Yutang nodded his head and said," Ya, we are just waiting for your future brother-in-law."

Sebastian frowned and asked," Why him?"

" We have to get rid of everything as soon as possible." Singtan said.

" What do you mean?" Sebastian asked.

" You will know soon. Call me when Leonardo arrives." Singtan said before walking towards Ming's room.


Inside Ming's room.

When Singtan entered the room, the doctor had just finished examining Ming.

" Everything is normal but the patient needs to take lots and lots of rest and eat some leafy vegetables as well she has to gain some weight too." The doctor said.

Singtan nodded his head and asked," Anything else?"

" That's all for now. I'll come back in the morning to run few test again." The doctor said before walking out of the room.

After the doctor left, Singtan said," Did you hear what the doctor said?"

Ming sighed and said," I rest all the time Singtan and I have gained lots of weight too. I wonder whether I'll fit into my old clothes after giving birth."

Sitting beside her, Singtan said," I'll change your entire wardrobe."

" I cannot grow fat because I don't wanna look bad in front of you. Ah what will people say? ' Look there goes Li Singtans fat wife' I definitely don't want people to say that." Ming said before snuggling against his chest.

Singtan chuckled and said," Stop over thinking. No one will ever dare to call my beautiful wife fat."

Keeping quiet for quite sometime, Ming asked," Singtan i-is he dead?"

" Who Simon?" Singtan asked.

When Ming slowly nodded her head, Singtan shook his head and said," No he is not. Don't worry you did not kill anyone."

Ming breathed a sigh of relief and asked," How is dad?"

" He is at home." Singtan said.

" I can go home right?" Ming asked.

Rubbing her back, Singtan said," You have to stay here for the night. I'll take you back tomorrow."

Ming nodded her head and slowly drifted to sleep.

Just then Songpa knocked at the door and said," Big Boss, Leo is here."

Slowly removing Ming's head from his chest, Singtan placed a pillow on his place and left.



When Singtan came out, Leonardo Beck, Sebastian, Yufan, Dina and Ling were talking amongst themselves.

" Where are Yutang and Mike?" Singtan asked.

" Zechan has gone to call them." Songpa said.

Just then Yutang followed by Mike arrived and they started their meeting.


" You want Beck Enterprise but I want only Stephen Beck." Singtan said.

" Ya that is fine but why do you want him?" Leo asked.

" You are getting Beck Enterprise so stop asking questions." Mike said.

Leo rolled his eyes and said," Okay fine but what is the plan?"

After explaining his plan, Singtan said," Now we just want something that can distract Stephen Beck and lure him into this."

" The plan seems perfect but it's very hard to distract that cunning man." Leo said.

" Why not just directly shoot him? He is of no use anyway." Sebastian said. Only he knew how much he hated that man.

Yufan helplessly shook his head and said," Charles Beck loves Stephen even more than Leo and Dina. What do you think will happen if one day Stephen Beck suddenly dies? That old man will go crazy and accuse Leo for killing him."

Sebastian sighed and said," Alright, you people plan out things and then let me know. I'll take Dina and Ling home."

Dina and Ling who were standing not too far away from them had heard everything they were talking about.

Walking towards Dina and Ling, Sebastian said," Come let's go home."

" I will stay with sister-in-law, sister Ming and sister Anna for a while. You both can go." Ling said.

Dina and Sebastian nodded their heads and left.


Several hours later.

Colucos hotel.

Stephen Beck woke up when he heard someone knock at his door.

Glancing at the watch, he realised that he had slept for quite sometime and it was already 7pm.

Getting down from the bed when he opened the door, he widened his eyes in shock when he saw who it was.

" Can I come in?" Dina asked.

Stephen readily nodded his head and said," Yes of course."


Inside the room.

Looking around, Dina asked," For how many days are you here for?"

" A month." Stephen said staring at her from head to toe.

Dina was wearing a simple top and pants but Stephen could still feel himself getting aroused after seeing her milky white bare neck.

" By now, I think you know why I am here for." Dina said.

Pausing for a while, Dina said," I am ready to be yours for tonight but I want something from you in return."

" Like What?" Stephen asked licking his lips.

" I want everything that Charles Beck has given to you under my mothers name except for the shares of Beck Enterprise and the Beck Mansion." Dina said.

" Okay but what if I give you everything but you don't give me what I want?" Stephen asked.

Dina chuckled and said," I am trapped inside your room right now. You have all the liberty to do anything that you want but after you sign these papers." before taking out a stack of papers from her bag.

Without thinking about it even for a second, Stephen took the papers from her hand and signed them.

For how many years had he wanted for Dina to fancy him and surrender herself in front of him? For how many years had he wanted to feel and touch every single part of her body? Stephen closed his eyes and should feel himself getting aroused even more after the thought of Dina lying underneath him moaning in pleasure flashed in his mind.

After passing the paper to Dina, Stephen said," Lets get started." before taking a few steps towards her.

Going through the papers, Dina said," Stop right there. Let me check them first."

Stephen smiled and said," Take your time." Before sitting in the couch.

Stephen did not want to force himself inside Dina. He wanted her to readily spread her legs in front of him. Only he knows how much he regretted making a move back then when she wasn't ready at all. But now that Dina was staying with Sebastian, she definitely knew what they were supposed to do. Stephen did not care about how many people she had slept with. He just wanted her to moan and scream his name in pleasure.

After Dina placed the documents inside her bag, Stephen got up and started walking towards her.

Caressing her cheeks with his thumb, Stephen said," You've no idea how many years I have waited for this day to come."

Dina smirked and said," I know, so why not make it worth it for you?"

" What do you mean?" Stephen asked.

Placing her hand on his chest, Dina pushed him aside and said," You've waited for so many years Stephen so you deserve the best service from me." before walking towards the couch.

Taking out a blind fold and handcuffs from her bag, she said," Sebastian loved it when I tried this out with him and I am 100% sure you'll like it too."

Stephens eyes sparkled when he heard that. Getting pleasured by Dina was something that Stephen so badly wanted. Even he wanted to see what kinky things Dina had in her sleeves.

" So?" Dina asked.

Without saying anything, Stephen sat on the couch.

Quickly blind folding him and handcuffing him, Dina bent lower and said in a very sensual voice," No cheating, let me go and change into something sexy only for you."

Stephen gulped and slowly nodded his head when he heard her voice....