familiar person sitting on the floor right in front of his big boss.

Songpa smirked and his hands itching to do what he was best at.

Twelve years. He had been looking for this man for twelve years.

Songpa could never forget the side profile of the man who killed his parents and the face of that person who killed his sister Jil right in front of his eyes. Though Songpa was just seven years old at that time but he still remembered their faces clearly.

Though the man sitting in front of him had become older and even had a few grey hair but Songpa knew he was one of them.

After joining the Li clan, Songpa tried to find the real reason and culprit behind his family's never solved mysterious murder case and that is the time someone showed him Horus' photo and told him that he was one of them.

Songpa tried very hard to find Horus but didn't. He didn't want to trouble Singtan with this because Singtan had already done so much for him that he would never be able to repay.

After Songpa met Beth, he decided to let his past go and concentrate on making his future bright and happy along with Beth. He stopped everything and asked his appointed men to come back but now that Horus was sitting in front of him, would he let him go? The answer is obviously a big NO.

Pointing towards Songpa, Singtan asked," You see that young man standing there? Do you know who is he?"

Staring at Songpa for quite some time, Horus shook his head and said," I don't know."

" Twelve years ago, you brutally murdered the entire family of a spy who managed to capture something indecent about you, am I right?" Singtan asked.

Horus widened his eyes in shock and asked," You- how do you know about that?"

Singtan let out a laugh and said," You murmured the entire innocent family and thought that you would be able to escape? How foolish."

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," You brutally murmured the entire family of four leaving behind a the youngest member of the family to suffer, am I right?"

Yes, Horus did remember killing the entire Lui family twelve years ago.

Harry Lui was an undercover spy who had somehow managed to capture the human trafficking and smuggling of organs that the Beck clan had been doing since a really long time. Left with no other choice, they had to murder the entire family leaving no trace behind which would get them into trouble later.

Horus also remembered one of his colleagues had asked to spare the life of a little boy who was a part of that family. Seeing that the boy was too small and looked innocent, Horus decided to comply with his friend and left the little boy untouched.

But all of this was supposed to be one of the deepest and darkest secrets of the Beck clan which Horus thought had been buried along with the existence of the Beck clan, how did the man sitting in front of him know about this?

" How do you know all this?" Horus asked.

Leaning against the chair, Singtan said," Your first mistake, killing the innocent members of the Lui family. There was no point killing the entire family who actually did not know what was happening. If you wanted, you could've just threatened Harry Lui and would give in because he was a family man but you chose to be ruthless and used the unrealistic and old fashioned underworld methods which I really don't like and approved."

Pausing for a while, Singtan continued," Your second mistake was to help Charles Beck with his illegal businesses and so many other activities which killed uncountable numbers of innocent souls."

Leaning closer, Singtan said," And do you know what your biggest mistake is?"

Pausing for a while, Singtan smiled and said," Leaving that little boy of the Lui family behind thinking that he could do nothing."

Horus shivered when he the devilish smile in Singtans face and wondered what his words exactly meant?

Was he the little boy for the Lui family who twelve years later wanted to take his revenge?

But Horus was sure that when he killed the Lui family, that little boy was surely just six to seven years old and now after twelve years if the boy was alive he shouldn't be more than twenty years old. But the man from which Horus was getting irie vibes was definitely five to six years older. So according to him, there was no way he could be that little Lui boy.