Li Mansion.

After having dinner, Mike and Yutang left the mansion along with their wife's.

After coaxing Ming to sleep, Singtan entered his study room where Zihao and Zechan were waiting for him.


Inside the study.

" Where is Songpa?" Singtan asked.

" In his apartment." Zechan said.

" Hmm did you retrieve the documents?" Singtan asked.

Han Zihao nodded his head and said," Yes Sir, it turns out that Stephen and started his illegal activities since a really long time and he had also started convincing the shareholders of Beck Enterprise to kick Charles Beck out of the chairman position. We have enough proof to send Stephen Beck to jail for a lifetime."

" Hmm did you talk to police?" Singtan asked.

Zechan nodded his head and said," Yes Boss, he will be at our base by morning."

" Great, both of you should go home and get some rest." Singtan said.

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," Zihao did you ask someone to get Ms Delila's parents here?"

" They are on the way Boss." Zihao said.

" Hmm contact Mike and ask him to start Ms Delilas father treatment. I will bear all the expenses." Singtan said.

" Okay Boss."

" Zechan try to talk to Delila and ask her questions about Stephens other activities. I don't want to leave anything behind which will cause trouble in the future." Singtan said.

" Boss, Simon's daughter Kiara is missing." Zechan said.

" Robbin is trying to find her." Singtan said.

" En Boss can I stay at the base from today?" Zechan asked.

" Why? Weren't you staying with your girlfriend?" Singtan asked.

Zihao chuckled and said," Boss our Zechan had a breakup last night. His girlfriend was cheating on him. Ahh poor Zechan is now suffering from a heartbreak."

Zechan frowned and said," I am not heartbroken or sad."

" Alright you can stay at base. You both can leave now and complete everything by tomorrow morning." Singtan said.


Later that night, a big piece of news broke out in the whole country.

[ The CEO involved in the drug scandal, raped a woman and threatened her to kill her family and later committed suicide in the jail.]

[ CEO of an international firm committed suicide inside the cell.]

[ CEO found dead inside the cell. A suicide or a murder?]

When Mike saw the trending news, he raised his eyebrows and called Yutang.

" Did you see the news?" Mike asked.

" Uh Huh, Yes I did." Yutang said.

" Do you think it's Singtan?" Mike asked.

Yutang sighed and said," I am having the same feeling too."

" I heard that there is a secret meeting early in the morning tomorrow in our base." Mike said.

" Who told you that?" Yutang asked.

" I heard." Mike said.

" So?" Yutang asked.

Mike smiled and said," Let's go and surprise everyone."


Li base.

Stephen Beck woke up when he felt someone poking him with a sharp object.

Slowly opening his eyes, Stephen screamed when he saw a young man sitting on the floor with his legs crossed drawing something with a blade on his bare stomach.

Tilting his head, Songpa pouted his lips and said," I couldn't complete my drawing. Come come sleep for some more time so that I can complete this."

" This is my stomach not a canvas and are you crazy? Who does something like this?" Stephen shouted before dragging his body several meters away from Songpa.

The man standing in front of him was emitting dangerous vibes which was bringing shivers down his spine and Stephen wasn't liking it.

Songpa cheekily smiled and said," People often call me crazy and I am okay with it. But crazy isn't the correct word to use. I am actually a beast or a monster who wants nothing but to have his hands covered with your blood."

Pausing for a while, Songpa said," You are lucky that I am not allowed to touch you otherwise you wouldn't have an ear or an eye by now. Ahh you know how tempted I am feeling since I saw your beautiful yet creepy grey eyes?" Picking up a sharp thick needle kind of thing, Songpa brought it near Stephens eyes and said," I am so tempted to just prick them and then pluck it out of your socket but I won't."

Pacing the sharp object back, Songpa said," Again, consider yourself lucky."

Stephen shivered when he heard Songpa's dangerous words. He would feel Songpa's burning glare all over his body.

" Let me out of here." Stephen shouted.

" What's the rush Mr Beck?" Singtan asked before entering the room along with Zihao.

" You- so you are the one who kidnapped me. This is illegal." Stephen shouted.

Singtan let out a laugh and said," Songpa go outside."

Songpa nodded his head and left.

Gesturing Zihao to lock the door, Singtan sat on a chair and said," Stephen you are already dead for the public and your family members of course. So everything is legal now."

Stephen frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

" Ahh let me show you." Singtan said before gesturing Zihao to show him the tab.

Stephen is widened his eyes in shock when he saw the trending news.

" This- I am alive. How can they- this? What did you do?" Stephen shouted.

Rubbing his ears, Singtan said," Tch Tch Stop shouting."

" Let me go." Stephen shouted.

Singtan smirked and said," Yes, I will let you go if you tell me where your father is."

" He is in the Beck Mansion in US." Stephen said.

Singtan let out a hearty laugh and said," You gotta be kidding me Stephen. You still have the cheek to lie to me?"

Stephen frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

" I am not talking about Charles Beck, I am talking about your biological father Horus." Singtan said.

Stephens expression turned pale when he heard that," How do you-"

" Know? There are many things I know but let's not get into that for now. I want to know where your father Horus is." Singtan said.

Stephen shook his head and said," I don't know where he is."

" Tch Tch lie again." Singtan said.

" Why are you after Horus?" Stephen asked. It had been years since anyone had taken his father's name.

" I know someone whom Horus owes something really very big." Singtan said.

Stephen frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

Singtan smiled and said," Twelve years ago, Horus brutally murmured an innocent family and also spoiled the life of an innocent seven year old boy. Now after twelve years, the boy is here to collect the debts that Horus owes him."