Looking around when Yufan saw Ming holding a gun which was pointing straight towards Simon's back, he widened his eyes in shock.

Dropping the gun down, Ming ran towards Singtan.

Examining his entire body, Ming asked," You are fine right?"

" Did you just shoot Simon?" Singtan asked.

Clutching onto his shirt, Ming buried her head on chest and said," I thought he would shoot you so-"

When Ming saw Simon place a gun on Singtans chest, she panicked.

Thinking for quite some time, Ming followed her reflexes.

Grabbing the gun from one of the guards, Ming pointed it towards Simon.

Trying to steady her trembling hands, Ming closed her eyes and pulled the trigger.

Everything happened so fast that the guards standing in and around her could do nothing.

Looking at Simon who was now lying on the ground in an unconscious state, Ming asked," Is he dead?"

" He will soon be. You don't have to worry." Singtan said before gesturing the guards to take Simon away.

" Mike I want both of them alive." Singtang said.

Mike nodded his head and said," Let's take Ming, Anna and Yixi to the hospital and get them checked."

Singtan nodded his head and said," Okay."

" You people can go. Seb, I and brother Yichan can take care of things here." Yufan said.

" Ya take Linda with you please." Robbin said.

Singtan nodded his head and left along with Ming.


Colucus Hotel.

Holding the corridor walls, Stephen tried to steady himself while walking towards his room.

He had been drinking since yesterday night because he couldn't stop thinking about Dina.

Trying to clear his blurry vision, Stephen was about to fall on the ground when someone grabbed his shoulders.

" Boss." Delila said.

Delila scrunched her nose when a strong smell of alcohol entered her nostrils.

" Let me help you to your room." Delila said before helping him up.


Inside the room.

As soon as Delila and Stephen entered the room, Stephen pinned Delila against the door after slamming the door shut.

Delila widened her eyes in shock when Stephen suddenly started kissing her vigorously.

Delila started pushing and scratching him to free herself from his gasp but nothing happened.

Delila shouted when Stephen tore off her t-shirt.

" Stop." Delila shouted but before she could say anything further, Stephen unbuttoned her pants and unbuckled his pants before lifting her up and walking towards the bed.

Hitting and pinching him, Delila tried to free herself from his gasp.

Throwing her on the bed, Stephen forcefully took off her pants before pinning her down.

Tearing off her bra, Stephen started biting and sucking all over her neck and chest.

Tears started rolling down her eyes.

" Stop please." Delila said before closing her eyes.

Kissing her eyes, Stephen said," Dina don't cry please. I promise it will be quick."

When Delila saw Stephens lust filled eyes, she shivered.

" I am not Dina, Please let me go." Delila shouted.

Not paying any heed to her pleas, Stephen unzipped his pants and pulled it down.

Forcefully parting  her legs, Stephen positioned himself in between her.

Struggling underneath him, Delila tried to push him away but Stephen did not buzz.

Delila flinched in pain when Stephen tried to enter her.

Hitting him on his back, Delila screamed when Stephen forcefully entered her.

Throwing her head back, Delila closed her eyes when Stephen started moving and pleasuring himself.

Groaning and taking Dina's name from time to time Stephen was thrusting himself into her with all his might.

Delila felt nothing but disgust. Everytime she felt Stephen thrust deep inside her she wanted to kill herself.

Changing the position and thrusting inside her in each and every position he could when Stephen got his fill, he flipped over and started breathing heavily.

Glancing at his assistance who was now lying beside him crying in pain and disgust, he pursed his lips and took a deep breath.

Initially when he saw Delila, he thought it was Dina who was trying to help him up but later when Delila started kicking and punching him, he regained his senses but he did not stop.

He had fancied Delila and had been wanting to do it with her since a very long time and now when he got a chance to do so, he decided to take advantage of her.

The thought about how he had felt inside her aroused Stephen again.

Slowly getting up from the bed, Delila was about to get down when Stephen grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him.

" When we have already done it, why not do it again?" Stephen said.

Jerking his hands off, Delila frowned and shouted," You bastard I am going to sue you for this."

Stephen chuckled and said," And What do you think will happen after that? Oh let me tell you. Nothing will happen to me but your family is going to suffer. I'll make sure that they suffer."

Pinning her down, Stephen asked," And you don't want that right?"

When Delila did not say anything, Stephen parted her legs and said," Be good and enjoy."

Delila closed her eyes when Stephen entered her again.

She had been working with Stephen since two years now and she knew what he was capable of. Delila knew very well about all the skeletons that were hidden inside his closet.

Stephen was a vicious man and could do anything just to save his pretentious nice image.

Delila was from a middle class family and she was the only one you used to earn. She had no mother. Her father was a cancer patient while here brother was small and was studying. She needed lots and lots of money for her father treatment and that's why she has been working with Stephen Beck though she wasn't comfortable with him.

After spilling his content inside her several times, Stephen got up and entered the washroom leaving her on the bed.

When Stephen came out, Delila was nowhere to be seen.

Taking off the blood stained bed sheet, Stephen grabbed a pillow and dozed off to sleep.



" Simon is alright but Junjop-"

" What about him?" Singtan asked.

" Junjop had a severe stroke and his right side has been paralysed." Mike said.

Singtan thought for a while and said," Hmm shift both of them to the base."

Mike's lips curled upwards and he asked," I can use it now?"

Singtan smiled and said," Yes you can."

Songpa who was standing behind them frowned and asked," Hey even I want to torture that old man and Simon."

Singtan chuckled and said," Let Mike take care of them. I have a special surprise for you. Just give me a few days before I present it in front of you."

Songpa's eyes sparked when he heard that.

" Surprise? Really big boss?" Songpa asked.

Patting his head, Singtan nodded his head.

" Yutang call Leo and ask him to come to here. I want to end everything tonight and stay at home with my wife." Singtan said.

Just then Dina, Ling, Sebastian And Yufan entered the hospital.

" We will go inside." Ling and Dina said before walking towards the lift.

After Ling and Dina left, Sebastian asked," Is everything okay?"