Wearing his gloves, Mike said," Now nothing will happen okay? As soon as inject this, you will start sweating. After a second, you'll feel a sharp pain in your chest, difficulty in breathing, pain all over your body, heart palpitations, blood oozing out of your ears, nose and mouth, migraine attacks and finally you'll die because of a heart attack. Oh oh and your liver will start bleeding too and your bones will start melting. Tch Tch what an easy death for a despicable person like you."

Simon widened his eyes when he heard that," You cannot do that, it's wrong to poison."

" Ahh the person who mercilessly kills people is actually scared now? Tch Tch." Mike said before gesturing the men to take out the poison stored tube.

" You see this dirty green liquid Simon? It took me a month to create that. I had to take help from so many people. It was a tedious task. But don't worry, this poison will not disappoint you. It will kill you within a few seconds." Mike said.

Gesturing the men who hold him in a place, Mike said," Easy death right? Well, though you don't deserve an easy death but we still have to kill you."

Simon's face turned pale when he saw Mike walking towards him.

Injecting the poison inside his body, Mike patted Simon's shoulders and said," It was never nice meeting you Simon but it feels nice after killing you." Before walking out of the room.

As soon as the poison entered his body, Simon's could feel his body sweating profoundly. His heartbeat started increasing and he could feel sharp pain all over his body.

Clutching onto his hair, Simon groaned in pain. His whole body was aching.

Thumping onto his chest, Simon tried to ease himself but nothing happened.

Within a few seconds, Simon collapsed on the ground. He could feel warm liquid flowing out his ears and nose.

Looking upwards, Simon took heavy breaths to catch some air but he couldn't.

When he tried to ball his hand into a fist, he could hear the sound of his cracking bones.

Soon his body lost all its strength and he couldn't even lift his pinky.

After scheming for almost his entire life, what did Simon get? A painful death?

Now that he was just a few seconds away from death, Simon wondered if everything that he had done in his life was worth it or not.

He could've easily chosen to lead a happy life with the only woman he had loved with all his heart, his first wife Elsa but he didn't. He chose to follow his father's footsteps and now here he was lying on the floor all alone.

Simon mocking smiled at himself. What was the point of regretting now when everything was over? He had ruined his life and now was getting something that he deserved.

Soon his vision turned blurry. Simon blinked several times when he saw his first wife standing in front of him with a beautiful smile on her face. He then started hallucinating about the special moments that he had spent with her.

Soon Simon started vomiting blood and slowly closed his eyes promising himself that in his next life, he will never repeat the same mistake and will live a better life.


Li Mansion.

When Singtan, Mike and Yutang entered the Li Mansion, all the ladies were sitting in the living room happily chatting amongst themselves.

" Ahh, here they are." Mother Li said.

" Mom how is Father?" Singtan asked.

" He is okay now but I think you should check on your grandpa first." Mother Li.

" Huh stop making fun of me." Grandpa Li shouted from the dining table.

" Stop talking and concentrate. I want all of them today." Grandma Li shouted.

" What is going on?" Mike asked.

Yixi chuckled and said," Well, Grandpa is writing love letters for grandma."

After returning back, Grandma Li took out all the letters which she had safely kept inside a box and tore it into several pieces and asked Grandpa Li to write love letters for her again.

" Serves you right grandpa." Singtan shouted.

" Boys why don't you take your wife's inside the room and rest for a while. I'll prepare dinner and call you all out." Mother Li said.

" Mom let me help you." Ming said.

" Ah no need of that, I'll manage. You should go and rest darling." Mother Li said.

" We can help Grandma." Samuel and Ben shouted before rushing towards mother Li.

Mother Li's face brightened up when she saw the cheeky smile of the two cute little boys.

After meeting Samuel and hearing what had happened with him, Mother Li started loving and caring about the little boy too much.

" Okay, you both can be my assistant for the day." Mother Li said.

" First both of you should go and change your clothes and after that come down and help grandma." Singtan said.

Ben and Samuel nodded their heads and rushed upwards.

" Be careful kids. Don't run on the stairs." Grandma Li shouted.

" Ming isn't he that small kid from the event?" Yixi asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes."

" What is he doing here? Doesn't he have any guardian or parents?" Anna said.

Ming shook her head and said," He has no one."

" Ah that is sad." Yixi said.

" Go and take some rest everyone. I'll go check on what your grandpa is writing." Grandma Li said before walking towards the dining table.

After Mike and Yutang left along with their wife's, Mother Li said," Singtan I-"

Cutting her off, Singtan said," I know what you are thinking. I'll let you know soon."

Satisfied with her son's words, Mother Li entered the kitchen.

" Ming let's go upstairs." Singtan said.


Inside the room.

After telling Ming everything about Stephen, Singtan said," I'll settle down everything by tomorrow."

Ming sighed and said," I feel sorry for the girl."

" Hmm I asked someone to run a background check on Delila. She is really hard working girl. Whatever she used to earn from Beck Enterprise was sufficient to only pay her father's hospital bills and pay her brothers education expenses." Singtan said.

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," Delila reminds me of how Rose was when I first met her. Rose used to behave exactly like how Delila is behaving right now. I just want to help her go through this."

" Hmm, you are too kind Mr Li and I love this kind side of yours." Ming said.

Pausing for a while, Ming said," Rose was very lucky that she found you and Quin and now Delila is lucky too but I will consider myself the luckiest amongst everyone because I married you."

" I am lucky that I found you." Singtan said.