The Beck clan was originated in country S by Charles Becks late father George Beck but later Charles shifted the entire base to the US for better resources and more power.

During their stay in country S, the Beck clan had their hands stained with the blood of thousands of innocent people.

Charles Beck was a ruthless man but a hundred times more ruthless than him was his right hand, Horus Gobez.

Horus Gobez was like the second boss of Beck clan after Charles. Horus did many dirty things behind Charles back and hooking up with Charles' only mistress was one of them.

When the Beck clan was in country S, it was about Horus that Songpa's father had found something really dirty and secretive. And it was Horus who had killed the entire Lui family leaving little Songpa behind to face the crazy world all by himself until Singtan found him.

Several years back when Singtan had found Songpa and heard about what had happened with him, he had immediately asked someone to investigate about the entire matter.

As it had happened several years back, Singtan had to wait for almost a year to get the entire report and by the time he came to know that the Beck clan was involved in the Lui family murder case, it was too late as the Beck clan had already left the underworld and Horus was nowhere to be found.

Though Singtan did not have any lead with him, he still kept on trying and trying and then one day he got some news about Horus having a son.

Since Charles Beck had a family of his own, he couldn't spend his entire time with his mistress so he used to ask Horus to accompany his mistress whenever he wasn't around.

After spending almost the entire day together, Horus and Charles mistress started developing feelings for each other and also started sharing a physical relationship and that is how Stephen Beck came into the world.

Charles Beck mistook Stephen as his son and took him away after his mistress was brutally killed by his enemies.  After the death of Stephens mother, Horus disappeared too.

But Singtans sources told him that Horus and Stephen were in constant touch with each other and were plotting against Charles Beck since a really long time.

The amount of blinded trust and love that Charles had for his self-proclaimed illegitimate son made it easier for the father and son duo to take advantage of him.

After trying to hunt Horus down for several years, Singtan finally got a very important and close lead of Horus being seen in the US.

Singtan was planning to directly go and hunt him down with Sebastian and Yufans help but when he heard about the Beck Enterprise trying to vouch for country S, Singtan decided to wait a bit longer and see what happens.

If he could lure Horus out of his den on his own, why create chaos troubling so many people by starting search operations?

Things became even more pleasing and inclined when Leonardo Beck came looking for him.

Singtan actually helped Leo so that he could get Stephen into his gasped which was the only key which would help him get his hands to Horus.

If people would hear all of this, they would think that he is creating unnecessary trouble and chaos. Everyone had forgotten about what had happened twelve years ago but Singtan knew that Songpa hadn't.

Though he acted all fine and happy, Singtan knew how badly he wanted to get his hands on the people who killed his family.

Singtan wanted to hunt down Horus for Songpa. He just wanted to handover Horus to him and let him do whatever he wanted to without restricting him.


" So Where is he?" Singtan asked.

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," You have five minutes to decide because if you don't tell me where Horus is right now, I'll call that boy back again and leave him alone with you inside this room for several hours so that he can draw all over your body."

Stephen widened his eyes in shock and shouted," No no not him not him. I'll tell you where he is, I'll tell you."

Singtan raised his eyebrows waiting for Stephen to spill out information about Horus.

" He is in California. I can write down the entire address for you." Stephen said.

When Zihao gave Stephen a pen and paper, he wrote the address before giving it to Singtan.

Giving Zihao a meaningful glare, Singtan said," If this information is wrong, don't blame me for being ruthless." before walking out.



" Take a team and bring Horus here as soon as possible." Singtan said.

" Okay Boss, I'll leave right away." Zihao said.

" Hmm take Zechan with you and be extra careful. Sedate him or feed him with some kind of drugs and get him here." Singtan said.

" Okay Boss." Zihao said.


Inside the waiting room.

When Singtan entered the room, Mike and Yutang were waiting for him.

" What are you both doing here?" Singtan asked.

" Shouldn't we ask you that?" Mike said.

" Yes Singtan What are you doing here?" Yutang asked.

" I had some unfinished business here." Singtan said.

" So you are not gonna tell us?" Mike asked.

" Later. Mike let's go baby shopping today." Singtan said. He wanted to buy things for his would be daughter since a really long time but hadn't had a chance to do so but now since everything was fine and nearly stable, he could freely shop for his would be daughter.

" I have an important surgery today." Mike said.

" I'll go alone then." Singtan said.

" What are you planning to do with Junjop?" Yutang asked.

Singtan chuckled and said," Well grandpa wants to throw him in the middle of a sea alive."

" You gotta be kidding me." Mike said.

" He has already taken Junjop with him." Singtan said.


Helping Junjop take off the seat belt, Grandpa Li said," You were my best friend once and I really did love you a lot friend but after what you did with Bella and so many other people, I just hate you."

Pausing for a while, Grandpa Li said," I know somewhere or the other it was my mistake for not clearing things with Quanci back then but I don't regret it, at least not anymore. How could I let the love of my life get married to someone like you?"

Junjop could hear everything that Grandpa Li was telling him but he couldn't say anything.

" Sir we are there." The pilot said.

Taking off Junjops seatbelt, Grandpa Li said," I hope we don't meet at all in our next life and may you rot in hell." Before gesturing his men to throw him out of the chopper into the deep blue sea.

Junjop screamed in his heart when the men pushed him down the chopper.

As soon as his body touch the cold salty water, his body started sinking down and down. As Junjops body was paralysed, he couldn't struggle nor could he do anything.

When the salty water entered his mouth and nose, Junjop could feel his chest getting heavier and vision turning blurry.

Slowly and steadily, his body kept on sinking deep down the dark and cold sea until Junjop closed his eyes and dozed off into a deep sleep which would last forever.