Tip-toeing, Dina picked up her bag and entered the washroom.

Taking out her phone, Dina quickly called Yufan and said," You people can come in now."


Few hours ago.


After coming out of the hospital, Dina said," Can I stay with Ling? I mean you will leave for your meeting and then I have to stay alone at home so-"

Cutting her off, Sebastian said," Dina you don't have to ask me okay? Do whatever you want to."

" I'll stay with Ling then." Dina said.

Kissing her forehead, Sebastian said," Stay near Ling and Yufan Okay? I'll pick you up later."

Dina nodded her head and entered the hospital.


Inside the hospital.

After making sure that Sebastian left, Dina made her way towards the groups of handsome men intensely discussing their plan, she asked," Can I help?"

Leo frowned and asked," What do you mean by help?"

" I can help you all distract Stephen and-"

Cutting her off, Yufan said," No way Dina, stay out of this."

" Exactly there is no way you are doing that." Leo said. How could he let his little sister go anywhere near that freaking monstrous creature who was ready to swallow her whole?

" Do you think you guys have a better option than me?" Dina asked.

" You don't have to risk yourself for this." Singtan said.

Dina sighed and said," I also want to get rid of him and you both know why."

Yufan gritted his teeth and said,"Seb is never going to allow this."

" If you tell this to Sebastian, he will surely lock me up and beat the shit out of you Yufan so let's not spill this out and complete this as fast as possible." Dina said.

Pausing for a while, Dina asked," So What is the plan?"

After explaining Dina their entire plan, Singtan said," I don't think you should do this. Though we all will be there and will not let anything happen to you but I still don't want someone close in this."

Dina took a deep breath and said," I'll do it." If the plan would be a hit, she could get rid of Stephen forever and that is the only thing that Dina wished for.

" Pumpkin are you sure?" Leo asked.

When Dina nodded her head, Mike said," Alright, you don't have to worry about anything. We will not allow him to even touch you."

Yufan grabbed his head and groaned in frustration," God Seb is going to kill me."



After keeping the phone inside her bag, Dina locked the door. She then heard the main door open and several footsteps followed by Stephens scream.

When Dina came out of the washroom, Mike was forcefully injecting Stephen with something while two other men were holding him.

Within a second, Stephen stopped struggling and started mumbling things which were almost inaudible.

When Mike took off Stephens blind fold, his eyes were still wide open but his body seemed to lose all his strength.

" Bring in everything."Singtan said.

After sometime, Songpa and Zechan started bringing big bags inside the room with the help of a few other men.

"Spread out everything and make sure everything has Stephens fingerprints." Singtan said.

Placing the injection in Stephens hands, Mike took off his gloves and said," Lets leave, the police will arrive soon."

" I will settle everything and follow you all." Yutang said before helping others to spread out the transparent packets of cocaine and various other types of drugs.

It was Singtans plan to drug Stephen and also trick him into supplying drugs to country S illegally. Getting him caught red handed along with a huge stack of illegal substance while heavily drugged by the country S police would be the best way to kick him out of the CEO position and also take some information out of him that Singtan needed.

" Why did you do that?" Leo asked Dina.

" Yes that wasn't a part of our plan." Yufan added.

Looking at Singtan, Dina smiled.

Singtan had given Dina the papers before she entered the room and had asked her to get Stephen's signature on them before they started with their plan.



" Where can we find other informations about Stephen?" Mike asked.

" He has an assistant, Delila. She is also staying in this hotel. We can take her help." Leo said.

" Let's go." Singtan said before walking towards Delilas room.


Outside Delilas room.

After knocking for quite some time when Delila did not open the door, Singtan asked the hotel authorities for the master key.

After unlocking the door, Singtan said," Dina go inside first and see if it's convenient for us to enter."

Dina nodded her head and entered the room.

When everyone hears Dina's shrill scream, they rushed inside the room.


Inside the room.

When they entered the room, Delilas body was lying on the floor in a pool of fresh blood.

After checking her pulse, Mike said," She is alive but we have to take her to the hospital."

Singtan nodded his and quickly asked the guards to pick Delila up.

" You Okay?" Yufan asked Dina who was shivering in fear. The sight of Delila lying on the floor covered in blood sent shivers down her spine.

" You wanna go home?" Yufan asked.

Delila nodded her head and said," Yes."

Grabbing Dina's hand, Yufan headed outside.


Outside the room.

As soon as they came out of the room, Sebastian's cold face and strained body posture greeted them.

Dina and Yufan gulped in nervousness when they saw him walking towards them.

Grabbing Dina's hand, he first examined her from head to toe before dragging her away.

" Seb-"

Cutting Yufan off, Sebastian said," Don't say a word Yufan. I never expected you to do this." Before  walking away with Dina.



" How is she?" Singtan asked.

" We managed to save her but she had been raped." Mike said.

Singtan sighed and said," Shift her to the VIP ward. I will cover all her expenses and also make sure she is comfortable. Don't force her to say anything until she is ready." before walking away with Leo.

Taking out his phone, Leo showed Singtan the trending news and said," You seriously are a genius."