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 Li base.

" Zihao when is your flight?" Singtan asked.

" In the evening sir." Zihao said.

" Good, you are going to accompany me for baby shopping." Singtan said before getting up.

" Hey we aren't done talking." Mike said.

Straightening his suit, Singtan said," Talking is not important but shopping for my baby is."

" You've become mean." Yutang said.

Singtan smiled and said," I have always been like this my friend." Before walking out of the base along with Zihao.


Baby store.

The employees were rushing here and there when the almighty Li Singtan entered their store.

The manager of the store quickly came rushing towards him and politely greeted him," Good morning Mr Li, it's a pleasure to have you here."

Singtan slightly nodded and said," I want to buy everything that a baby requires."

" Ah sure sir. What is it? A baby girl or boy?" The manager asked.

With a straight face, Singtan said," I don't know yet but I feel it's a girl."

Manager "-"

Zihao "-"

" En boss, I think we should do this after little Li is born. I mean what if you buy everything thinking it is a girl and you actually have a boy?" Zihao said.

Singtan narrowed his eyes and asked," You want me to have a boy Zihao?"

" Anything can happen Boss." Zihao said.

" No I want a daughter. Show me everything that a baby girl will need." Singtan said.

The store manager nodded his head started giving Singtan a tour all over the store.

Pointing towards the soft toy section, Singtan said," Pack all of these."

The manager widened his eyes in shock when he heard that. There were more than 50 pieces soft toys in that section.

" Mr Li Everything?" The store manager asked.

Singtan frowned and said," Don't make me repeat."

The manager gulped in fear and quickly gestured his employees to pack them.

Singtan bought everything that the manger said a newborn would need. A baby monitor, diaper changing table, cloth diapers, a whole carton of unscented baby wipes, a baby bathtub, hooded baby towels and so many other things.

Singtan decided to by the baby products later on after consulting an expert or Anna. He had to make sure that the baby product wouldn't harm his little one at all.

After buying almost everything from the store, Singtan finally started looking for some really cute baby clothes for his daughter.

His eyes brightened when he saw cute little clothes hanging on the racks.

After selecting everything that he thought would look cute on his daughter, Singtan also picked up a few baby boy clothes just in case they have one.

Taking out his black card, Singtan gave it to manager and said," Make sure you pack them carefully."

The manager vigorously nodded his head and left.

Zihao sighed when he saw a half empty store. His boss had really gone overboard with his baby shopping.


Li Mansion.

Ming was busy eating some fruits when the guards started bringing big bags inside the mansion.

" What is all this?" Ming asked.

" This lady boss is-"

Just then Singtan entered and said," Keep it right there."

The guards kept everything and left.

Ming gasped when she saw uncountable number of shopping bags on the floor.

Making his way towards her, Singtan sat down beside her and said," I went for baby shopping today."

Ming helplessly shook her head and said," You call this shopping Singtan? It seems like you bought the entire store." Before grabbing a bag.

" Ahhh why did you buy so many clothes?" Ming asked taking out a cute pink frock from the bag.

Singtan scratched his head and said," They all looked super cute so I bought everything."

" Don't tell me there is more?" Ming asked.

When Singtan shook and nodded his head at the same time, Ming grabbed another bag.

She took a deep breath when she saw clothes stuffed into it.

Grabbing another bag, Ming smacked Singtans arm and said," Are you crazy? Why did you buy so many clothes? Don't you know how fast babies grow? And why did you buy everything for a baby girl? What if we have a boy?"

" I bought for a baby boy too." Singtan said while trying to look for it.

" I hope you did not buy a crib." Ming said while carefully folding the clothes.

Singtan shook his head and said," No."

" Good because father has already ordered a crib." Ming said.

Looking at the pool of bags, Ming sighed and said," All this is too much Singtan."

" Too much? It's the Li Singtans baby okay? Our baby deserves much more than this. This is nothing." Singtan said.

" Don't think too highly of yourself. You are going to spoil the baby after it is born." Ming said.

Caressing her baby bump, Singtan said," Our baby deserves all of this." Before giving Ming a quick peck on her lips.


US, Beck Mansion.

" You ungrateful brat how could you kill your brother?" Charles Beck shouted.

" I killed him? Seriously father? Don't you follow the news? Your dearest son committed suicide after being caught while taking drugs and also rapped his assistant." Leo said.

" Stephen can never do such a thing." Charles Beck said.

Leo chuckled and said," Ahh but unfortunately he did."

" I know you did something." Charles Beck shouted.

Leo chuckled and asked," Even if I did, what is the point shouting? Isn't everything over now? Your dear son is dead anyway."

" You-"

Just then Hannah Beck came down with her luggage.

Taking the luggage from his mother's hand, Leo said," You always loved and cared about your illegitimate son more than Dina and me. You gave all your possessions to your illegitimate son, I did not say anything. You have always treated Dina and me unfairly but I still never uttered a word because I knew a day would come when I will get a chance to fight back and take back everything that was actually supposed to legally fall into our hands and I finally got one."

Grabbing his mothers hand, Leo started walking outside saying," I'll see you in country S for the board meeting Mr Beck."