Again the word ' My husband' started ringing in Xie Ming's ears

"You might be thinking how can Chen Siquan be my husband. How can we both be married? How is that possible? Am I right elder sister?"

After hearing Yurin's words, Ming came back to her senses and asked," When? How? And why did you do that to me?"

"We are married since three years"

Three years. They were married since three years. Xie Ming had met Chen Siquan three years ago. That means he was already married to Xie Yurin back then.

Xie Ming felt betrayed ,she felt shattered. She felt as if someone had plunged a knife in her heart," Why Yurin why? Why did you do this? I am your sister how could you do this?"

Tears started rolling down her cheeks. Anger, frustration and pain of getting betrayed by her own sister and lover clouded her.

Xie Yurin smirked," How does it feel elder sister when something that you really love is taken away from you? How does it feel losing someone that you really care and love?Tell me elder sister how does it feel? It feels Bad, angry and disheartened. Right elder sister?  I have been feeling like this for my entire life. I wanted you to feel exactly how I have felt for my entire life and this is why I planned everything with Chen Siquan."


Chen Siquan and Xie Yurin had met each other 3 years ago in a common friend's party and since then they started dating.

After playing the sympathy card in front of Chen Siquan, Yurin convinced him to help her take her so called revenge

And one day Yurin asked Siquan to marry her. Siquan, blinded by her beauty and lies, decided to agree with her. After they got married Yurin told Siquan about her plan and Siquan seeing her tears reluctantly agreed.

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He also felt angry and sad for his beloved life when she told him how unfairly she had been treated by her own father.


Xie Ming wanted to slap herself for being so stupid. After hearing what her sister had said, she was laughing and crying at the same time.

Suddenly father Xie shouted," You ungrateful brat. How could you do this with your own sister. You are not my daughter. My daughter cannot be so hard hearted. I refuse to acknowledge you as my daughter and disown you. From today onwards you won't be acknowledged as a part of the Xie family. I take away all your rights and inheritance I.."

Before he could finish his sentence a voice roared back at him," Do that and all the collaboration between The Xie and Chen enterprise will all come to an end today." Saying that Chen Siquan walked towards Xie Yurin and placed his hand on her shoulder.

" I don't care, I don't care about and collaborations. After what happened today do you really think that I would like to keep it any kind of connection with the Chen Enterprise?"

" Don't get agitated Mr Xie. Ending our collaborations means throwing away 1000 billion and that is enough to make you bankrupt. As for Chen enterprise we have so many other collaborations and most importantly we have Li corporation with us. So we don't have to worry about bankruptcy. So think carefully before taking any kind of rough and nonsensical decisions Mr Xie."

Father Xie was taken aback after hearing Chen Siquans words. But did he really are about his company or bankruptcy? No, for him his kids had always been his top priority.

Just as he was about to say something he felt a hand on his shoulder. When he turned around he saw Xie Ming standing next to him," Father let it be. It was all my fault. I was a fool who could not understand anything. Don't abandon our business for someone like me. Please."

After saying this Xie Ming started walking towards the exit.

"You deserved this elder sister. This is all your fault you are responsible for this. Go away, I don't want to see your face."

Xie Ming heard everything that Xie Yurin said and couldn't stop blaming herself. Dejected and frustrated she left her wedding hall. The happiest day of her life turned out to be the most miserable day of her entire life.